expressvpn review

ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is one of the leading, most popular VPN services available currently; it claims to offer a myriad of beneficial features, but how well do they perform, and are they useful for the end-user? In this up-to-date and independent ExpressVPN review, we take a closer look at the service and reveal to you our findings and opinions achieved through extensive testing.

We will be taking a look at the following aspects, among others:

  • Speed and reliability
  • Features and leak-protection effectiveness
  • Apps security and user-friendliness
  • Netflix and other streaming accessibility
  • Value for money

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Before we begin, let’s take an overview of the pros and cons of ExpressVPN:


  • Reliable and secure apps for all devices
  • Robust encryption, superior security features
  • No leaks
  • Speedy and reliable
  • No logs VPN provided guaranteed 
  • Situated in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction
  • Expansive server network that runs on RAM-disk mode across 94 countries
  • Provides Netflix accessibility
  • Offers split tunneling feature 
  • Browser HTTPS extensions
  • Dedicated VPN router app for unlimited connections
  • Superior customer support
  • Quick refund policy


Priced higher than most rivals (without discount)

ExpressVPN – Servers

One of the impressive aspects of ExpressVPN’s services is the expansive network of servers that are spread all over the globe. The 3,000 servers are located in 160 server locations spread between 94 countries, which is highly impressive.

With a server or more in basically continent other than Antarctica, you can be assured that you are getting the very best in the server network, especially when compared to other leading VPN services.

The majority of servers have a registered IP address and a physical server located in the same country. However, there is also a selection of virtual servers that match the country to the registered IP address, with the physical server might be located in another neighboring country. Unfortunately, the number of virtual servers is low; they help keep the service reliable, secure, and speedy.

Thanks to a massive range of servers, you won’t suffer from slow speed caused by servers located too far away from where you are.

Another essential thing to note about VPN servers is that all of them now run on RAM-disk mode instead of hard disk drives. This ensures better security as the RAM disks are wiped clean every time they are turned off and on.

ExpressVPN – Speed

ExpressVPN - Speed

Another feature of ExpressVPN that impressed us significantly was their fast speeds, which is the main reason why this service is so popular among users. We wanted to be thorough about our speed testing to ensure that we bring you reliable information.

The results from the ExpressVPN speed test conducted using multiple tools proved to us that the service offered fast performance for many of the locations that we looked at.

The first location we tested was a nearby server with our baseline speed of 100 Mbps we got an average of 63 Mbps in North America. The average speed from servers in Europe was 57 Mbps and, finally, 54 Mbps in Asia.

We then shifted to testing the service’s performance with various streaming platforms and fast-paced games. Amazingly, we experienced little to no lag in both streaming as well as gaming, and the speeds did not seize to impress.

The desktop client of the ExpressVPN features a built-in speed tester that allows you to measure ping time and download speeds of all locations easily. However, we did find that the speed test feature provided different results than the other tools we used to gauge speed. Our testing provided a good indication of the speeds you can expect and aren’t definitive findings.

One way to ensure that you, the best possible speed is to use the server ExpressVPN recommends in the recommended server feature.

ExpressVPN – Apps

ExpressVPN - Apps

Express VPN offers reliable apps for virtually every device, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. During our experience working with the apps, we found them extremely reliable and easy to use while serving their purpose well.

The secure apps were among the best VPN apps we have used in a while, which impressed us thoroughly. All app had a unified streamlined look and feel, which made switching from one device to another extremely easy with little to no bugs.

For mobile, ExpressVPN offers highly responsive apps with full features and usability. The OpenVPN apps have ironclad AES-256 encryption for Android and iOS-based devices. The only limitation in the iOS app is the lack of a split tunneling feature.

ExpressVPN – Security Features

Kill Switch

The kill switch is an integral part of VPN security features because it protects your data in case the VPN is disconnected. ExpressVPN has rebranded its kill switch as Network Lock, but it functions the same.

The Network Lock feature will keep your information secure by blocking all visitors if the VPN interconnection drops. Network Lock feature guarantees every information packet remains encrypted as well as safe, with the real IP address of yours being protected on all occasions.

