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10 GoGoAnime Alternative Sites

If you are an anime fan, then you would most probably have accessed GoGoAnime at least once. Most anime fans are familiar with Gogoanime. It is widely popular and trusted for its wide range of features, its exceptional service, and most importantly – its massive collection of anime movies and series. GoGoAnime is also famous for sharing anime series and movies with English subtitles.

From old to the latest anime content, gogo anime is amongst the very few anime websites that offer the most extensive anime range that is also available for free download.

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that, whenever it comes to selecting the best anime websites, GoGoAnime is amongst our top most recommended anime sites. However, not every anime fan is lucky enough to have access to Gogoanime in their country.

So, what should you opt for if your country has banned GoGoAnime? We have the five best Gogoanime alternatives that will surely make you forget GoGoAnime until its back online in your country.

Top 10 GoGoAnime Alternatives

There are a ton of anime websites that stand out from one another. However, the following five websites come the closest the range of features and an extensive collection of anime.

  1. AnimeShow.tv
  2. AnimeHeaven.Eu
  3. Anime Karma
  4. Animeland
  5. Masterani.me
  6. KissAnime
  7. 9Anime
  8. Crunchyroll
  9. Anime-Planet
  10. Chia-Anime

1. AnimeShow.tv

AnimeShow logo

With the increasing popularity of anime sites across the world, we have lately seen many sites that are offering anime content. However, very few come at par with the leading anime sites like go go anime.

AnimeShow.tv has secured the top position as the best alternative to GoGoAnime because of its easy-to-use website and extensive range of anime content.

The main reason behind AnimeShow.tv site’s popularity is the extensive range of genres of anime content. Some of the most popular genres include action, drama, romance, fantasy, comedy, adventure, mystery, horror, vampire, and several others.

The detailed description of each series and movie makes the selection easier for the anime fans.

2. Animeland


Animeland has gained a lot of popularity through the years by offering quality anime shows with dubbing. Anime fans do not require registration to enjoy top anime content on Animeland. Form some of the most popular anime shows and movies to classic anime – Animeland offers one of the most extensive anime collection.

The smart categories and search bar allows anime fans to locate their favorite anime shows with utmost convenience. To ensure that you do not miss the latest anime, Animeland has a specific “Newly Added Anime” category for reaching the newly uploaded latest anime episodes.

Animeland community allows anime fans to discuss and recommend their favorite anime shows and movies.

3. Anime Karma

anime karma

Anime Karma is like a hidden gem of the anime world. Although it provides one of the largest collections of the latest anime series and movies, it still hasn’t received the attention it deserves.

The simple-to-use interface allows the anime fans to smartly navigate through the different categories and find their favorite anime content. You can also find anime series and movies according to their release date, genre, and quality. Most of the anime content by Anime Karma is available in HD quality.

Anime Karma provides one server link, and all the anime content is available for free, but be prepared for a lot of ad interruption. An abundance of pop-up and click-on ads is one of the only issues that anime fans complain about Anime Karma’s online anime streaming.

4. AnimeHeaven


AnimeHeaven.eu has built its widely trusted reputation by delivering quality anime content for the past ten years. AnimeHeaven.eu offers a wide range of anime series and movies that are easy to locate with the help of filters and categories.

You can also find dubbed and subtitled versions of many series and movies that attract a larger audience to AnimeHeaven. Most of the anime series and films on AnimeHeaven are available for download.

Anime Heaven’s other claim to fame is the safe public community. Anime fans can hold discussions and share their comments about anime content.

5. Masterani

Masterani logo

Gogoanimes list of alternatives cannot be concluded without mentioning Masterani.me. The simple-to-use user interface and excellent layout allow anime fans to reach their desired anime shows quickly. The large-sized thumbnail, star rating, and the detailed description of each anime series or movies make the selection easier.

What adds to the overall experience of watching anime online streaming on Masterani.me is the frequent number of pop-up and click-on ads. Minimal ad interruption allows anime fans to enjoy their favorite anime shows and movies to the max for free.

6. KissAnime


One of the leading anime streaming platforms KissAnime is a popular choice for hundreds and thousands of users worldwide daily. It also gets our seal of approval because of its mobile-browser friendly design that is ideal for use on smartphones. The people behind the site have kept the site current by incorporating a touch-optimized webpage, with low bandwidth consumption for mobile users.

Similar to the design of the website the anime database is also kept up-to-date with the latest releases and new episodes. You will also find popular classics on the site. We also love that it also maintains an active forum for site members, where they can discuss anime, dorama, and the like with like-minded individuals.

If you want an anime streaming site with a strong sense of community then KissAnime is the place to be.

