Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List

Are you looking for the best overview for Fire Emblem Three House? You are in the right place because we have got your back. With our three houses tier list and specifications, you can finally ace the game and find out which character is better. Get gaming using the fire emblem three houses character tier list we have curated for you.

The Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List: All You Need To Know!

The characters of FETH are divided into 6 categories, all of which are done according to the game they offer. Some characters are excellent and have specifications that can help you win the game with ease; some are excellent supporting characters, while the rest are in the low category and don’t have a lot to offer.

  • S TIER
  • A TIER
  • B TIER
  • C TIER
  • D TIER
  • F TIER

S TIER: The Prime Players In The Fire Emblem Game


Calling out to all the people who need the leading players to get through a crazy gameplay, this is the list that includes all the characters that will assist you in getting through. Let’s dig in!

Male Byleth: The Enlightened Unit 

This player is competent and is also known as a power unit. With its excellent physical strength and capabilities, this character stands out amongst all of the others. 

Female Byleth: The Enlightened Unit 

The Female Blyeth definitely outshines the Male Byleth; with her access to the Falcon Knight, this character is the best in the game. She has the power, competency, and unmatched dodging skills that can easily help her take down all the enemies. 

Edelgard: The Emperor

This character has two categories, and both the kinds perform well and can take charge of any situation. Edelgard, also known as the emperor, has a trackless defense skillset leaving the enemy in awe. Her character is similar to a storm killing every character along the way; she is mostly preferred because of her excellent command over the map and rapport with axes. Her relic weapon will lead you towards a win!

Claude: The Barbarossa

This character is definitely deserving in the top three houses tier list with his capability of wielding a bow and arrow; he is a player that will bring you utmost joy while playing because you will definitely be winning. 

He has a powerful, wide-ranging weaponry, and he works with great competency. You can also easily invest in the speed stat of the Claude, which assists you in the double attack against any enemies. 

Dmitri: The Great Lord

Do you need an anchor that shields you when you’re in the Great Lord division? Dimitri will save the day! He’s designed to protect especially during the enemy period and is a wall of death between the army of enemies ready to kill you. Amongst the three house lords, he has the best growth statistics. 

Lysithea: The Dark Flier and Knight 

One of the leading spellcasters in the Fire Emblem Three Houses is Lysithea. She is a one-off enemy killer and can quickly be built into a Dark Knight and even a Dark Flier. She is effective, knows how to defend, and has the ability to control the map properly. The overabundant magic statistics she has makes her a huge threat to all the enemies in the game. While you are in Madenning, be sure to boost the magical stats so she can easily kill your enemies in a single shot. 

A TIER: The Right Fit For Multiple Configuration


These players will perfectly compliment your S-tier players and have an amazing supportive skillset to prove their capabilities. 

Leonie: The Bow Knight 

Leonie, is a Bow Knight designed to take over. She’s proficient at it and seems as if it’s her natural class. Outshining amongst the enemies, you will see her kill with her amazing wide-ranging shots and take over with dominance. Being an A-tier makes her very low-maintenance, and since it’s built-in, you will see her stats grow too. 

Petra: The Wyvern Lord

Petra is an extremely dominant character and considering this, it seems like a waste of a potential character, putting her in the Wyvern Lord category. She screams, ‘I am an Assassin’, and with her natural growth in speed, you will see her make two hits and kill the enemies. You can utilize her perfectly by using her dodge-tank, and her extremely high speed will help you stay shielded. A well-rounded character is what Petra really is!

Felix: The Mortal Servant 

Petra wasn’t enough, so the Fire Emblem Three Houses added another figure who is a male unit of her. He is fast, difficult to track down, and alwayson the verge of attacking. His class makes him an accessory as he can easily kill enemies as well as opponents with magical and physical defense. 

You can also change Felix into a Bow Knight, it may be a little investment in the start, but trust us, it will be fruitful down the line in the depths of the game later onwards. 

Linhardt: The Holy Knight 

Lindhardt is popular in the Fire Emblem three houses tier list because of his competency in healing and capability of being warlike. He is a versatile player and can be best played as a Holy Knight because he has surviving capabilities. The Bishop bonuses are a cherry on top, considering his position. 

Deduce: The War Master

In comparison, Dmitri may be the best shielding unit in the long run of the game, but the player that will help you get through in the start to mid-game and eventually reach the end of the game is Deduce. 

He has proficient skills, and his stats display how speedy he is! With his excellent capabilities and killing instinct the character automatically becomes the One-off monster in the game and has an amazing dodging ability when playing against the enemy. 

Ferdinand: The Paladin and Wyvern Lord

This player is capable enough to be an S-tier if only he wouldn’t be shouting his name repeatedly! Ferdinand has got a great skill set and is comparatively easier to regulate around the Wyvern Lord unit. Similar to Leonie, Ferdinand is also low maintenance and can easily be micromanaged. 

B TIER: A Great Set of Units


These players are above-average and have the calibre to be the helping hand you need. 

Annette: The Pegasus Knight and Dark Flier

Annette can be a good hit on Dmitri and Deduce pretty well, but her poor spells and control pull her back and make her stand in the B Tier list.

Marianne: The Falcon & Holy Knight, Valkyrie

Marianne can be built into a strong character herself and can prove to be a rock-solid supporter in the game.

Catherine: The Mortal Savant and Falcon Knight

Catherine is a beast in the initial stage but lacks massively towards the end of the game, pulling her back to the B Tier list.