You can use the Network Lock feature with Windows, Mac, Linux, and routers. All traffic was successfully blocked when we interrupted the VPN interconnection. Most VPNs provide the kill switch feature, but this feature doesn’t do the job effectively in most cases.

Encryption Standard

ExpressVPN uses 256-bit AES, which is also used by the U.S. government and global security experts due to its high security and impenetrable protection.


ExpressVPN allows you to choose the best security protocol through its suggestion feature. ExpressVPN’s tunneling protocols primarily use OpenVPN, which is one of the most reliable methods out there.

Conversely, if you don’t choose your protocol, then ExpressVPN chooses the safest one automatically. Besides OpenVPN UDP/TCP, which is the quickest and the most reliable, ExpressVPN also offers SSTP, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP protocols.

Split tunneling

Another impressive security feature that allows you to choose what data goes through the ExpressVPN tunnels and what doesn’t is Split Tunneling. ExpressVPN offers this feature with all their apps. You can designate which apps use the VPN in the settings.


Your premium ExpressVPN subscription will come with the Smart DNS feature – MediaStreamer, designed to make streaming secure, easier, and more convenient. Although it doesn’t add any more encryption layers for safer browsing, it is an extremely useful tool.

It is especially helpful when you want to protect a device that doesn’t support VPN, but you prefer it for streaming media.

The MediaStreamer tool allows you to switch the DNS address, which lets the device work with the VPN when using geo-restricted platforms.

Unfortunately, it is limited to US libraries, so that ExpressVPN users will appreciate this feature more. During our tests, MediaStreamer worked perfectly on a PC, but the Xbox test failed. The best way to get most devices to work with the MediaStreamer is to set it up on the router. It reduces the hassle of setting it up for each device individually.

ExpressVPN – Pricing Details

The price of a VPN service is a huge deciding factor, especially for users on a budget. However, if you need a budget VPN, you may have to rethink about subscribing to ExpressVPN because their premium VPN services come with a premium price tag.

Price plans

Price plans

ExpressVPN offers several pricing plans, including:

  • Monthly plan – $12.95 per month
  • 6-month plan – $9.99 per month
  • 15-month plan – $6.67 per month

If you compare the price plans of ExpressVPN to other VPN service providers, you may be disappointed with comparatively more expensive rates. The more extended subscription plans cost lower, but ExpressVPN does not win when it comes to pricing.

Nonetheless, you do get premium features that none of the budget-friendly VPN services offer.

Free-Trial and Discount

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN does not offer a free trial because it is a premium service that is highly trusted and widely recommended. If you are looking for an ExpressVPN trial, you can subscribe to their monthly price plan and claim a refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with ExpressVPN’s features and services.

It is also worth a mention that the 15-month price plan comes with three additional months free. If you actively check for discount offers, you may find a limited-time ExpressVPN discount offer.

Payment Options


With ExpressVPN, you get several payment options that do not only make payment more manageable but also safe and secure. We have tested a few of the payment methods, and we didn’t face any issues! The payment procedure was quick, simple, and reliable.

Money-Back Guarantee

ExpressVPN is confident about its VPN services; hence you receive a ‘no question asked, 30-day money-back guarantee’.

Getting your money refunded from ExpressVPN is also a fast and straightforward procedure. So if you change your mind after subscribing to any of their plans or are not impressed with ExpressVPN’s service and features, you can claim your money back within 30-days after-payment.

ExpressVPN – Tor Networks and Torrenting

Tor network ad torrent support is always a huge question mark for popular VPN providers because most VPNs offer limited or no torrenting support on their network. However, whenever it comes down to selecting the best VPN with foolproof security and privacy, we always check whether or not the VPN service provider offers Tor network and torrenting support.

To no surprise, ExpressVPN impressed us by offering both Tor and torrenting support without any restrictions or limitations. ExpressVPN torrenting ensures High-performance with consistently fast speeds, incredible reliability, and no bandwidth limitations or traffic restrictions.

Tor network and torrenting support make ExpressVPN torrent an excellent VPN for keeping your data secure from leaks and vulnerabilities and providing the most robust security possible.

ExpressVPN – Amazon Firestick

ExpressVPN - Amazon Firestick

ExpressVPN does not only support Amazon Firestick, but it has its custom-made app. The ExpressVPN Amazon Firestick app is available for Fire TV (all versions) and Fire Stick (2nd generation onward). However, the app is not available for First TV Stick (also known as Fire Stick – 1st generation).