7. 9Anime 


9Anime has a worldwide fan base due to its ever-expanding selection of anime and its outstanding user experience. 9Anime is highly recommended by anime fans for the most recent anime series episodes in HD and FHD. Team 9Anime refreshes the website on a daily basis to ensure that you have enough anime streaming options. 

You can quickly locate an outstanding selection of the most recent, popular, and well-known anime. The most excellent part about 9Anime is that it has a perfectly organized website with numerous features to help you easily navigate the website and discover the anime content you’re looking for. 

You can search for anime by year, name, kind, language, season, status, genre, and quality. 9Anime already offers a vast selection of both classic and contemporary anime. However, if you’re unable to locate your preferred anime show or episode on the site, you can contact the 9Anime staff, who can promptly share or post your favorite anime for free.

8. Crunchyroll 


Crunchyroll, which has one of the most outstanding databases of anime videos online, is a safe and trusted alternative to NarutoSpot. Crunchyroll, trusted by thousands of people worldwide, is by far one of the most reliable platforms for streaming anime in full high definition.

Crunchyroll is regularly updated with fresh anime content, making it a challenge to determine the exact amount of anime series available on the platform. On the other hand, Crunchyroll is reported to have around 900 series with over 30 thousand HD or FHD episodes, making it fantastic for any anime fan out there.

Crunchyroll’s clear and straightforward user interface, combined with well-organized sections, makes surfing through the website an enjoyable experience whether you access it through a computer or mobile device. On the other hand, Crunchyroll is only for true anime fans who are prepared to pay for a premium subscription to view infinite anime series and entirely legal movies. 

9. Anime-Planet


Because of its large selection of legal anime episodes and movies, Anime-Planet has an international fan base. Anime-Planet, which was founded in the early 2000s, has been successfully active for nearly twenty years and has amassed an incredible array of anime movies and series that is considered one of the most comprehensive collections of anime content on the internet, with over 45,000 titles. 

Anime-Planet collaborates with the anime industry, resulting in a steady flow of legal anime content in HD and FHD. Anime-Planet was also among the very first sites to provide streaming for free of dubbed and subbed anime, particularly for persons outside of Japan. The site is always up-to-date and well-organized, making it easier to navigate. 

The clutter-less design is excellent for novice anime fans seeking free anime series episodes plus movies in HD. 

10. Chia-Anime


If you’re a true anime fan looking for the most amazing anime website for keeping up with the anime you love, Chia-Anime is the best option. Chia-Anime is well-known for uploading the most recent anime episodes ten times faster than other popularly known anime streaming sites, such as NarutoSpot Anime. 

Chia-Anime allows you to stream anime in HD and FHD and download and watch your favorite anime offline. What makes Chia-Anime’s online streaming experience the greatest is that the videos run without lag or boosting for an extended period of time. So, whether you want to broadcast anime online or download and watch it offline, Chia-Anime is the ideal choice for offline and online anime streaming.

Chia-Anime has a clean and easy-to-use website with beautifully arranged sections, multiple content filters, and a smart search bar to assist you in finding anime material in no time. The great website interface of Chia-Anime makes it among the most user-friendly anime websites.


How to stay Protected while Streaming Online

Streaming videos online for free might be legal but watching and downloading pirated copyrighted material is not. To keep your online activities anonymous, safe and to ensure complete freedom, it is essential to use a VPN to stream all popular online streaming sites.

How to Safely Stream Movies and Shows Through a VPN 

We recommend only using trusted, quality VPN services before using any streaming websites we have mentioned in this article because they can be insecure and be full of threats.

Although these sites are generally considered safe and don’t use malicious methods to attack users, such as malware-infected ads, you can never be too sure.

 There is a high chance that streaming websites track users through their IP addresses, which can unveil your identity online. A good VPN can stop this from happening. Follow the guide below to set up your VPN to stream tv-series and movies safely.

  1. Choose A Trustworthy VPN: We recommend that you do your research and find a super-fast, reliable VPN service that will give the best protection against malware and hackers, as well as allow you to bypass geo-restrictions.
  2. Download VPN: Go to the official website of your selected VPN service and download the right app for your device. Many leading VPNs offer apps for different operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, and more. 
  3. Install The VPN App: After the app is successfully downloaded, install it and select a server to connect to. For the best speeds, choose a server nearest to your actual location.
  4.  Pick A Streaming Site: Find a website listed in this article; we have handpicked some fantastic streaming sites from which you select one or try multiple platforms and enjoy your favorite content safely and for free!

Bottom Line

GoGoAnime fans have a hard time finding the best alternative of gogo anime. However, until GoGoAnime is back online, you will surely find your desired anime series and movies on our top 6 GoGoAnime alternatives. Most of our recommended anime streaming sites offer free, HD quality, and fast streaming content with minimal ad interruption.

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