11 Best Free Torrent Clients

11 Best Free Torrent Clients

Do you also find it difficult to download larger files from the Internet, especially from a host server directly?

It’s where the role of Torrent Client comes into play, but do you know which are the best free torrent clients of 2023?

If not, then you are at the right place; this is my list of the 11 best free torrent clients of 2023!

Just for the sake of a reminder… Torrent expedites the downloading of the content by capturing only pieces of them from different online users. Ultimately, it combines all the pieces and presents you with one cohesive file.

So, no matter what leisure (anything from music, TV shows, software, movies, audiobooks, etc.) attracts you, there are several great torrents with varying features. Here, I am sharing some of the best yet safe, fast, and reliable Torrent clients.

Make sure that much of the Torrent content is pirated, but worry not; there are websites that host tons of legal torrents.

The best thing about torrent clients is most of them are available for free, it means if you don’t like their existing client, move to the next.

Want advice? Torrenting can expose your identity and the data to cybercriminals, which is why I would recommend you to use a powerful torrent VPN.

And, 11 best free torrent clients of 2023 are…

1. uTorrent – a lightest, easiest, yet feature-rich torrent client

Lightweight appContain Ads
Simple and organized interfaceHave bundled software 
Customizable features 
Compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, Linux

uTorrent, a brainchild of BitTorrent (later in the list), developed back in 2005, is known to be the most widely-used torrent client. Being a lightweight app, uTorrent follows a simple approach, making it a perfect fit for both beginners and advanced users.

I have downloaded and installed uTorrent on my MacBook, and believe me; it took just 30 seconds. Ensure that for Mac Catalina, you need to download uTorrent Web, as it isn’t compatible with uTorrent Classic.

The best thing about uTorrent Web is that it runs off your web browser, which means much of your resources are saved; you will find the uTorrent Web faster than the uTorrent client.

Within the uTorrent client, you can customize a lot of functionalities – from scheduling downloads to setting bandwidth limits, prioritizing files, verifying seeds, finding torrents, and whatnot. And yes, thanks to its media player, for letting me install third-party plug-ins and stream torrents.

FAQ: How to deal with unwanted ads and bundled software in Utorrent client? 

For the former, use a torrent VPN – it will protect your identity and your precious data from being stolen or exposed. And or later, to opt-out of the bundled software when the client app is being downloaded and installed.

2. qBittorrent – simple, speedy yet free torrent client

Free from advertisementsLimited extensions 
No bundled software
Extra tools

There are torrent clients that offer every function imaginable, while others keep things simple; qBittorrent sits right in the middle. It means qBittorrent knows how to meet the needs of most torrenters, using limited CPU and memory.

Talking about its features, qBittorrent boasts an integrated search engine, encryption, IP filtering and torrent creation, media player, and even the torrents and the files are prioritized within those torrents.

So, if you want the closest open source yet a junk-free alternative to uTorrent, this is the best.

Being a cross-platform torrent client, as it works on Windows, macOS, and Linux, qBittorrent covers the essentials without making your pleasure hours overly complicated.

3. BitTorrent – A wee-established torrent client for beginners

Small in sizeContain bundled software
Great for Windows, macOS, Android, Linux.Ads-friendly 
Simple configurations
Highly customizable 
Available in 70+ different languages.

BitTorrent is a user-friendly client that lets you design your own interface; yes, it’s up to you, make it as simple or complex as you want. Personally speaking, I loved its drag and drop functionality!

One of the impressive additions to its list of features is the built-in bandwidth booster that helps you limit upload and download speeds – isn’t it great for those who want to download torrent faster?

Other features include streaming torrents, scheduling torrents, and managing paired devices.

If you’re an advanced torrenter, BitTorrent has IP filtering for your added security that lets you control your IP traffic, making your torrenting leisure safer.

Another thing that makes BitTorrent more friendlier is its intuitive search bar, that lets you search for torrents without going to a torrent site, aiming to reduce the chances of downloading spy/malware from any site.