Constance: The Dark Flier

Constance yet again could be passed as an S-Tier unit, but her versatility brings her down; she was just designed to be a Dark Filer and could have easily outshined the role. 

Hilda: The Falcon Knight

Hilda is excellent, and undoubtedly when she flies towards the enemy, they should know it is going to be a huge horror story. 

Cyril: The Wyvern Lord and Bow Knight

Cyril is quite similar to Leonie, but a pretty bad version. He needs a lot of investment in terms of time and effort to give out good results in his gameplay. But he can still be used as a good attacker from the middle of the game till the end. 

Shami: A Sniper

All those characters housing a bow are excellent in the three houses tier list. She is a powerful player and can be like Lysithea during the player phases. 

Mercedes: The Bishop and Holy Knight

She is a decent healer but becomes useful only if she reaches till the A-rank; she can be pretty useful during the mid-game if you invest in her carefully. 

Dorothea: The Gremory

Starts out at a snail’s pace and strengthens along the game towards the end. She can prove to be a great resource in the end if you build her in Faith.

Ingrid: The Falcon Knight

Similar to Dorothea, Ingrid starts at a slower pace, and with time, she becomes stronger and shows better results. You can work on her and build her as an excellent resource to murder all enemy units viciously.

All of these characters do have the strength and the capability but work better as supporting characters of the A and S Three houses tier list; even though they may have similar capabilities but the stats is a bit on the down-low.

C TIER: Decent Set of Units 

  • Jeritza: The Dark Knight
  • Seteth: The Wyvern Lord
  • Flayn:The Dark Flier
  • Hapi: The Valkyrie 
  • Yuri: The Trickster
  • Sylvain: The Wyvern Lord
  • Hubert: The Dark Knight

All of these players are available to you in the C Tier, and are known to be a decent set of units. With some effort and investment these units may be able to compete with the top-tier list, if their stats do end up growing. Most of them are good till the mid-game and can’t keep up till the end and some of them start slow and may get better towards the end.You will have to work with them and see for yourself. These fire emblem house three houses character tier list is average and may require some patience to work with. 

D TIER: Standard Set Of Units

  • Caspar: The War Master
  • Ignatz: A Sniper
  • Ashe: A Sniper and Wyvern Lord
  • Bernadetta: A Sniper
  • Balthus: A War Monk
  • Alois: The Armor Knight

The D-TIER units will require a lot of your patience and efforts. They may last you during the normal phases, but these aren’t designed to pull through during the maddening phase of the game. They may require a lot of building and skills to pass through. 

F TIER: The Worst Units 

  • Anna: The Trickster
  • Hanneman: The Dark Knight
  • Manuela: The Bishop, The Trickster, and Gremory
  • Lorenz: The Paladin
  • Raphael: The War Master
  • Gilbert: The Armor Knight 

From the Fire Emblem Three Houses Character Tier List, the F-TIER group is said to be one of the leading groups but from below. These are the worst units in the game and have pretty much nothing to offer to the players. They can be used to play casual games, but when used in the maddening phase, they won’t prove to be as good as the players from the other three houses’ tier list will. 

How to Improve Class Mastery

Every class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses has an experience meter that can be filled by playing the game. After filling in the bar, the player is given class mastery. Class mastery has various benefits, including exclusive combat art. These advantages may continue even when the player changes classes.

Class mastery in FE: 3H can be obtained through combat. Combat actions improve the experience bar, which serves as the foundation of class expertise. These activities include healing spells, gambits, attacking the adversary, and getting damaged. These actions are an essential aspect of a combat; when a player battles them, the class mastery increases.

Class Mastery is a laborious process that can be sped up with the use of Renown points. When you reach a particular stage in the game, you can spend your points in the cathedral by fixing the sculptures.

The “Class Exp +1” boost, which enhances the mastery rate twice as much and is incorporated in the Saint Cethleann Statue, is one of the exceptional bonuses.

Mastery farming is also possible in FE: 3H class. This is possible after receiving the “Class Exp +1” benefit. The player should prolong the combat by attacking the enemy with ineffective assaults.

This method allows for the accumulation of a large number of experience points. Delay tactics can be used in battle, and foes with solid defenses, such as Armored Knights, can assist in deploying this technique.

Because mastery takes a long time, choosing the character to be an Adjutant is a good idea if you’re in a hurry. When fighting with the main character, experience points can be acquired in this manner. Auxiliary Battles are also helpful in gaining class mastery.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can beginners play “FE3H 2023” effectively?

The fighting strategies may feel intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with approaching games, yet Fire Emblem 3 Houses would be a great place to start.

How many degrees of difficulty exist in Fire Emblem 3?

To rack up your gameplay, there are three distinct types of complexity. Those three levels are average, challenging, and infuriating.

What is the level of complexity in the FE3H 2023 Classic Phase?

The complexity level of the FE3H 2023 Classic Phase is difficult for players.

What kind of personality does Claude have?

Claude has an enormous armory of weaponry and operates with great dexterity. You could also start investing in Claude’s speed stat, which allows you to conduct another double attack against any opponent.

Bottom Line

Now you are finally aware of the amazing skill set and the fire emblem three houses tier list. The 6 Tier have multiple characters, all of them varying in terms of names but have similar capabilities and a change in levels. Some may be able to pull you through with dignity and ease, while the rest may not be able to help you in multiple phases that come during the game. Experience the game, and with this list, you will know which player to choose!

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