Cool Minecraft Builds

9 Cool Minecraft Builds

Have your friends been raving about their Minecraft builds, and is their Minecraft aesthetic inspiring to build your own? We have got you covered! 

With our cool ways and techniques, you can easily build Minecraft cool bases, Minecraft castle, Minecraft skyscraper, Minecraft citadel, and so much more. Learn how to build these using practical ways, from a day’s completion to weeks and months’ worth of work to get the best outcomes. Minecraft design has no bounds!

Let the creativity flow in 3, 2, and 1!

How Can You Personalise Your Minecraft Builds? Get Inspired by These Ideas!

1. Minecraft Castle

Minecraft Castle

Imagine building an easy Minecraft castle and getting a chance to live in it? In reality, castles may seem like a lot of work, but in Minecraft, building castles are easy because you just need stones and basic bricks. For some areas, such as the windows and doors, you may need wood. You can start small, that’s right! Who said you have to begin huge, instead choose to begin with small castle portions because this helps connect multiple towers with fortresses and so on. You can add various gardens, even multiple statues and sculptures, fountains, and so much more. All of this can be done according to your liking. 

You can also keep the bad guys and the mobsters out by making the walls very high. Furthermore, start small and gradually build something massive that you can call your own. Any of you are wondering how to make stone bricks in Minecraft? Follow the simple steps, and you will get the right recipe to make stone bricks for your Minecraft builds, make castles, homes, and even mansions using these bricks. 

How to Make Stone Bricks in Minecraft?

How to Make Stone Bricks in Minecraft?

Make stone bricks in these three ways. Let’s dive in!

  1. Start by opening the crafting menu, and then choose the crafting table from the options available. You will then get the crafting grid which is a 3×3. 
  2. Now, start by adding items to form your stone bricks easily. Start by placing 4 stones in each 3×3 grid displayed on your screen. To make it easier, here’s what you need to know. In each grid, there should be at least one stone. This is how the stone bricks are made with ease. 
  3. After each box is filled with a stone, on the right, you will see a box that shows the correct pattern of the stone bricks. 

After creating the stone bricks, you can add them to your inventory to use later. You have now made your Minecraft stone bricks easily to make castles and Minecraft citadels!

2. Minecraft Cities  

Minecraft Cities

Imagine a city of your own, with Minecraft skyscrapers, multiple parks, the perfect sidewalks, roads, bridges, underpasses, numerous bus stops, and even lamp posts. The project can be massive, and you can enjoy it a lot while making it. Your citadel can match your Minecraft aesthetic!

Make sure you let your creative side out and not repeat any skyscrapers. Make everything unique!

8 Ways to Make Your Cities Better? Add the Following!

Add Gardens

Gardens add beauty to the city and make the scenery better. Having a garden between the Minecraft skyscrapers and buildings beautifies your city and is a good option. Add gardens now to create your city stand out!

Add Famous Landmarks 

This is a fun way to amp up your city; you can add miniature versions of famous landmarks such as the Eiffel towers, pyramids, and even the statue of liberty.

Add Docks 

Docks can be added near the water, and you can also make a secret hidden spot in case your enemy attacks. These can be built near your oceans’ edges and are a fun way to amplify your cities. 

Add Churches 

Cathedrals and churches are impressive options to add to your Minecraft cities. Building them can be quite tricky, but the project has a satisfying result in the end. You can even find inspiration from Pinterest as a reference and build the same. You can even add stained glass to make it as real as possible!

Add Libraries  

Did you know that libraries are the secret and hidden spot to place your enchanting tables and make your potion rooms and brew stands? You can also build multiple bookshelves and lay carpets, use wood to make tables and chairs, and even stained glass for the windows. Get creative and make passages for more fun! Even if you do not want a library, you can just build a small one for enchantments and potions near your homes, castles, and in the city too. 

Add Subways 

Subways are a cool way to make transportation easier from one place to another. Go back and forth between the city and homes and various other Minecraft builds. It is quite simple, dig a long hallway and then add multiple stations and stop signs. Make multiple exits on different stops to come and go as they please. You can also use these subways to link with multiple players in areas. 

Add Sewers

Start by digging underground tunnels, and you can fill them with water and even add gates made of iron to get the perfect sewer system. You can also add tracks to your Minecraft sewer system for transportation and even link multiple homes underground for security and safety purposes. 

