Grand Summoners Tier List

Grand Summoners Tier List

Are you someone who spends their weekends playing the Grand Summoners and wants to know the latest updates regarding it? The wait is finally over! We bring to you the list of all the superheroes in the Grand Summoner Tier list that will help you win the battles and ace the game!

Let’s dig in, and find out which players are worth it, and categorise them from best to worst! Find out all the superheroes you can potentially invest in to make your game excellent.

What Are Grand Summoners Tiers List?

The grand summoners is a tier list of the best units in Fire Emblem Heroes. It was originally created by a user on the game’s subreddit. It was originally created as an experiment to see if it’s possible to create a tier list using only data from the game itself.

While their opinions may be biased and not completely accurate, they pulled from data from thousands of games to create this tier list that is based purely on performance in-game.

The grand summoners are used for various purposes like ranking units, comparing strengths, finding the best units for teams, or dominating opponents.

How To Choose The Best Heroes Role?

Some of the best players fail to decipher the hero that’s perfect for a particular role. The tile displays a list of heroes with a variety of proficiency and skillfulness. Not all of the heroes in the game are indeed capable and unique, so it’s essential that, as a player, you figure out which ones are the best amongst the plenty of options to choose from to tackle all the hurdles. 

To fully assist you and help you choose the best one out, using our Grands Summoners Tiers list that we have assembled for you based on different players and their roles, you can single out the players you want.

What Does The Tier Consist Of?

The Tier consists of the following levels:

  • SS
  • S
  • A
  • B
  • C

You can choose which one you want from the above list and then win battles accordingly!

Let’s dig in!

The Grand Summoners Tier List

The SS Tiers List

The SS tiers list in the Grand Commoners Tier List contains the top-level heroes because of their proficiency and effectiveness, which they bring to any battlefield. These heroes have an advantage over all the others, and winning over them is a tough call. If you are one of the heroes from below, then trust us, they scale up and become the best heroes in the game.

To begin with, the character that is essential from the list is Berwick, also known as the triple passive; he is the perfect player that you need in the start. Then comes the two upscale players Flare Bust and Flame Nova, who are significant and excellent players to choose from.

Vox, who is also a second-place water element superhero, is another amazing choice if you are looking to win, especially because of the blades he has! Then comes Mako, another element supporting superhero and famous for its attacking and supporting. Mako could easily be one of the top tier because of her capability with her strength and advanced skills.

To find out more about the players in SS Tier, you can go through the list we have prepared for you; there is so much more than just the players above.

Name Of The HeroRole Of The Hero
Vox Attacker 
Thetis Defender
Cestina Sub attacker 
PriestessHealer & Support
Emilia Sub Attacker
NornSub Attacker

How exciting!

The S Tier List

The S Tier List

Are you wondering what’s the S list? Here’s a little something that you need to know when you are choosing any superhero characters from the S Tier List. These players include those who have continuous change from lower to uppercase players because of a change in their gameplay, stats, and attributes. Some of the superheroes from the list get countered, and the others fling back pretty hard. 

You will have to play with them to find out who’s good. We have listed all the players below for your ease; let’s check it out!

Name of the HeroRole of the Hero
Santa RimuruSupport
Spy of Darkness FenSub-attacker
Ruthless Demon Divine CeliaAttacker
Samurai RimuruAttacker
Dragon Lord GeraldDefender 
Naofumi IwataniLuck & Defender 
Queen of Ancient Powers Arsitela Healer
Ashe Sub Attacker 
Asakura YohSub-attacker 
Empress of Spirit World Sonije Support
Queen of Ancient Powers Aristela Healer 

All of the above and some more characters can easily be seen in the S Tier category, these make the game interesting and can be used by you to enjoy!

The A Tier List

The A Tier List

The A Tier List is also known as the list containing Average heroes depending upon their stats, their ability to fight, and the scale of damage each player can do. Since these players entirely depend on multiple items, you can get the best out of them when played in closed spaces, especially dungeons. 

Although the list of A Tier List is pretty high and has players that are higher in count if compared to the SS Tier and the S Tier list, we have gathered some of them for you to know. Now you can easily build a better understanding of these players and know what their capabilities are, Keep reading!

Name of the HeroRole of the Hero
Bullet Hell RoyAttacker 
Hime Sub-attacker 
Flame Spirit Empress LianSub-attacker
Peerless Pyreblade Gran Brave Attacker 
Intelligent Divine Governor Pallot Healer 
Grad Luck & Attacker 
Glacier Princess Tami-nyanBreaker 

These players assist you in the best way possible and provide you with a game that helps you beat the players lower than the A Tier level, because it’s nearly impossible to win from an SS Tier List player or an S Tier List player. But you can keep trying, maybe it’ll be your lucky day!

The B Tier List

The B Tier List

At this level you probably don’t want to choose any of the players as they can easily fall out of higher-level matches and you may end up brutally losing against the SS Tier, S Tier, and even the A Tier heroes! 

But incase do you want a supporting hero, then a B Tier List hero would be perfect for the job. Choose a supporting hero of your choice from the list below.

Name of the HeroRole of the Hero
Hades Giant Guardian BadoulLuck & Sub-attacker 
Est Attacker
Flaring Custodian Field Support
Yuko MatoiAttacker 
Ice Queen SeliaSupport
Nier Luck & Support 
Number 2Sub-attacker

Choose from the B Tier heroes from above and get the perfect supporting hero of your choice! Do you need a healer who can support you? Valentia is the one for you! Or do you need an Attacker? Grohl is the right choice!

Enjoy the game and keep reading to find out more about the C Tier List of Grand Summoners Heroes.

The C Tier List

The C Tier List

This list of Grand Summoners characters must not be used for all those looking to have an easy match where they can win. These characters aren’t up to date and have the attributes that will surely result in a bad win. 

But if you still want to play using any of the characters, then the ones we have listed below are the ones we recommend the most out of all. Keep reading to find out!

Name of the HeroRole of the Hero
Inferno Guardian Goddess AnnaAttacker 
Inferno Emperor RagnaBreaker 
Blazing Axe Empress RishleyAttacker
Zoldes Breaker

Apart from the above, you can use Dragon Master Zoroas, the Mother of dragon Alche and Dark in various high-level matches. These players are the last in the Grand Summoners Tier List!



You will need some serious luck and help to achieve victory with these heroes. They have problems that impede the growth of your party and far too few good characteristics.

Dragon Guardian Empress NerimHealer
Great Wolf Assassin SlyAttacker
Haden Flower Empress PolaSub-Attacker
Forbidden Knowledge KeitSub-Attacker
Divinity Destroyer VaidBreaker
Evil Demon Empress CocoBreaker
Maiden Princess EndSub-Attacker
Radiant Spear God ReyonBreaker
Empyreal Beast ElfallaSupport



These are presently the game’s worst heroes. When better ones become available, try to change them as soon as possible.

Inferno Emperor RagnaBreaker
Blazing Axe Empress RishleyAttacker
Inferno Guardian Goddess AnnaAttacker

Bottom Line

The list that we have made here for you can easily be used for the latest patch, so if you are just tuning in on a Grand Summoners battle, choose one from the list above. Embrace because the fun awaits you!

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