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If you have been downloading or sharing files on the internet for any amount of time, then, it is likely that you have heard of torrents and the biggest torrent sharing websites like Kickass Torrent and Piratebay. These Juggernaut platforms catered to the needs of a majority of torrent sharing enthusiasts until KickassTorrents was shut down!

Kickass Torrents was created in 2008, and it quickly rose to success. Its tremendous popularity in growth allowed it surpasses The Pirate Bay to claim the throne of the most visited torrent website. People from around the world were using the site to download their favorite movies, television shows, music, and software. Sadly, this success was short-lived as the website came under scrutiny US law enforcement. The creator and owner of the platform, Artem Vaulin, were also arrested because of the legal action taken against Kickass.

Although many copycat websites have emerged and disappeared since then, none has been able to reach the success and credibility of the original site. Today, we bring to you ten excellent Kickass Torrent Alternatives that you can use to find your needed torrent downloads.

Top Ten Alternatives to KickassTorrents

  1. ExtraTorrent – (Alexa Rank 29,558)
  2. Zooqle – (Alexa Rank 4,442)
  3. iDope – (Alexa Rank 49,563)
  4. Dirty Torrents – (Alexa Rank 287,074)
  5. The Pirate Bay – (Alexa Rank 169)
  6. Torrentz2 – (Alexa Rank 1,526)
  7. LimeTorrents – (Alexa Rank 1,829)
  8. – (Alexa Rank 727)
  9. 1337x – (Alexa Rank 9,165)
  10. RARBG – (Alexa Rank 485)

1. ExtraTorrent – (Alexa Rank 29,558)


Currently available on, ExtratTorrent is similar to that of KickAssTorrent, with the exception that ExtraTorrent was closed down voluntarily in 2017. However, the platform came back to a new domain.

In its hay days, ExtraTorrent became the second-largest torrent site of the world. Today it is a credible alternative for KickAssTorrent.

Zooqle – (Alexa Rank 4,442)


The popularity of Zooqle is in an upward trajectory as more and more people come to know about Zooqle and the abundance of torrents it has to offer. Its extensive database of torrents, including television series, movies, documentaries, music, and more, make it a great alternative to KickAss. It is a streamlined, user-friendly interface that makes it an excellent website for beginners and experienced torrent downloaders alike.

Zooqle also has an advanced search tool that allows users to specify file size, category (TV, music, movies, games, apps, books, anime) and language.

iDope – (Alexa Rank 49,563)


Most people consider iDope as a new player, especially when you consider the number of years platforms like PirateBay and KickAss Torrent have been around. iDope focuses mainly on movies and TV series torrents. The website claims to be “A tribute to KickassTorrents,” so you can expect it to be a good alternative for KickAss.

The other significant claim of the website is that it never tracks its visitors. It is now available as a Chrome plugin, an Andriod app, and on the darknet.

Dirty Torrents – (Alexa Rank 287,074)

Dirty Torrents

The name Dirty Torrents might give you the wrong idea of this website. Contrary to the connotation of its name, the site is surprisingly excellent with an extensive database of torrents, a clean and well-organized user-interface, and user-friendly features. Most importantly, the content on the platform is free from malware and viruses.

Besides, if you cannot find your desired torrent on Dirty Torrents, then it might point you to a website that will have your content.

The Pirate Bay – (Alexa Rank 169)

The Pirate Bay

No list of torrent download websites is ever complete without the mention of The Pirate Bay. Founded in 2003, Pirate Bay has had a glorious but troublesome history plagued by sudden shutdowns and serious legal action that makes the platform somewhat unreliable and prone to disappearing.

Despite the challenges, The Pirate Bay has remained one of the biggest and most popular torrent websites of all time. Its large pool of torrents of music, games, eBooks, software, movies, television series, and more from around the globe and a simple barebones interface make it a favorite among millions.

Torrentz2 – (Alexa Rank 1,526)


If you are looking for a website that would allow you to access torrents from other torrent websites, then Torrentz2 will be an excellent choice for you. Although Torrentz2 does not offer the same user interface as KAT; however, it is a fantastic option for true torrent fans.

Torrentz2 is a meta-search engine, so the user interface has a simplistic design with limited features. The most significant drawbacks of Torrentz2 is the questionable quality of torrents and the legitimacy of the links. Thus, you can never be sure about the quality of the torrents, and you have to extra cautious when downloading the torrents.

LimeTorrents – (Alexa Rank 1,829)


LimeTorrents is amongst the most popular torrent sites. The reason behind its widespread popularity is the massive collection of reliable torrents. The refreshing lime green user interface is easy to use and simple to navigate.

LimeTorrents has proved over the years that LimeTorrents is the upcoming leader of torrent sites. The team updates the website on an hourly basis. Thus you will always find the latest content on LimeTorrents. – (Alexa Rank 727) is an excellent option for torrent lovers that are facing Kickass torrent’s downtime issue in their country. However, also faces downtime due to legal problems, but you can make most of it when it is online.

The fantastic range of torrents and the easy to use interface of will most definitely convince you to add this torrent site to your favorites. The sorting option allows the user to sort torrents by date, size, comments, peers, and seed that enables you to search for your favorite quickly and conveniently.

1337x – (Alexa Rank 9,165)


1337x is amongst the most popular torrent sites. It always makes to near about every top torrent sites’ list because of its highly impressive range of torrents and fantastic user interface. However, like other popular torrent sites, 1337x also has to face legal issues that result in days, weeks, and months of downtime.

1337x fans are currently using – that proves as an excellent substitute to Kickass Torrents. If we talk about the range of torrents, then be prepared to be impressed! As 1337x offers an enormous variety of both classic and latest movies, series, shows, and other content for free.

RARBG – (Alexa Rank 485)


RARBG is amongst my favorite alternatives to KAT Torrent. The reason being the no-fuss user interface that makes it easy to find your favorite torrents on the website. The fantastic range of torrents will convince you that RARBG is hands down the best alternative to Kickass.

RARGB is amongst the leading torrent sites as it attracts a massive amount of website traffic daily. RARBG also faces on-going copyright issues that lead to long term downtime. However, it does not go down for a long time, which is a huge advantage.  

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Final Verdict

It is undeniable that torrent fans miss Kickass Torrents, and we do not see it coming back live anytime soon. Thus, there are no other options but to find their alternatives. I hope that these ten torrent sites prove to be the best alternatives in terms of selection of torrents, safely, and user interface.

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