Reviewsed Rewind

Reviewsed Rewind

As a trio of tech geeks, we have always been passionate about technicalities and technology, which led us to finally launch a corner for all those people tired of burning time and mindlessly sifting through the internet in search of the right guide.

From our launch on 15th July 2019 till date, we have provided an in-depth analysis of all-inclusive tech products. We pride ourselves on being the one-stop point for updates and comprehensive guides for our users. From the latest updates to the right assistance to grab the latest items and knowing which software’s are the best ones out there, we provide it all.  

We house one of the best teams of 11 techies. They are on board, and with their excellence and know-how, we have now reached 1500+ publications. There’s something for all of you out there, our ‘versus’ category is also a standout. This provides you with the right helping hand to finalize your decision, especially if you are someone who likes to be quick with the purchase. A thorough review and analysis of the pros and cons will be perfect in making efficient choices. 

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Team Reviewsed

Marketing Department

Zubair Hussain Khan
Islah Ejaz
Community Marketer

Content Department

Sarah Durrani
Abdul Wahab
Rohail Ijaz
Kylo Smith
Mark Hascole

Raheel Umair

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Our New Year Resolution

What does the future hold for us? As founders we believe we have a long way to go, we plan to make the next year a period of excellent reviews so you can grab onto all the gadgets and make use of all the softwares that you kept aside. With more than 1000+ publications on the way, we are as excited as you, to serve you and make your experience with tech a better and much more profound.