The ExpressVPN Amazon Firestick app can be easily installed from the Amazon Appstore, or you can download the ExpressVPN APK. The app opens up streaming options that may usually be blocked in your region due to geo-restrictions.

The ExpressVPN Firestick app also ensures reliable online surveillance. Keeping your online activities and your device protected from prying eyes.

ExpressVPN – Chromecast

ExpressVPN – Chromecast

ExpressVPN claims to be the no.1 Chromecast VPN, and we agree! Without a doubt, ExpressVPN is one of the very few VPN that provides risk-free Chromecast streaming. ExpressVPN Chromecast seamlessly supports 4K HDR streaming, access to U.S. Chromecast content, and you can use the ExpressVPN-enabled router to protect all your devices from security breaches.

ExpressVPN is available for all Chromecast models, including Chromecast 1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation, and Chromecast Ultra. You can use your ExpressVPN Chromecast VPN in three ways, including:

  • VPN router – by enabling ExpressVPN on your router.
  • Virtual router – by sharing an ExpressVPN connection from a PC or a MAC.

Mirror to TV – by utilizing a VPN-enabled smartphone or computer to mirror a show the content directly to your TV using Chromecast.

For PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, and Nintendo Switch, you can use ExpressVPN MediaStreamer service.

To top it all off, ExpressVPN Chromecast comes with an impressive 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN – Unblocking Streaming Services

If unblocking popular online streaming services is your top priority, you will be impressed with ExpressVPN. It’s among the few VPNs which go on to operate with Netflix, supplying free 24/7 access.

We tested the unblocking Streaming Services of ExpressVPN. The performance impressed us as we discovered that ExpressVPN could unblock and stream Netflix, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, and several more streaming services without any lags at an excellent speed in full HD.

Although it’s not the right option when you are searching for a Netflix VPN on a budget, overall, it is an efficient, premium VPN service. When you are seeking to be anonymous and secure, ExpressVPN is an excellent option.

ExpressVPN – Does it work in China?

expressvpn china

Several countries across the globe have tightened up their geoblocks to block and detect VPNs actively. Most VPN users are concern about whether or not their VPN service offers geo-unblocking, especially China.

The Chinese government restricts popular websites, including Google, Facebook, and YouTube. Most VPN services cannot break the Great Firewall of China that restricts most content and websites in China. However, ExpressVPN is one of the fewer VPN services that can bypass the Chinese geoblocks and unblock most of the content and sites with its servers in Hong Kong.

ExpressVPN China uses obfuscation across its servers that disguises the VPN server code, which makes VPN server code similar to usual internet traffic. Hence, you can get free and open access to restricted sites from inside China.


One of ExpressVPN’s most impressive features is that all of its servers use obfuscation, a high-tech tool that hides your VPN connection and makes it appear as if you’re browsing the web usually. ExpressVPN adds an extra layer of security to all of your VPN traffic. This enables users in restrictive countries such as China and Iran to bypass their country’s internet firewalls and access uncensored internet.

While ExpressVPN confirmed that users in restricted countries could connect to servers in any other country, it does have a list of recommended locations for Chinese users. Because these countries use sophisticated methods to detect and block VPN traffic, most VPNs do not work in China, Iran, and other countries that censor the internet. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, counters in various ways that allow users from any country to connect to a server. They are as follows:

Government firewalls identify and block VPN IP addresses, but ExpressVPN constantly changes its IP addresses to stay one step ahead.

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) evasion — Countries use DPI to detect and block VPN protocols and traffic. ExpressVPN’s obfuscation tools bypass most DPI blocks.

ExpressVPN recommends connecting to a server using its OpenVPN TCP protocol, which uses TCP port 443. This is the same port that all HTTPS traffic is routed through, allowing users to access any HTTPS site. A restrictive country is unlikely to shut down this port.

It’s impressive that ExpressVPN supports traffic obfuscation across all its protocols; most top VPNs only support obfuscation through the OpenVPN protocol. Furthermore, ExpressVPN explains that it recommends using the Automatic option as the primary protocol for obfuscating your traffic.

