Best Gaming Glasses

8 Best Gaming Glasses

Are you aware that the blue light emitted by gaming monitors and cell phone screens can cause severe eye conditions in the long term and eye strain, fatigue, and ultimately to sight deterioration? Therefore to protect your eyes, it is essential to wear reliable gaming glasses, especially if you tend to work or game for hours in a single session.

The best thing is that you can easily find several gaming glasses options due to rising awareness. However, when it all comes down to choosing the best option, that is where the real challenge begins. To make the selection easier for you, Reviewsed has selected the top 8 tried and test gaming glasses. We hope that our gaming glasses range will help you choose the best gaming glasses according to your specific needs.

1. Livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The Livho two Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses are one of the top-selling gamer glasses for a reason! They provide superior eye protection, excellent value for money, and durable, stylish design. Livho gaming glasses have American HEV Adsorb substrate absorption technology lenses with glare reduction, UV400 safety, and are made with the superior quality TR90 material.

The only con of the Livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses is the low comfort level. But after a few wears, you will get used to the fit of these gaming glasses. All-in-all, the Livho 2 pack gaming glasses offer excellent value and eye protection.


  • UV400 Protection
  • Amber tint lenses
  • TR90 nylon frame material
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Not the best when it comes to comfort

2. Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses are popular for their trendy design and their excellent built-quality. The plastic frame makes these glasses ultra-lightweight and flexible; therefore, you can easily wear them for extended gaming sessions without experiencing any tiredness.

These gaming glasses also offer UV400 protection and glare reduction that excellently protect your eyes from the harmful blue light and improve your gaming performance.


  • Anti-reflective lens
  • UV400 protection and glare reduction
  • Durability and comfortable
  • Available in various magnifications


  • Non-polarized

3. COASION Blue Light Blocking Glasses

COASION Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you want reliable protection and style is also your priority, then the COASION gaming glasses are your best bet. The Blue Light Filter Lens of these gamers glasses block up to 70% blue light emitted by your computer monitor. It also helps protect your eyes 100% from the harmful UV rays, making these glasses an excellent option for both gaming and outside wear.

COASION is confident about its exceptional quality; thus, you get a lifetime guarantee and a 30-day money-back warranty.


  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • TR-90 frame
  • Timeless design
  • Ultra-durable and anti-collision
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Average protection

4. J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses

The J+S Vision Blue Light Shield has the ability to block 90% blue light with its specialized blue light protection lens. J+S Vision Blue Light Shield protects the eyes from strain and, therefore, enhances your gaming performance by averting irritability, headaches, and fatigue.

These gaming glasses are specially designed to stop an excessive amount of color distortion and improve your gaming performance. The J+S Vision classic large rectangular frame is suitable for both men and women; it fits well and feels comfortable even after extended wear.


  • 90% protection from harmful High Energy Blue Light
  • 7-Layer Anti-reflective coating
  • The classic large rectangular frame
  • Comfortable to wear


  • 10% less protection

5. KLIM Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses

KLIM Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses

KLIM Technologies is currently one of the leading manufacturers for blue light protection glasses in the USA. The yellowish tinted glass lens and superior quality TR90 Frame offer supreme protection without compromising style.

The best thing is that these gaming glasses filter up to 92% blue light at 400 nm and UV rays. Thus you do not only look stylish, but you also protect your eyes during long gaming sessions. If that is not it, the KLIM Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses are also pocket friendly.


  • Above-average eye protection
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Anti-fatigue and anti-headache
  • TR90 Frame quality
  • Affordable price


  • May cause color distortion

6. Gunnar Intercept/Onyx Gaming Glasses

Gunnar Intercept/Onyx Gaming Glasses

Gunnar Optiks is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of protective eyewear that has created exceptional products loved by thousands of users, and the Intercept gaming glasses are no exception. The stylish glasses are well made and do a great job protecting your eyes from the harmful rays emitted by the TV or computer screen.

The Gunnar gaming glasses claim that they will protect your eyes from 65% blue light that can damage your sight. Although the protection level is low, the lenses are mostly clear, minimizing color distortion so you can fully enjoy your games.

They are designed to enhance a panoramic viewing and for all-day wear thanks to the lightweight. Intercept gaming glasses are compatible with most headsets.


  • Effective eye protection
  • Attractive design
  • Reliable quality frame
  • Reduces glare and reflective light


  • 35% less blue light protection

7. 4EST Shades

4EST Shades

The best thing about classic gaming glasses is that they combine style with the protection. The wooden frame adds a touch of class while the tinted lenses provide optimal blue light protection.

4EST gaming glasses are the best you can buy to protect your eyes from harmful blue light with an impressive protection level of up to 97%, which is exceptionally higher than most other models out there. The unique non-polarized composite lenses are tinted for maximum protection, which makes them ideal for use with different electronics.

The polished wooden frame is light-weight, comfortable, and fits well. It looks great on men and women.


