Best Upcoming Horror Games 2022 (And Beyond)

5 Best Upcoming Horror Games

There are many kinds of gamers out there. Some enjoy action-filled games, while some prefer sports and racing-focused games. However, many love horror games. A good horror game will give you an adrenaline rush and have you on the edge of the seat, completely spooked out.

There are many good horror games out there, but every year, with developments in graphics, horror fanatics receive a plethora of new games that they can use to turn the spook on. 

There is a catch though, not all games are equally as good. Some lack the graphics department and look like Minecraft drawings that are poorly planned, while some are just not spooky enough.

To save you the trouble, we have compiled a list of the Best Upcoming Horror Games in 2022 that will surely scare the socks right off of you.  

Different Kinds of Horror Games

Under the wide umbrella of horror games, many subcategories give one power to pick what scares them. Different things scare different people; hence, when choosing a horror game, you should pick one that you know will creep you out the most. Here is a breakdown of the five most popular kinds of horror games.

1. Survival Horror Games

Survival Horror Games

Judging by the name, one might assume that you are running away from an enemy that is trying to kill you in such games. These games are a bit nuanced than Minecraft horror maps, where a simple google on ‘how to make stone bricks in Minecraft paired with a Minecraft castle can help save you from the enemy. 

In a survival horror game, you often have to make the correct decisions rather than fighting the ultimate boss. You have to be smart with the limited resources you have and hone in on your problem-solving skills to get out of the area alive.

2. Stealth Horror Games

Stealth Horror Games

Many mistake stealth horror games for survival horror games. In actuality, the fundamental objective of both kinds of games is the opposite.

 In stealth horror games, you cannot fight back. Your only option is to conceal yourself so well that the enemy cannot lay a hand on you. These games are all about sneaking around and being as unnoticeable as possible. 

To keep you as a player engaged, there are plenty of jumps scares that will make you wish you had stuck to building an easy Minecraft castle or coming up with simple Minecraft house ideas. However, we promise you, the adrenaline rush is addicting and will have you coming back for more.

3. Action Horror Games

Action Horror Games

Action-horror games are those which combine horror with combative role play. You will have to fight your way through hoards of enemies to get what you want. 

These games resemble regular action games but include horror in less subtle ways. For example, action-horror games have a lot of blood, gore, and other unsightly scenes. Minecraft slime has nothing on the realistic blood and other grotesque images that such games offer. 

Action-horror games have many survival horror game elements. But here, you have to be good at combat to get anywhere.

4. Psychological Horror Games

Psychological Horror Games

While the other horror games are outright in their scare tactics, psychological horror games incorporate other tactics to spook you. They make use of storytelling and interesting narratives to draw the gamers in and then create an atmosphere. 

This atmosphere is mostly unsettling where the player doesn’t know why they are scared, but throughout, they have this sense of foreboding that keeps them glued to the screen. The best way would be to imagine a beautiful Minecraft citadel that is gated shut, and the objective is to find out the mystery behind it. 

What such games lack in in-your-face jump scares, they make up in the overall creepy atmosphere and excellent story and world-building.

5. Jump-Scare Horror Games

Jump-Scare Horror Games

Horror in such horror games relies purely on the ability to shock. The inter gameplay in such games includes building up a scary situation that builds up tension and then releases it in the form of a jump-scare.

There is no exploration of problem-solving involved in jump-scare horror games. They are often repetitive and have random jump-scares thrown around—all of it to get a reaction out of the gamer. 

For example, if there is a Minecraft horror map that is jump-scare oriented, various grotesque monsters will pop up. They could be from anywhere. From a Minecraft brick house or a Minecraft beach house. This is to say there is next to no narrative and horror in such games.

With these popular genres out of the way, many more sub-genres to explore. If games in these categories don’t scare you, then no fear. There is probably a niche category of horror games out there waiting for you. Regardless, if they get your adrenaline pumping and have you scared, they do their job right.

5 Best Upcoming Horror Games 2022 (And Beyond)!

1. Silent Night

Silent Night

On Christmas Eve, an isolated church becomes the setting for a gothic ghost hunt. Silent Night is a survival horror game that includes ghosts, time travel, and complex decision-making.

The silent night is about a man named Nigel Danvers who is stuck in a time loop and must relive Christmas Eve again and again. 

To top it all off, he has to face ghosts throughout history. Some are merely lost, souls. Some are vengeful and demand retribution against those who cursed them for reliving a single day for the rest of forever.

Nigel has to navigate his way using gadgets and surveillance equipment to learn more about the ghosts. This information is crucial as the only way to escape the loop is to exorcise one ghost. Nigel, and in turn the player, is faced with the difficult decision. Who to exorcise? 

This decision is crucial since the rest of the ghosts would be left damned forever.