Just like uTorrent, the free version of BitTorrent contains ads and bundled software – to deal with them, decline the bundled packages with the Pro plan, use an ad blocker, or go for a VPN.

4. WebTorrent – Best, free torrent client for casual users

Simple to useImmature features
Minimalistic interface

Web Torrent is one of the easiest torrent clients; this client is designed to keep torrenting into consideration ONLY; you will find no confusing features or add-ons.

So, if you’ve Web Torrent, all you just need to do is paste the magnet URL or torrent file in its main window, and it’s done… your torrent download will start in a few seconds.

Though his open-source torrent client is young when compared to many veterans in this list, in just a couple of years, WebTorrent quickly gained popularity, thanks to its ability to run inside a browser without installing anything else.

Worry not, WebTorrent is also available as an app for multiple operating systems, including Windows.

Landing in the WebTorrent Windows app, you will see a minimalistic interface integrated with a built-in player to watch movies and other video files. And yes, this client will allow you to add external subtitles and stream video content using Chromecast devices without any hassle.

5. Transmission – Preferably, for Mac users

For Windows, macOS, browser, and Linux. Limited customization
Easy to use 
Intuitive interface

If you’re a Mac user, I would suggest you go with Transmission, as it is a highly optimized client for Mac torrenters, even though it’s lightweight and follows a minimalistic interface that resembles the macOS operating system.

I downloaded it on my MacBook in a minute and loved the fact that it also offers drag and drop features. Thank God, there are not any pop-up ads or unnecessary toolbars either, which made my experience much smoother and pleasant.

It offers a couple of other features, including encryption, webseed support, magnet link support, and the ability to block peers. And yes, it does not even take up many resources and runs faster and smoother compared to so many Mac-friendly torrent clients.

The only issue is that Transmission is not suitable for advanced users, as it’s not highly customizable.

6. Vuze – Simple yet advanced torrent client… only if you’re OK with ads

Customizable featuresResource heavy
Search engineAds, ads, ads
Easy to use Bundles antivirus trial
Clean interface

Vuze, another new torrent client, known to be descended from Azureus, which no longer exists in the world of torrents. Vuze aimed to offer a clear and easy-to-use interface with a powerful search engine that gives it an edge.

Once downloaded, I entered some simple tags and titles, and I found all the exact torrent files without having to get hundreds of similar files first and then search throughout.

To expand or to make your Vuze client more feature-rich, simply install some plug-ins; the given feature list includes media playback, bandwidth scheduling, IP filtering, magnet link support, and yes, you can also manage your torrents from your mobile.

There are two variants: Vuze Leap (the stripped-back), and Vuze Plus (the fully-fledged). Both offer similar features, except for integrated virus protection and the media files preview, which are added in the later variant.

Sadly, Vuze is not free from unwanted ads, and it uses a lot of resources on your device; users with a basic computer… Vuze is not for you guys!

7. Torch Browser – NO need for a torrent downloader

Torch Browser
Play and download simultaneouslyOnly fo Windows
No-brainer client
Easy to use 
Built-in torrent downloader

When it comes to no-brainer torrent clients, Torch Browser is worth mentioning. This Chromium-powered web browser comes with a preloaded torrent client, commonly called Torch Torrent.

Being a totally free torrent client and an easy-to-use interface, this client lets you perform two tasks in one go – downloading your favorite torrent files and browsing websites.

So, arrange all your torrent downloads in the list or grid and keep an eye on the real-time download and upload speeds; you can also keep a note on how much data you have consumed in total.

The best thing about Torch Torrent is that it lets you play videos/files before the torrent download finishes; yes, with this torrent client, you don’t need to wait for the file to download completely before playing.

Furthermore, you can also set the download speed limit for all your torrent files – to stop spoiling your browsing experience.

Sadly this torrent is only available for Windows 10, 8/8.1, and 7 operating systems.