  • Classic large square design
  • Excellent blue light protection
  • A durable and reliable frame
  • For both gaming and outside use
  • Universal fit


  • Color distortion can occur

8. Aspectus Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Aspectus Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Aspectus Blue Light Blocking Glasses are specifically designed to protect your eyes from fatigue, stress, and long-term damage caused by the harmful blue light. The heavy tinting blocks as much light as possible, allowing you to enjoy gaming with minimal eye stress.

At an impressively affordable price, it is difficult to find reliable gaming glasses designed to enhance a panoramic viewing and gaming performance. These glasses are also perfect for all-day wear thanks to the lightweight. Intercept gaming glasses are compatible with most headsets.


  • Reduces strain and fatigue
  • Modern elegant design
  • Comfortable for long-term wear
  • Excellent for office, gaming, and outside wear


  • Slight color distortion

Buying Guide: Considerations To Be Mindful Of When Buying Gaming Glasses

After sharing our top picks, we want to provide you with some guidance on the most important factors to consider comparing or buying gaming glasses.


As with all glasses buying, one of the main considerations is the look and feel of the frames. The right frame will be comfortable as well as flattering on you.

Although frame style choice is mostly personal preference, unfortunately, manufacturers of gaming glasses stick to a typical esports look. However, some brands offer a range of different styles to cater to those who want something other than the “esports player” look.

A great pair of gaming glasses will look cool while playing but will also look great outside when you aren’t gaming.


You should be mindful of the design of the temple arms of the glasses because they play an important part in the comfort and wearability, especially if you’ll be wearing them with a gaming headset.

If the ear caps of the headphones press tightly onto the stiff arms of the glasses, things will get uncomfortable real fast! So, to avoid any discomfort, go for thinner, more flexible, and flatter temple arms. Also, make sure that the glasses aren’t too small and narrow for your head.


Amber, yellow and clear lenses are most common in gaming glasses. According to the expert, lenses with stronger tints are better at blocking the blue light. Usually, clear lenses have a hint of a yellow tint to them, which allows them to block some blue light, although they might not be as effective as amber-tinted glasses.

You will find that some gaming glasses kits include a blue light device, which you can use to test the blue light blocking capabilities of the lenses. Unfortunately, this tool is unreliable.

Therefore, if blue light blocking is most important to you, then we suggest that you go for amber-tinted lenses. Just be mindful of the fact that strong tints affect color accuracy and perception. Also, they might not be as versatile and flattering as clear lensed gaming glasses.


Almost every gaming glasses of all budgets claims to have lenses with anti-glare coating. Anti-glare is important in gaming glasses because it reduces the annoying glare caused by the light from the screen.

Unfortunately, not all gaming glasses that claim to have Anti-glare offer the same level of protection. Inexpensive gaming glasses are either coated on one side or not at all. On the contrary, high-end pairs have double-sided Anti-glare coating and anti-reflection properties, which improve and protect your vision.


Gaming glasses that come under the “budget” category will understandably have lower quality throughout, including the manufacturing material, anti-glare coatings, and tints. They might also have features that make them less comfortable to wear, such as stiff temple arms.

On the other hand, gaming glasses on the higher end of the price range have higher-quality material, a softer, more flexible build that is comfortable, better protection against blue light, reflection, and glare. They will also come with a better quality case and cleaning items. We also noticed that more expensive brands offered a larger range of styles and designs.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should go for the most expensive pair of gaming glasses you can find because at a certain level, the features of the glasses plateau so that you won’t be getting more for your money. Strive to strike the right balance between price and features to get the most out of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do gaming glasses work?

Most individuals who sit in front of a computer display to play video games pose this question. Most people believe that these glasses have little effect while gaming. They do, however. Such gaming glasses and spectacles provide a larger field of vision. They can prevent unwanted blue light rays from penetrating the eye with the improved lens.

Which are the finest gaming glasses to purchase?

Any eyeglasses that protect you from the digital display while also protecting you from UV rays is an excellent option. However, it is critical to understand the spectacles before purchasing them.

If you are unsure, you can choose from the selection below:

  • Livho 2 pack
  • Gamma Ray
  • J+S Vision 
  • KLIM Optics

Is it possible to wear gaming spectacles all day?

Wearing spectacles for hours while playing video games or staring at a computer screen can be beneficial. These glasses have no adverse side effects and help prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating your eyes. These specifically designed gaming glasses can provide dry eye relief.

What are gamer spectacles used for?

The gaming glasses function identically to any other computer glass. It serves a similar purpose by blocking blue light with a yellow or amber tint. The special coating also helps to safeguard your eyes against harmful UV rays. It can also keep you from getting too much computer time.

Why is blue light harmful?

Many people are not at all aware of the dangers of blue light and its impact on your eyes if you do not wear protective eyewear. When people remain glued to computers for long periods of time, harmful lights can emit, causing blurry vision and eye strain. This will harm your vision in a variety of ways, as well as deteriorate your health.


Are you a pro gamer? Do you spend hours on gaming sessions? Then blue light eye protection should be your top priority. We have shared our eight glasses for gaming to help you decide the best option. Do you wear eye protection during long gaming sessions? Then share your favorite video gaming goggles in the comments section.

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