Y2Mate HBO Downloader Review

Y2Mate HBO Downloader Review

HBO Go and HBO Now had been a great source of entertainment for binge-watchers and movie lovers but in mid-2020, Warner Brothers came out with HBO Max, replacing old HBO, HBO Go, and HBO Now. While most of the old ancestors are still available, the most loved and sensible offering is HBO Max. With passing time HBO Max became a hit as it replaced all separate content platforms from HBO and brought them all together at a cost of $15 monthly charge.

It was later launched on other streaming devices as well, like Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku streaming devices. HBO has discontinued the Go service and renamed its HBO Now to simply and more sensible HBO. With that said, we’re now looking at HBO and HBO Max as the two OTT services from the company. If you had HBO Go or HBO Now subscription, then you might already have a complimentary subscription to the latest HBO Max platform.

While HBO Max is the center of attention, there are users still relying on the old offering. If that’s the case with you, then we have a fantastic tool for you. Well, it allows you to download all the content for offline viewing. We know that is something the app already offers but here’s the thing; you can play it on any third-party media player. Now that we’ve got your attention let’s talk about it.

Can you download HBO Go Offline?

All these VOD platforms are protected with a digital right management service (DRM) which doesn’t allow you to download any content outside of their app. The very same goes with HBO as well. There is an option to download any show or movie for offline viewing, but there are some limitations.

Firstly, You’ll have to watch it on the device where it has been downloaded into the HBO app, and secondly, there is a download expiry time for the in-app HBO offline viewing option. So, if you’ve downloaded any movie, show, or episode for HBO offline viewing, there is a 30 day expiry time. If you don’t watch those downloaded content within 30 days, then it will expire after that, and you will have to download it again.

Although there are certain software and services that give the ability to even download DRM Protected content offline locally on your device, only a few of them work with HBO services, especially the older ones. After spending a solid amount of time looking for the best tool out there, we have finally stumbled upon the gold. 

One of the best offline downloaders for HBO is Y2mate HBO downloader; it could save HBO Max downloads offline as well as that of HBO Now, and HBO Go. With the help of this software, you will be able to download any movie or your favorite show for offline viewing. This means that you can download DRM-free content on your device, allowing you to consume it on any third-party media player such as VLC. You no longer need to stay limited to the OTT platform even though you are paying it for the subscription. 

hbo max download

HBO offline functionality sucks due to all these limitations, and well, Y2Mate HBO Offline Downloader fixes that. This tool also gives you some of the extended ability like downloading movies with subtitles, meta info download for sorting and maintaining the library, and Full HD Video and Audio download for indistinguishable streaming quality for HBO offline viewing.

Y2mate HBO Max Offline Downloader

Y2Mate HBO Max downloader by Y2mate is the ultimate software for HBO offline viewing. You can download any HBO Original, movies, and shows offline locally on your device with the help of this HBO offline downloader.

Y2mate HBO Max Offline Downloader

This will guarantee that your downloads won’t expire even if the shows and series are removed from HBO. You’ll have access to those, and you can also share them on any of your devices. You can copy the downloaded file to your USB drive to watch it on TV or on Android Phone or can even use AirDrop for sharing the show on your iPhone.

Here are some of the amazing features of the application that allows you to download content for HBO offline viewing.

Some Prominent features of Y2mate HBO Downloader

Coming to the features this software has to offer for the ease of downloading and managing your HBO offline viewing experience, here are some of the cool features this software has on the edge of experiencing HBO offline.

1. Streaming level Audio and Video Quality

Y2mate HBO offline downloader downloads your favorite movie or shows from HBO without the hassle of any nature. It ensures that the show you’re downloading will be the same as streaming quality on HBO.

This tool downloads the video in 1080P Full HD Resolution with an audio bit-rate of 125 kbps. You won’t find any difference in the quality of streaming and HBO Offline downloaded video.

Apart from that, there won’t be any restrictions as there are in the HBO app for HBO Offline downloaded shows. Your downloads won’t expire, and you can share the downloaded content on to any of your devices.

2. Auto-Download Newly Released Content and Bulk Downloading

While HBO (just like most OTT platforms) already offers such features on its app, you still are dealing with all those limitations. Well, the Y2mate HBO Offline downloader also gives you the option to automatically download the newly released episodes from your favorite series for HBO offline viewing. When you play the video, the software automatically detects if the video is a part of any series.

If the video belongs to a series, then the software will gather information about the entire series so that way you will be able to download all the episodes in bulk. The cherry on the top is that it auto-downloads the upcoming episodes of the series.