8. Tixati — Open Source yet ad-free Torrent Client

No adware or spywareOnly for Windows and Linux
Bandwidth management 
Clean, simple UI

Tixati is a decade-old, full-featured torrent client, boasting almost everything for your torrent craze; features ranging from torrent prioritization, to IP filtering, magnet links, drag and drop capabilities, encrypted chat rooms, and event scheduling.

If you want to increase your download speeds, go to its own peer selection system and select local peers!

What makes Tixati different from others is its ability to provide in-depth data, reflecting your bandwidth usage and what you share with your peers.

Unfortunately, Tixati is not available on macOS.

9. BitComet — Powerful Torrent Client With Intelligent Disk Sharing

Files previewsBasic yet annoying UI
Intelligent disc-catching
Regular updates

BitComet, another simple torrent client with a long history of successful seeding. Despite being quite old, it’s still powerful enough, making downloading and torrenting easier.

The notable addition of BitComet is its intelligent disk sharing, which helps a user to increase speed by reducing the need to read and write on the desired hard drive.

Other add-ons are DHT network support, HTTP support, the ability to preview files while downloading, and magnet links. Last not least, thanks to its long-term seeding capabilities, which actually improve user experience over time.

Even though this torrent is one of the simpler ones, I found it to be too basic and a little annoying.

10. Deluge – make this Torrent client as lean and powerful as you want

Cross-platform clientSparse interface 
Can be expanded with plugins
Browser integration

Deluge has been with us forever; thanks to its versatility, complexity, and simplicity, this client is in our hands; you can turn this client as simple or as powerful as you want. 

The credit goes to its extendability, which can be achieved via plug-ins, which will help you build your own personalised version of Deluge.

If you wish to have something as fancy as uTorrent but without the unwanted software, grab the Deluge torrent client.

Add to that, Deluge, being integrated with Chrome or Firefox, also lets you…

  • Arrange your downloadings alphabetically, 
  • Arrange downloaded files in specific directories, 
  • Adjust speed according to your network conditions, 
  • Create graphs, 
  • Schedule everything, and whatnot.

11. BitLord – the most adaptable torrent client

Built-in search engineOnly for Windows and Linux
Easy file-sharingOutdated UI
Password protector

itLord, another old client with some neat features. Being highly adaptable, this client offers both desktop and mobile versions and is suitable for beginners and advanced torrenteers.

BtLord comes with two add-ons – a built-in search engine and password protector. And yes, it also lets you enjoy playing your content while the torrent is still under-downloading.

But be careful, BitLord follows an outdated UI and lacks updates, which might be threatening for some users, as you never know what unnecessary or data-breaching software the client contains.

How Do You Choose the Greatest Torrent Client?

After reading this article, you’re probably wondering how to choose the best-suited torrent client for your requirements. What should you consider when reviewing a roster of P2P clients? Let me give you some suggestions.

Platform Compatibility: Whether you use Windows, Linux, or macOS, you should not have any trouble locating a torrent client. However, this guide allows Mac users to discover and choose the most suitable free torrent clients easily. Torrent clients also seem inter-compatible, which means you can obtain torrent files regardless of which client you use. There are additional Android P2P clients, but you’ll struggle when you’re an iOS user.

Size and performance: Commonly, torrent clients are compact. They are instantly available for distribution and installation. Furthermore, they are light on the system’s resources. This is especially significant because downloading a sizable torrent file can take several hours.

Ease of Use: The great news is that downloading torrents does not require you to be an IT specialist. However, a few of these clients have overly complicated user interfaces. This is useful if you want to delve deeper into different settings. Otherwise, a primary application will suffice.

Price and Adware: Last but not least is the cost of your chosen client. The vast majority of P2P clients are usually free. Some of these, however, offer advertisements to generate revenue. Don’t fear; we have only included software that isn’t typical adware, so you can be sure you are safe.

Wrapping up

No matter what free torrent client you will opt for, ensure it should be easy-to-use, be compatible with most of your PDAs, be lightweight yet powerful, have useful features, and offer easy customizability.

It’s ideal… if your free torrent client is free from ads!

If you would like to add your favorite Torrent client in this list, ping me in the comment section below.

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