Best Indoor Helicopters

8 Best Indoor Helicopters to Buy in 2023

While growing up, airplanes were a sight, but seeing a helicopter got us all excited; its mechanism, its design, and look all of it mesmerised our little eyes, and to date, some of us still haven’t seen a helicopter flying in real life except movies because they don’t count.

But with the advancement today, we have indoor as well as outdoor helicopters to choose from! There’s a list of rc helicopters for sale; you can choose according to your likes, dislikes, and the features you think work best for you! What needs to be considered? What makes a remote-controlled helicopter stand out, and which ones are the best rc helicopters out there, you will find out now! Keep reading, and let’s delve into the details of indoor helicopters!

What Makes a Remote Control Helicopter Stand Out?

When planning to get a remote-controlled helicopter, it’s important you keep in mind a few factors; these will prove to be a helping hand in finalising your decision in getting the best rc helicopter out there; let’s find out!

1. Avoid Assembling!

One of the most crucial parts that you need to remember before purchasing a remote control helicopter is that you should not get into the complexities of assembling the remote-controlled helicopter. Instead, just get a ready-made one that you can begin flying as soon as you open the box. But if you do get the one that needs to be assembled, then do not worry because, for beginners, they have a proper instruction manual telling you how to join everything piece by piece.

2. Power

Remote-controlled helicopters are powered. Differently, some are battery-powered, some need fuel to work, and others are electricity-based. So when deciding which helicopter you want to get, just get the one that has facilities which are favorable for you. If a battery-powered helicopter is the one that will work perfectly for you, then get that, or if you think investing in an electricity-based helicopter is right, then go ahead!

3. Balance

Did you know to assist in balancing the remote-controlled helicopters and to provide stability in them, they have a gyro flight balancer. So, before choosing to get the best rc helicopter to make sure you check if the helicopter is stable and balanced out to get the most fun. These features make the indoor rc helicopter better and make every penny worth it!

4. The Flight Controls

One of the most significant features that need to be focused on when choosing a remote-controlled helicopter is flight control. This helps you build a better understanding of the direction in which the helicopter is going in and how efficient it is. An indoor remote control helicopter has upto six directional controls, which includes upwards, backward, sideways, including both left and right directions.

5. Good Camera

Want to take good pictures? Yes, yes! Having a good camera in your remote control helicopter is a plus point because it enables you to take good pictures when flying outdoors. But of course, with indoor remote-controlled helicopters, this is optional but if you do need all the accessories, then go for it!

These features will help you make the right decision when choosing which indoor helicopter is the best and which one’s mediocre. Choose on the basis of your likes and dislikes. To provide you with the right assistance, we have curated a list of the best rc helicopters for your indoor flying!

8 Best RC Helicopters You Can Buy in 2022!

1. Syma S109G Remote Control Military Helicopter

Syma S109G Remote Control Military Helicopter

For all those people looking to get their hands on something conventional and military themed then this ones for you! Bringing to you a miniature version of the AH-64 combat military helicopter. The resemblance between both the helicopters is spectacular, even though the remote control helicopter is a bit slow, especially when it comes to the forward and reverse motions. All in all, the helicopter is easier to regulate and control.

The remote control helicopter is battery operated and can be charged for approximately 30 minutes for uninterrupted usage for 8 minutes! The most impressive part is you can just charge it for 30 minutes, and even if the battery dies in another quickly, it’ll be powered to play with again. For those who are wondering, you can charge from the AC outlet directly without any inconvenience. You can even charge it on your USB-supported laptops!

The number of channels are three, and if in case you end up losing or damaging your rotor, then you can find a replacement online.

2. Syma S107 Remote Control Helicopter

Syma S107 Remote Control Helicopter

For all those who are beginners and want an easy to regulate and best rc helicopter, then this ones is for you! The Syma S107 is a great choice for beginners; the line itself is great and can be trusted for its rc helicopters. What makes it appropriate for beginners? The Syma S107 has an excellent and advanced gyro system that assists in getting accuracy while flying, especially since you may end up crashing your helicopter.

The copter comes with an optical remote control set which is pretty comfortable to carry and is the right fit even if it is used by kids or adults. You have the opportunity to use three channels where you can fly forward and backward too, fly up and down as well as left and right. You even have two frequencies, making the heli operation easier!

The copter has Lipoly battery and allows you to fly around the helicopter for at least 8 minutes and charges for 50-70 minutes tops. The helicopter is small-sized, and that gives it an edge with the speed but keep in mind that you cannot use this outside. You can also fly it in your basements in the dark, and the light flashes can easily help you spot!

3. WLtoys V912 Remote Control Helicopter

WLtoys V912 Remote Control Helicopter

Are you looking for a toy helicopter that can fly? We have for you a single-blade remote control helicopter that has a fixed-pitch and is quite similar to the real-life helicopter. This helicopter even has real sounds and navigates perfectly. What makes it even better is the set of 2 channels that transmit, giving you more control and edge over your remote control helicopter. Lift up, go sideways frontwards and even backward using the helicopter!

To have a good 8-10 minutes of flying time where you have to charge your copter for approximately an hour, until 150m you have the right control of your copter, but after that, you can easily lose all means of control.

V912 RC Helicopter is comparatively massive than most of the other copters, and hence its price becomes quite justifiable. You will find extras inside the package, which includes batteries to power the controller and spare parts in case you end up damaging any part during flying.