This game seems extremely atmospheric and creepy when you consider the setting. Minecraft mountain houses are nothing compared to the isolated church setting where the silent night occurs. 

Another pro of this game is that you can replay it several times. Depending on which ghost you exorcise, this game can have several endings.

2. Kingdom of the Dead

Kingdom of the Dead

The Kingdom of the Dead is an Action Horror game with a Minecraft aesthetic. It is a first-person shooter game that packs in a lot of horrors in its pen and ink style graphics. You play as Agent Chamberlain, who has a deadly task to complete.

Agent Chamberlain is described to be an Army general who works for a secret government program called GATEKEEPER. The primary purpose of this program? Defeat Death and his armies.

To do so, the player has to navigate their way to the eight gates of death located in remote locations along the US East Coast. Upon finding them, you have to close them. However, along the way, you will be faced with monsters and bosses. They are all there with the sole purpose of stopping you from achieving your mission.

Having unique visuals, the Kingdom of the Dead is an immersive game. 

 It can be replayed as many times as your heart desires because with each difficulty level comes different goals. This feature is quite reminiscent of the games in the 90s that did not allow for the gamer to be bored.

Additionally, this game also features customization and the option of cheat codes to keep things interesting.

3. Once Upon A Time In Roswell

Once Upon A Time In Roswell

Psychological Horror Games usually toy with the reality in which we all simultaneously exist. However, Once Upon A Time In Roswell combines a first-person psychological horror game with alien conspiracies and throws you in the deep end with a non-contemporary setting.

This game takes place in the city of Roswell, located in New Mexico, where you play as a detective. Your main task is to investigate a disappearance. This is no ordinary disappearance of 1947 as the whole family seems to have vanished without a trace left behind.

Unlike a Minecraft cool base, you will have to trudge through an abandoned house in this game. Additionally, you will be bombarded with flashbacks that are as horrific as they are unbelievable.

As you stroll through the Peterson Family’s ever-changing house and memories, you’ll come face-to-face with the dreadful truth that has engulfed them. Additionally, the character too battles with their identity and purpose as they come across extra-terrestrial beings.

The main mission of this game is to uncover what lies in Peterson’s family house and the truth behind their experience, even if it includes aliens, because time is of the essence in this game. 

Once Upon a Time in Roswell promises to be an atmospheric horror game, given the decrepit nature of the house. The horror is slow but will definitely get to you as you progress in the game.

4. Hello Puppets: Midnight Show

Hello Puppets: Midnight Show

Hello Puppets: Midnight Show is an upcoming stealth horror adventure set in the 1980s. It takes place on the set of a children’s show which makes it all the creepier. It also contains toys that look like they are made of Minecraft vinyl which ups the creep factor.

You, the player, play as a puppet maker who has to survive the night and reverse the spell that has caused all your puppets to come alive. While undoing the spell and escaping the Handeemen Sound Stage, you have to be wary of the murderous Handeemen who have come alive and are out to kill you.

Being sneaky and quiet is the only way you will be able to survive this game and come out victorious.

This game does an incredible job with storytelling as it has layers. There are mysteries to discover, twists to deal with, and a whole lot of horror to get through.

Hello Puppets: The midnight show is an immersive horror game. It will require you to use your problem-solving skills to defeat the four bosses and be on your toes even when you think you are safe.

5. Martha Is Dead

Martha Is Dead

Martha is dead is an intense psychological horror game that will freak out all those who play it. Taking place in Tuscany, Italy, during WW1, this game is played in the first person. You take on the role of Martha’s identical twin sister, who must now come to terms with her sister’s death while probing the mysterious circumstances behind her death.

The only backstory we, as the player knows, is that a body was found in the lake. We presume that it is Martha.

With such a gripping narrative, the game is atmospheric and chilling. Using authentic Italian voices and Italian folklore will completely submerge you in the game and will most definitely have you scared.

Minecraft cool bases, Minecraft skyscrapers, and other thoughtless adventures and landscapes are a thing of the past. Martha is Dead is a step above them all. It is a look at loss and relationships. It also features psychological overtones in a dark moment of history by a young woman. She is searching for the truth but also has her secrets to hide.


What makes a good horror game?

A good horror game is one that makes you frightened. It is often done by taking your power away in a game, building up tension, making the users feel lingering fear, and so on. 

What is the most realistic horror game?

Realistic horror games usually have very good graphics that make everything look true to life. If you are in the market for realistic horror games, look no further than Visage, Resident Evil, and Allison Road.


You now know the best horror games that 2022 has to offer. If you are in the market for a psychological or survival horror game, you only have to wait a little bit to get your hands on the newest one. Then you can put your life on pause and completely immerse yourself in the world of creepy music, atmospheric tension, and the fear of the unknown. 

Happy playing!

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