These add adventure, and you can also add treasure for multiple visitors to pick up. Add multiple levers and even pressure plates for fun and additional adventure. 

Add Bridges 

Does your base have a massive river? Build a bridge! This is a fun way to make the crossing over the bridge easier. You can go big as you can or stay small too. You should use stones, wood, and multiple colored bricks. Make a walkway over the water or go grand and build the Golden Gate Bridge!

3. Minecraft Cool Bases

Minecraft Cool Bases

Does the idea of bases excite you? What’s better than to make your own base in Minecraft. Some places where you can easily set up a base are near the ocean, on top of any mountain, on the plains, and even underground. These areas are a cool hiding space from the enemy, and you can attack when you see them nearby. But when making all these Minecraft cool bases keep in mind that they are for the purpose of survival. You may need the following items:

  • Massive walls surrounding the base
  • Sleeping bags 
  • Food and water for survival
  • Animals such as Goats, Cows, and Horses
  • Map room
  • Hiding spots
  • Hidden and secret entrance
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Vaults and Chests to keep your important items  
  • The moat would also be helpful too

These are some of the essentials that will help you survive on these bases. Make sure you add all of these to survive. 

4. Minecraft Houses

Do you want to make something basic? After some heavy work on the castle and Minecraft citadel, you can discover simple Minecraft house ideas. Or for all those people looking to go grand, we have something for you all. From medieval homes to wooden homes surrounded by greenery to modern homes on a hilltop, you do not have to build anything from scratch. Just start by deciding which house works best for you and find inspiration for that. Pinterest is a fun site that allows you to get all the photos of multiple designs worldwide. Choose from those and then get started. 

  • Minecraft Medieval Homes: When it comes to making medieval homes, you have to look into everything. These are classics with a castle-like look and comfortable gardens and fountains surrounding them. They even have a barn-like look to them, and you can make it using multiple stones and bricks. Choose the color of your bricks according to your liking and get creative. 
  • Minecraft Underground Homes: You can also make underground houses in Minecraft. As secretive as they are, they can add a lot of touch to your cities. This is a new trend in the game, and a lot of people have been building basement properties. Start by digging in and then building a staircase that goes in; add glass to certain areas so the sun reaches in, and this can be helpful if you want to grow plants. It may be tough to light up your basement at night, but torches work. 
  • Minecraft Treehouses: Another fun idea to make homes more fun is making a treehouse. Yes, that’s right! You can now make a treehouse to escape all the night creepers, and you can get a little time to prepare your shields to fight off anyone. You can also make treehouses to monitor properly and shoot arrows. How effective!
  • Minecraft Beach houses: It could be possible that your home building location is near the coast then a Minecraft beach house is the best way to begin. It doesn’t matter if your beach house idea is just a basic hut or a three or four-tier modern Minecraft beach house. You can make anything according to your liking. You can also make a villa which is recommended the most, and even have a sea-facing infinity pool installed. Keep in mind that the beach houses require quartz blocks, so before you begin, gather as many as you can according to the size of your beach house. 
  • Minecraft Mountain House: Imagine a home in the hills with a view facing a terrace and fresh, crisp sunlight. This home is excellent in overlooking the creepers and can keep you safe too. You can use the mountain house as a hiding spot. Get creative, choose oakwood, or bricks and make it the way you want! 
  • Minecraft Brick Houses: A basic red brick house with plants surrounding it and a fence for the backyard sounds like a perfect home. The size of the home can be wide-ranging, you can make a small house and even a big house that is all up to you. Before starting the building process, you can just collect the bricks and begin the work. 

5. Minecraft Farms 

Minecraft Farms

Survival in Minecraft depends upon growing the right crops and food supplies. A simple farm can include trees, a barn to store your harvest of wheat and rice as well. You can make an underground farm or an indoor farm too. But keep in mind that this may require a lot of work. You will have to organize lamps, torches, and lanterns as well. 

Another cool idea would be organizing and making a greenhouse to cover your crops using glass. This greenhouse is an excellent idea to keep the animals and mobs out of the way.

6. Minecraft Storage Rooms

Minecraft Storage Rooms

Storage rooms are perfect for showing off your wealth and even storing multiple items. You can add them to your homes in the basement or even in your castles, citadels, and mansions. These storage rooms can be made using expensive gold, emerald, and even silver blocks. Make them fancy and store your items properly while being as organized as possible. 