Another advantage of owning the V912 helicopter is that it has various removable parts and gives you an opportunity to customise and make changes to your helicopter when you get bored with the same look. It may not be as easy as a Syma S107 is, but it’s an excellent option to fly, especially if you are a beginner.

Another amazing thing about the helicopter is the efficient remote control that allows you to feel like a professional when flying the copter around. It is all worth the investment, especially because it flies very fast, is already assembled. Just keep in mind to cool it down before flying again.

4. V911 WL Remote Controlled Helicopter

V911 WL Remote Controlled Helicopter

Need something for both inside and outside? The V911 is the answer! With the single propeller, you can take a risk too, especially on days you want a little bit of air, guaranteed that the air grade does not exceed 4.

This remote control helicopter has LCD control which makes controlling and operation quite easier. It has a range of approximately 50m in height and 100m in length, but the downside of this helicopter is how quickly its battery drains. You can charge it in 30 minutes which is a plus, but as soon as you begin 5 minutes later, the battery drains, and then you have to begin charging it. To make up for the quick battery drains, the WL company has included a set of batteries inside the box for you!

You can operate the remote-controlled helicopter using the 4 different channels, fly the helicopter up/down and left/right. Go sideways and have a fun adventure! This is a fixed pitch copter for all those who want to know, so getting used to it will take some time, but you will get there.

5. E Flite RTF MCX2

E Flite RTF MCX2

Back with a bang! The MCX2 is the upgraded version of the MCX, assembled for you to open and fly and enjoy the new version of powerful blades. This is one of the best helicopters, especially because of the user-configurable settings that allow you to operate the helicopter as well as the swashplates with ease. It even comes with LED lights, and you can in the dark, as the copter flies, looking all sleek and shiny.

The best part about owning the helicopter is how it provides added benefits, with its Electronic Speed Controls, a servos that’s fully working and proportional, a mixer, a proper and working gyro, ultimately it provides a 5 in 1 control and operating system. With its 2,4GHz you can have the most control of the copter without having hindrance with flying. This is an indoor radio control helicopter, and is one of the best remote control helicopters for adults, especially because you can find the parts of the helicopter easily online at the best rates. As compared to the other rc helicopters, this one has a much stronger battery capability and helps the user have maximum control of the copter.

These are some of the best helicopters for adults and kids both, choose from the best above and get one which you think works for you in terms of price and the features it has. Control remote helicopters is a fun way to spend time indoors!



The battery on the DEERC DE51 is detachable, which distinguishes it from the most inexpensive remote control helicopters. It is not only detachable but a second battery is included in the price, tripling the possible flight time between 10 to 20 minutes with only a short break to replace the batteries. Not only do the batteries come with a backup that you can switch. The plastic shell is available in two colors: red and blue. The one-button landing and take-off capability is ideal for beginners, as it removes the need for fiddly power management and allows you to focus solely on flying.

The metal airframe provides a solid structure in the event of a collision; nevertheless, certain plastic materials can sometimes be extremely flimsy and readily destroyed, despite the fact that a pair of spare blades are offered. Because a 2.4GHz communications channel is used, interference may be avoided automatically. The absence of a crash detection mechanism is somewhat of a safety concern, as the rotors will not turn off immediately in the event of a crash.

7. Syma ETF1001

Syma ETF1001

The Syma ETF1001 is a hybrid of a remote-controlled quadcopter and a helicopter drone. It borrows design elements from each and turns out to be very fantastic looking as a result. The added rotors make some maneuvers easier, which is exploited by the acrobatics that may be performed. Sadly, the instructions for completing the feats are difficult to grasp due to poor translation.

The landing pad enables you to launch and land on non-perfectly smooth terrain. Because of the altitude hold feature, you can securely pass the controller to another person in mid-flight without fear of crashing. This model is huge with four rotors, making it unsuitable for flying in tight quarters. It also has a short battery life and a lengthy charging time.

8. Cheerwing U12S

Cheerwing U12S

The Cheerwing U12S has several impressive features for a low-cost remote control helicopter. It has a one-button take-off and landing capability that makes flying more enjoyable. It also has an FPV camera. While the camera has a modest quality (480p), it is a distinctive element at this price level.

The altitude hold capability lets you pass off the controls to someone else in the middle of a flight without fear of it spinning out of control. When it’s time to come back or land, the low signal and low battery indicators will notify you. However, the flight duration is short, and the recharging period is long.

Best Indoor Helicopters – FAQs

Can I use my RC Helicopter at night? 

Yes, an RC helicopter can be used at night, but it should have LED lights so they can see through the darkness. But if you are using it indoors, then you can fly it in a lit room to navigate with ease. 

What are the easiest helicopters to fly? 

The easiest helicopters to fly are the SYMA ones; they are pretty convenient to use. You can operate and control them easily, and they are excellent for beginners too. One of their easiest ones is the S111G. 

Which company is the best company for remote control helicopters? 

Undoubtedly Syma is one of the best companies when making rc helicopters. They are reliable, durable, are beginner friendly and don’t cause a dent in the pocket. 

How much does a micro helicopter cost?

The Mosquito micro helicopter is for sale and is ready to fly at $32,000 USD, considering it is an ultralight helicopter, it is excellent for the price. 


You now know all there is to know about the Best Indoor Helicopters to Buy in 2022, make the right decision according to the features that make rc helicopters stand out, and from the list of 8 best rc helicopters, choose the one that you think is the best for you! These are a fun way to enjoy some time with friends and family, both!

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