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6 Best Gaming & Tech Gadgets

We have finally made it to 2020! Gamers’ expectations for hi-tech gaming gadgets are now on a whole new level. With technology advancements, gamers are now hoping to get their hands on gaming gadgets that are packed with features that take their gaming up a notch.

We agree that gaming and tech gadgets are continually changing and improving with time. However, it is safe to say that retro games, software, and consoles hold a spot close to our hearts. Check out, and you’ll travel back in time to the games and consoles of the 2000s, 1990s, 1980s, and even further back. Whether we’re talking about the classic ball-and-two-sticks classic we know as pong, the dingy-colored Nintendo (NES) controllers, or the very first of the legendary Super Smash Bros series on Nintendo 64, all of the latest and the most excellent gaming tech of today had to start somewhere. There is an uncountable number of both brand-new and all-time gamers’ favorite devices that can help you have an improved tech efficiency and enhanced gaming performance. However, the real question is – are all gadgets worth investing in?  

Well, no! Not every gaming & tech gadget is worth your hard-earned coin! To make the best gaming & tech gadget buying decision easier for you, we have lined up the top 6 gaming and tech gadgets that every tech-savvy and gaming enthusiast should consider buying in 2020.

1. LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor

LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor

Part of the LG’s 2020 Ultra Series monitors, the UltraGear Gaming monitor, is designed for delivering exceptional gaming performance along with a highly impressive 4K display quality.

LG is offering a range of unique features including Nano IPS with VESA DisplayHDR™ 400 for highly-end picture quality, 3440 X 1440 UltraWide QHD display, AMD Radeon FreeSync™ 2 enables smoother gaming performance, 144HZ – 1ms Motion Blur Reduction, Dynamic Action Sync that minimizes input lag, and several other features. LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor that ensure a gaming experience like never before.

2. Samsung The Frame 55-Inch 4K TV

Samsung The Frame 55-Inch 4K TV

Samsung’s The Frame TV is capturing peoples’ attention worldwide for its unique design and technology that we have never seen before. Samsung The Frame transforms into a digital frame that displays pre-selected artwork. The TV also has a motion sensor for smart energy-saving and brightness sensor for accurate brightness level during day and nighttime.

You can also customize the frame of this TV according to your preference. Samsung has certainly impressed us with its technology beyond imagination.

3. Astro A50 Gaming Headset

Astro A50 Gaming Headset

Every pro-gamer requires a pair of reliable headset for the enhanced gaming experience. Although, there are several exceptional quality gaming headset options available in the market; however, Astro A50 gaming headset is going to be the no.1 choice of gamers in 2020.

Astro A50 promises ‘Legendary sound and performance,’ and according to our test, the Astro A50 test outdoes the performance of several popularly trusted gaming headsets. Astro A50 deserves a spot in our best gaming gadgets to buy in 2020 for its impressive, high-quality, clear sound output and performance.

4. USB Rechargeable AA And AAA Batteries

USB Rechargeable AA And AAA Batteries

Finally, we have a tech gadget that we all would make great use of, and the never-ending cycle of buying AAA and AA batteries can be put a hold if you have this fantastic tech gadget. The Sorbo USB rechargeable AA and AAA batteries are a must-have gadget for 2020.

These AA and AAA batteries only require 2 hours to charge fully. They are designed to provide long-lasting performance for up to 3 years.

5. Kontrol Freek Alpha Thumb Grips

 Kontrol Freek Alpha Thumb Grips

For some gamers, this gadget will most definitely be a ‘game-saving gadget.’ If you have ever missed a shot because your thumb slipped on the PS4 thumbsticks, then you should give the Kontrolfreek Alpha Thumb Grips a fair chance.

According to our experience, Kontrolfreek is on point with its claims because these Alpha Thumb Grips do provide excellent grip resulting in more precise shots and moves than ever before. We were thoroughly impressed by Kontrolfreek Alpha Thumb Grips’ performance.

6. SteelSeries QcK Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface

Talking about improved gaming precision and accuracy, then how can we miss out on hands down the most recommended gaming mouse pad – the SteelSeries QcK Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad.

Esports gaming champions rave about this gaming mouse pad because it provides effective control over the movements of the gaming mouse.

SteelSeries QcK Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad is the top choice of pro gamers for more than 20 years. The exclusive QcK micro woven cloth is optimized for low and high DPI tracking movements and provides ultimate precision for both optical and laser sensor gaming mouse.

Final Verdict

Luckily, we have an abundance of gaming and tech gadgets, so it is not hard to predict that 2020 is going to be a fantastic year for tech savvies and gamers. Hopefully, we will continue to enjoy new features and new technology in the year 2020.

What gaming and tech gadget are you most excited about? And what were your favorite gaming and tech gadget of 2020? Share your True Top 5 Review in the comments section below.

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