7. Minecraft Lighthouse

Minecraft Lighthouse

Lighthouses are a cool Minecraft built to complement your villages and towns. These can help all your lost travelers to reach back home and even those who have been attacked and escaped. These lighthouses are excellent and look very beautiful when placed near the beach and an island. These glow from a long distance and are made from white and red bricks and materials. You can spin it using a piston system. 

8. Minecraft Slime

Minecraft Slime

These slimeballs are found in multiple areas, such as the swamps, sewers, and underground regions. These assist multiple players in climbing up and down using the ladders, swimming, and finding other players. Depending upon the size of your slime, these drop at least 5 slimeballs for your ease. They can be the perfect helping hands. 

9. Minecraft Decorative Builds

Minecraft Decorative Builds

Ceiling Fan

Did you know you could construct a lovely ceiling fan out of cobblestone, an end rod, some rope, wooden planks, white carpets, and an iron trapdoor? WiederDude apparently did, and they teach you how via this lesson. This Minecraft build seems to be another beginner-friendly possibility that is simple (in regards to the block placement) and requires few resources.

The designer suggests adding a white carpet to give it a more contemporary and modern look. Put it in a light oak space for a sophisticated, modern minimalist look!

Hanging Plants

And while we’re on the subject of modern minimalism, here’s a Minecraft build from Eystreem that would look great if you have the ceiling fan – hanging plants!

You’ll need a dozen spruce trapdoors, a couple of polished andesites, three stone brick walls, two delicious berries, two grass blocks, two bone meal, and two chains, to name a few things. 

It may appear to be a lot of money for merely hanging plants. However, we assure you that the build is well worth it. There’s more clever trapdoor tinkering going on – more bone-meal-grown plants – but nothing too complex for beginning builders.


Throw down some decorative stone and dig a little hole – however, no swimming! – for yet another easy enhancement that can enrich other components of your building. If you want to go large, create a tiny statue to place atop the fountain, and maybe even use Redstone to let the water flow sporadically through spouts to make it look as genuine as possible.

You can utilize an Armor Stand along with some shining armor (and pose it if you’re in Bedrock Edition) for a more straightforward method to having a showcase atop your new fountain.

Pixel Art

Keeping with the theme of art on exhibit, pixel art is something that is entirely achievable for just about every Minecraft player, irrespective of their skill level. The default Minecraft’s blocky pixel-based graphic style lends itself well to efforts like this. The only limitation in Minecraft is your imagination, whether it’s a favorite anime character, a scene from a favorite film, or the spiciest of memes.

Japanese Box Kite

With Eystreem’s Japanese Box Kite, you can transform your outside space into a stunning lantern festival! If you can believe it, the secret to making it appear to be a real floating kite is a hatched rabbit as well as some lead. It sounds crazy, but somehow it works!

Put a soul lantern on top and play around with colors and designs for the banners to make some stunning night time decorations. The designer suggests blue, red, and yellow. However, there are numerous different color combos you can try.

Japanese Katana

If you enjoyed the Japanese Box Kite, we’d conclude this post with another Japanese-themed decoration item: a Japanese Katana. Whether you collect Minecraft weapons or your character is a renowned sword master, the in-game katana (complete with blade stand!) is a must-have among Minecraft constructions!

Two acacia wood slabs, armor stands, stripped acacia wood blocks, a few pistons and redstone, a loom, a couple of red banners, four red dyes, a field masoned banner pattern, six yellow dyes, a bordure indented banner pattern, two chains, and one end rod are required.

Pay close attention to the tutorial to understand how Eystreem implements his “double-piston system” to make the armor stands look like sword stands! Also, ensure that you start constructing where you want the sword to go.

Unlike a decorative katana, this weapon is quite tough to maneuver.

As you might expect, the banner motifs and dyes are merely cosmetic, so you may modify the colors and patterns whenever you like. But We will note that the designs, as well as the colors suggested by the creator, give the banners quite an oriental look, so perhaps stick to their suggestions for now.


These are some of the ways to amplify your Minecraft builds, from bases to farms to subways and even lighthouses. Start by Minecraft drawing every item, and you can also make a character for your cities, citadels, and even homes. Amidst all of the chaos, a Minecraft vinyl playing in the background can make your gaming experience even betterTake inspiration from these ideas and make your Minecraft builds the best ones out there!

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