By far, the best obfuscation feature is provided by ExpressVPN because it is much easier to use and provides the fastest speeds.

ExpressVPN is the best choice for circumventing government firewalls due to its advanced obfuscation tools, which disguise your VPN connection as a regular connection to your government’s local network.

Customer Support and Refund Policy

Customer Support and Refund Policy

In our experience, we have found that not all prominent VPN service providers offer excellent customer support. However, ExpressVPN excels in this aspect of their service as well, with excellent customer support that users can rely on.

During our analysis of the ExpressVPN’s support, we constructed tests multiple times, and we were pleasantly surprised each time with the promptness and knowledge of the support staff.

Express VPN users enjoy 24/7 live chat support via the website. Generally, you will be connected to a representative in under a minute, and it is the easiest and quickest way to get your issues resolved, and queries answered.

There is also plenty of helpful information already available on the website.

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as part of its customer service, which is by far the most extended refund window, among other comparable services.

This is great because you get the money-back guarantee with all VPN subscriptions, including the one-month plan. ExpressVPN will give you no questions asked ExpressVPN refund if you are not satisfied with their services.

Overall, the customer support services of ExpressVPN are exceptional.

ExpressVPN vs NordVPN

Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN share many similarities. Both of these locations share a similar trait in that they are outside of the jurisdiction of the Five Eyes or any other monitoring coalitions. (Panama is the location of NordVPN’s headquarters.) Both services adhere to stringent no-logs regulations, provide split tunneling for devices running Windows and Android, and are compatible with the vast majority of key streaming services as well as social media platforms. Additionally, we find that both VPNs are reasonably simple to operate.

Whereas ExpressVPN does not provide users with static IP addresses, NordVPN does. ExpressVPN implements some of its own innovations, such as Lightway, among others. Even though NordVPN has around 5,000 more servers than ExpressVPN, our testing showed that its speeds for downloading were slightly lower than those of ExpressVPN. However, NordVPN performed better when uploading files and torrenting content. You can also buy NordVPN for one dollar less per month on a plan and have the ability to connect up to six devices at once, in comparison to ExpressVPN’s five, but other than that, there is not much to suggest one over the other.

ExpressVPN vs Surfshark

Surfshark & ExpressVPN are excellent solutions for people going to remote locations, with Surfshark boosting servers in 100 countries and ExpressVPN having servers in 94 countries, respectively. If you’ve got a large family or plenty of gadgets that you want to safeguard, then Surfshark could be the solution that is best for you. Suppose you are working with confidential or other sensitive information. In that case, however, you should probably use ExpressVPN rather than Surfshark because the latter is under the jurisdiction of the Nine Eyes alliance.

Our testing revealed that the user interface of ExpressVPN was more visually appealing than that of Surfshark VPN. During our speed testing, ExpressVPN came out on top when it came to download and upload speeds, but Surfshark was the winner when it came to torrenting speeds. In our opinion, both of the VPN services we tested were simple to use.

ExpressVPN Video Review

ExpressVPN Reddit

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Frequently Asked Questions About ExpressVPN

Q. Who is the owner of ExpressVPN?

Kape Technologies is the owner of the VPN service ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN was acquired by the producer of software for digital security in 2021 for close to one billion dollars. CyberGhost VPN, Private Internet Access, and Intego Antivirus are some of the virtual private network (VPN) businesses owned by Kape Technologies, which has its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands. Ido Erlichman is the Chief Executive Officer of Kape Technologies.

Q. Where is ExpressVPN’s main office located?

  • The jurisdictional authority lies inside the British Virgin Islands.
  • Count of servers: over 3,000
  • One hundred sixty different server locations are available.
  • There are a variable number of IP addresses.
  • Locations of servers can be found in 94 countries throughout the world.

The British Virgin Islands are home to ExpressVPN’s headquarters. Although it is a part of the United Kingdom, the territory of the British Virgin Islands is not subject to the same laws. In spite of the fact that it is a British territory, the British Virgin Islands (and, by extension, ExpressVPN) are not subject to the jurisdiction of the Nine Eyes, Five Eyes, or Fourteen Eyes agreements.

