7 KissCartoon Alternatives

If you require a break from the daily grind and the stressful routines of life, but taking a vacation isn’t an option, then we suggest watching your favorite childhood cartoon for some much-deserved laughs that will help you relieve stress.

Searching for classic cartoon shows, anime series, and animated movies and watching them on a streaming platform like KissCartoon is the easiest way to view your favorites for free. KissCartoon, a sister streaming platform of KissAnime, is a popular website for cartoon lovers of all ages.

The easy to use features, excellent interface, and streamlined navigation make KissCartoon a favorite. Unfortunately, due to various restrictions, not everyone can access the fantastic cartoon streaming experience the site has to offer.

In this blog, we suggest a few viable and credible alternatives for KissCartoon, so you can continue watching your favorites whenever you want.

1. Hulu


A highly established name in the world of streaming, Hulu comes under the Disney umbrella after the acquisition of Fox by Disney. Therefore, it features a ton of great content created by Disney, including cartoons shows for kids, teens, and adults.

That’s not all; Hulu offers a variety of blue-chip series and original content. Surprisingly, it features movies from Dreamworks. To top it all off, anime series from Funimation makes Hulu an excellent choice for Anime Lovers. Unfortunately, Hulu is only available for users in the US and Japan with monthly charges of $5.99/month with commercials and $11.99/month without ads.

2. AnimeRhino


AnimeRhino has been the most recommended anime series and movie website for years now. AnimeRhino’s team continually impresses us with its remarkable range of latest anime content.

You can easily find both the latest and classic anime content on AnimeRhino. The website also includes a range of genres, including adventure, action, comedy, drama, horror, mystery, or several other genres. And if you talk about the website interface, you will be impressed by its simple and clean interface that allows smart and easy website navigation.

AnimeRhino also offers the free download feature; so, you can download and enjoy your favorite anime offline whenever you want.

3. Netflix


Currently, Netflix is one of the most successful and dynamic producers of animated content, including shows and movies, which you will not be able to find anywhere else (legally.) According to the latest reports, Netflix spent over $1 billion last year on original animated content.

Thanks to its dedicated animated studio based in Los Angeles, the platform has given a wide variety of animated content suitable for kids and adults alike. Accessible to users in most regions of the world, it is easy to understand the reasons behind Netflix’s popularity. Subscriptions start from $8.99 to $15.99 per month. If Netflix is geo restricted in your country then you can try Netflix VPN.

4. KuroAni


If you are not a KuroAni fan, then you are surely missing out big time because KuroAni is one of the best anime sites to find the latest range of dubbed and subbed cartoon movies and series.

The feature that will convince you to stick to KuroAni is ‘Free Download.’ Yes! You can easily download any anime content from KuroAni for free. So, not only can you watch free anime, but you can also download and share the latest anime movies and series with your friends and impress them with your anime collection.

5. Nickelodeon


Nickelodeon is famous worldwide for its cartoons. So, if you are a true Nickelodeon fan, you will most certainly enjoy watching your favorite Nickelodeon cartoons via their website and app.

Nickelodeon has a wide range of cartoons for every age group. The website and app are easy to use, and it streams HD cartoons. The best thing about Nickelodeon is that all the cartoon content is 100% legal and original, so don’t have to worry about the downtime of this cartoon website.

6. Anime Toon


Anime Toon is another fantastic KissCartoons alternative that is popular for its dubbed animated movie and series range. You can find a massive range of anime from all popular genres, including action, comedy, drama, fantasy, adventure, and more.

Team Anime Toon actively updates the website, so you are most likely to find your favorite anime on this site if you can’t seem to find it elsewhere.

What we love about this anime site is the ‘no login’ ‘no membership’ policy that allows you to enjoy endless hours of anime movies and series for free.

7. ToonJet

If you are in search for a streaming platform that offers one of the largest collections of anime and cartoon content, Toonjet is an excellent choice.

This user-friendly cartoon streaming site has thousands of cartoons to watch in HD quality, including the latest releases and classics. You don’t have to sign up to gain access to the content or use any other features.

The site’s design and layout are modern and pleasing to the eyes; the cartoon database has been organized into different categories to find what you want is quick and straightforward.

 We recommend this site to anyone who enjoys classic animated shows and cartoons because it features them all. If you plan to watch hits like The Jetsons, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, and more, then Toonjet won’t disappoint.

Final Thoughts

So, now you don’t have to worry about KissCartoon downtime as you can enjoy your favorite subbed and dubbed anime TV shows, series, and movies on HD quality for free.

What do you think about these KissCartoon alternatives? Do they live up to the mark? Have you enjoyed your favorite cartoon series and movies on any of these alternatives? Share your opinion about your favorite anime sites in the comment section below.

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