3. Download Subtitles and Meta Info

Unlike most HBO downloaders out there, Y2Mate HBO Downloader also comes with a nifty small yet useful feature. Apart from downloading content in high definition format and auto-downloading, it can also provide you an option to download subtitles and meta info. If you rely on subtitles, then you don’t have to worry as the software takes care of it as well.  

Subtitles can be integrated right into the video or can also be downloaded as a separate .srt file for late use. The meta info feature, on the other hand, downloads content with all the other useful information such as genre, cast, playlist, title, description, and more. This allows you as a user and the software itself to organize the downloaded content. While this might not sound a big deal, meta-info really comes in very helpful at times. 

4. High Speed Downloading while Streaming

Let’s face it we hate slow downloading speed. No one is sitting around and waiting for hours for a series to get downloaded, and it’s a major issue with almost all of the downloaders out there. If you start doing any other internet extensive task with downloading in the background, your download speed drops drastically.

But that’s not the case with the Y2mate downloader; the software ensures high-speed downloading even if you’re streaming any movie, watching something, or doing any internet extensive task. This software offers lightning-fast downloading speed while enjoying your favorite shows and keeping your HBO offline viewing list renewed.

How to download with Y2mate HBO Downloader?

Now, How to download shows for HBO offline viewing? Here are the steps that you can follow to download movies and your favorite shows offline with the help of the Y2mate HBO Offline downloader.

Step 1 – Download and install Y2mate HBO Downloader

Y2mate HBO downloader software can be downloaded from the official website of Y2mate. Download and install the application on your device. You should be able to see the HBO downloader service on the main interface of the application only.


Step 2 – Access HBO and Locate your video

Now, you have to sign in to your HBO account from the software interface. This software includes a built-in browser, so you would be able to browse HBO just as you would on a browser.


Next, you’ll have to browse and locate the movie, show, or episode that you want to download. And then click “Ready to Download” and select the audio and subtitles of the video to be downloaded.

Step 3 – Start downloading

Begin playing the show that you want to download just within the app interface. As the playback begins, the download will start automatically. Or, if you don’t want to play it, just download it. The process would runs in the background. 


The sweet candy here is you can stream your show along with downloading it side by side just within the application without losing or dropping the fast downloading speed.

Here auto-downloading also helps you to automatically download the latest release and newly launched content from your subscribed series and shows, and the file will automatically get downloaded.

Once the file has been downloaded, you may easily transfer the downloaded content to any other device.

FAQs related to HBO and HBO Offline viewing

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions related to HBO Go and HBO Offline Viewing:

Question: Can you watch HBO Go Offline?

Yes! You can download your favorite shows and movies on the HBO app to watch later in offline mode. Alternatively, you can use HBO Go Offline Downloader to permanently download and watch your favorite shows locally on any device.

Question: Can you still get HBO Go?

HBO Max has been launched back in 2020 as a replacement for HBO Go and HBO Now. This new streaming service offers thousands of more movies and shows as compared to a TV cable. For $15 plus taxes every month, and in some cases, HBO cable subscribers can get HBO Max at no extra cost.

Question: Is HBO Go the same as HBO Max?

HBO Max is available through many providers, TV operators, Internet Providers, and Roku devices. Starting from $15 plus taxes, you can browse the whole of HBO plus many more upcoming series. The HBO Go and HBO Now services are no longer available and are rebranded as HBO Max streaming service. No longer available and is rebranded as an HBO Max streaming service.

Question: Is HBO Max free with HBO?

If you’re already a current HBO subscriber, you might already have access to HBO Max. HBO existing consumers are already getting free access to HBO Max. You can watch all the HBO Content, movies, shows, and HBO Originals.

Question: How Do I get HBO Max if I have HBO Now?

As said earlier, If you’re subscribed to either HBO or HBO Now through any HBO participating provider, your app probably would have already been updated to the all-new HBO Max streaming service with HBO Max access with no extra cost.

Question: How to Update from HBO / HBO Now to HBO Max?

If you’re already an HBO or HBO Now subscriber, you might probably have access to the new HBO Max streaming service. All old variants of HBO distributed streaming service has been discontinued and now replaced with the new HBO MAx in mid-2020.’

So if you hold any of these services from before, your HBO or HBO Now should already get updated to HBO Max. If not, you can try checking for updates if you’re using an app, On Roku, you can remove your old HBO and install the new HBO Max, and if you’re using HBO through any participating program or internet provider, you may want to contact them regarding this.

Question: How to download videos from other streaming services?

We also recommends other features of Y2mate Downloader to download videos from other big streaming sites, like: 

Well, I hope this article would help you understand what HBO downloader is and how to download streaming service videos for offline viewing. You can share your thoughts on this review by contacting us. 

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