Even though ExpressVPN’s server count of approximately 3,000 is lower than that of some of the other VPN services we tested, the company’s servers are available in 94 different countries. Due to the extensive number of locations available, there is a greater possibility that you will be in close proximity to a server, which will result in a quicker connection and an increased capacity to conceal your actual position.

Q. How do I get in touch with the ExpressVPN technical support team?

You can reach the technical support staff of ExpressVPN through email or online chat at any time. The Frequently Asked Questions guidelines that are readily accessible on the main website of ExpressVPN can help users address many of the issues that are more probable to arise throughout their use of the service. Users are led step-by-step through a number of problems with the assistance of these instructions, such as how to configure their VPN and how to terminate their membership. The written instructions that are offered through email or chat are provided with video lessons that walk users through each step of the process step-by-step. When a problem isn’t addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions or other guides, the instant chat option is an excellent way to receive immediate solutions.

Q. How can I cancel my ExpressVPN account?

After you have logged in, navigate to the subscription preferences page.

Select “manage settings” from the men to turn off the automatic renewal features. You will be prompted to confirm your selection on the following two pages. Once you have reached the point where it says, “Automatic renewal is now OFF,” the process is finished.

You will continue to have access to ExpressVPN until the end of your subscription term. You are free to reverse your decision at any time and continue using the service.

Users of the ExpressVPN app should be aware that it is not possible to cancel your subscription using the app; instead, you will need to visit the ExpressVPN website.

However, before you go ahead and do that, you might want to consider asking yourself the following questions:

Is it set up correctly? ExpressVPN provides customer assistance around the clock and can assist with problem-solving. You may also review our tutorial on How to have and Set Up a Virtual Private Network to understand the steps better.

Is this the best VPN service for your needs? You can still require a virtual private network even if ExpressVPN isn’t the best solution for your requirements.

Q. How much does ExpressVPN cost per month?

Like other VPN services, you get several price plans with ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN the following three standard subscription plans:

  • $12.95 per month / one-month plan
  • $9.99 per month / six-month plan
  • $8.32 per month / 12-month plan.

Each ExpressVPN subscription includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can try the service risk-free. ExpressVPN offers several payment options that ensure optimum payment security and flexibility.

Q. Is ExpressVPN worth the price?

Yes! ExpressVPN is most definitely worth the price. It offers a massive range of security and unblocking features that most VPN services do not provide. ExpressVPN also ensures undisrupted, excellent speed, and reliability throughout the VPN server network. You can surely make the best use of your subscription plans, as ExpressVPN currently offers five simultaneous connections with every subscription.

ExpressVPN also ensures top-rated customer support with 24/7 live chat assistance and three subscription packages with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Learn how to cancel ExpressVPN.

Q. Is Express VPN legit?

Your mind can be at ease when using ExpressVPN as it uses Military-grade encryption is utilized to keep information secure. It offers AES-256 bit encryption through the OpenVPN protocol. This is the ideal degree of encryption recommended for anyone attempting to stay away from government censorship. Authentication is executed with a 4096-bit SHA512 key.

ExpressVPN provides 160 server locations across ninety-four countries. Among our top-rated VPNs, ExpressVPN offers the highest balance of virtual servers and hardware in many places. The best feature is that ExpressVPN is transparent about its usage of virtual servers.

Q. Does ExpressVPN slow down Internet speed?

ExpressVPN is amongst the most popular VPN services that efficiently help keep your information secure and protected. Nevertheless, more frequently than not, utilizing ExpressVPN can slow down the Internet speed.

A couple of factors for the slower speed might be the VPN inserting the additional encryption measures on the information currently being uploaded and downloaded. Nevertheless, you may experience slower speed due to several other reasons.

Do We Recommend ExpressVPN?


Yes! We highly recommend ExpressVPN! It is not for one or two reasons, but a long list of features and services rarely found in other VPN services. Some of the features that profoundly impressed us include the most reliable encryption, advanced split tunneling, a massive global network, an enormous selection of apps, impressive unblocking capabilities, and top-notch customer service.

The only con of ExpressVPN is the premium subscription plans. However, if you talk about whether or not the premium price is justifiable, then yes! ExpressVPN proves to be worth every penny you spend on its subscription.

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