7 Best Subsmovies Alternatives

Online movie streaming sites have evolved throughout the years. The competition among these websites has become tougher than ever before, so as the legal boundaries. All the online streaming websites give their best to ensure that their viewers are getting a vast range of high-quality movies and series.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that legal issues are a significant setback for these sites, and unfortunately, some online streaming websites are always on the radar that results in more setback as compared to other online streaming websites.

SubsMovies is amongst very few websites that have shown such resistance and persistence only to deliver its fans HD quality movies. Since its inception in 2013 to date, SubsMovies has faced numerous copyright claims that have caused both temporary and permanent blockage.

Nonetheless, SubsMovies’ team has always shown exemplary determination, and they come with a sister site to ensure their customers get undisrupted entertainment.

Note: Using a free streaming website might be risky due to copyright violations. So we recommend using a VPN service for unlimited free streaming.

Current working site of SubsMovies!

Movie Genres

Movie Genres

SubsMovies’ team actively works to ensure that their viewers have access to all the latest movies. One of the best things about SubsMovies is that their movies are not limited to a specific era or genre, but they ensure that people can enjoy both new and old movies from all genres.

SubsMovies have categorized the genres that make it easier to search for movies of specific genres; although, the search bar is also extremely accurate and efficient at searching movies. You can find Action, Thriller, Horror, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Biography, Comedy, Romance, Drama, and Animation movies on Subsmovies.



SubsMovies’ biggest claim to fame is its content with subtitles. Although other online steaming websites also offer subtitles, they are usually only English. The fantastic thing about SubsMovies is the fact that it does not only provide English subtitles, but it also offers subtitles in multiple languages, including:

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Macedonian, Norwegian. Persian, Portuguese, Portuguese-BR, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese and several others.

Accessibility Issues

Accessibility Issues

SubsMovies and accessibility issues go hand in hand. Although many countries of the world do not suffer from frequent accessibility issues; however, many countries have to face frequent problems and even permanent inaccessibility.

So, you would have to ensure that SubsMovie is available in your country before you plan to watch any movie and to save you from embarrassment – check before you suggest SubsMovies to anyone. Luckily we can access the website and enjoy HD online streaming movies with subtitles for FREE.


subsmovies Advertisements

Let’s get one fact straight- online streaming website’s major chunk of earnings comes from ads; therefore, you cannot expect them to make the site completely ad-free.

However, ad management has improved significantly over the years. You might experience frequent click-on ads on SubsMovies, but there are usually no ads in between a movie, which is an excellent plus because no one wants disruption while watching their favorite movies.

7 Best SubsMovies Alternatives 2022

If you don’t find your favorite movie on Subsmovies or if unfortunately Subsmovies is blocked in your country due to copyright claims. No need to panic! We have picked the top 5 alternative online movie streaming sites for you, so you can still enjoy FREE HD movies anywhere at any time. Downloading movies from torrent is another good option for that you can use BitTorrent as well as Utorrent.

1. Losmovies


Losmovies offers a wide variety of movies and TV series for both online streaming and downloading. What we love about Losmovies is that it offers HD video content with a re-direction system, which ensures the quality of the content. Online streaming vs. download comparison, we prefer online streaming for no malicious malware.

Los Movies never run out of content to watch thanks to its massive library, which is constantly growing as brand-new films and television show episodes are released on a regular basis. Los movies will have a freshly released film, a top-grossing blockbuster, or a season of your favorite series that premiered just a few hours ago, available for HD before most other platforms.

2. Putlocker


It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Putlocker is hands-down one of the most popular and trusted HD movies and series streaming sites. However, Putlocker’s popularity a lot of the times doesn’t go it its favor because the website has to face several copyright claims that lead to website access blockage issues.

There is a wide variety of content to check out on the site, and the library updates weekly with the latest movie & TV show season releases. The service’s creators frequently add popular films to the site, so you won’t have to wait long to see the latest blockbuster.

One of WatchMovieStream’s primary advantages is its ease of use. To ensure high protection and privacy, we strongly advise utilizing a reputable VPN provider and an adblocker when viewing the site.

3. 123movies


If you want a movie streaming and downloading site that is not only reliable and secure, but you also want permitted HD content with seamless streaming, then we would highly recommend 123movies.

4. Gomovies


Gomovies is famous not only for offering the most extensive number of movies and TV series, but its simplified category-based search makes it easier to find your favorite content. Unlike most of the other online streaming websites, Gomovies allows comments under their videos, which makes it easier for people to select the videos based on their review comments.

Aside from a superb content selection, Gomovies also offers an excellent streaming experience. However, the site’s interface and the amount of advertisements aren’t pleasant to us. In the future, we expect that Gomovies will make improvements to the website’s interface as well as decrease the quantity of click-on & pop-up ads.

5. Solar Movies


Solar movie is famous for offering live loading and installing links to a massive number of both newly released and old movies. The independent movie search system allows you to access your favorite movies within a matter of a few seconds only.

SolarMovie is another hidden treasure that allows you to view free films and television show episodes in Fhd without creating an account or registering. Its simple layout, extensive library, and affordable ad rates keep dozens of users returning every day.

The website’s design is uncluttered, well-organized, and simple. Every movie and show is going to have many non-authorized third-party connections, and there won’t be a lot of dead ends or broken links. Just keep in mind not to interact with any advertising and to use a reliable ad blocker.

6. FlixTor 


If you want an experience similar to Subsmovies, FlixTor could be the best option. It has a comparable user interface along with a vast library of third-party links to Television shows and movies. Everything on the website is well-organized and well-designed for simple browsing with minimal clutter.

Finding the stuff you’re looking for is simple thanks to the site’s several methods, which include a robust search function featuring filters as well as a content categorization system. In our opinion, the easiest way to find a movie on Flixtor is to enter the title of the film or television series along with the episode title into the search field. You can also look up content by genre, year of release,  ratings, release, language, or pick from the latest updates.

7. MovieWatcher 


The aptly named streaming service MovieWatcher is a haven for all movie fans throughout the world, particularly those who prefer viewing Hollywood movies for nothing of superb quality. We thought MovieWatcher was an amazing alternative to Subsmovies due to its comparable vibe, which would be ideal for all of you Subsmovies aficionados. The platform’s most appealing feature is its attractive layout and appearance.

The search box is prominently displayed on the homepage, just next to the site’s name. There also happen to be some handy links to the most recently posted movies. Unfortunately, in order to watch anything on MovieWatcher, you must first create an account, which requires you to provide sensitive data to the site. There’s also the concern of too much advertising, which can ruin the user experience if you don’t use a strong ad blocker.

Subsmovies – FAQs

Question: Is Subs Movies legal?

Yes. Technically speaking, Subsmovies platform is simply a streaming platform that provides source links of content hosted on other websites.  

However, most often the content available for streaming on sites like Subsmovies is pirated and is distributed without the permission of the copyright holders, which is completely illegal.

To avoid any issues we suggest that you use a VPN to maintain anonymity.

Why Use A VPN While Streaming For Free?


  • Safely stream on public WiFi.

How many times do we find ourselves bored during a long-distance trip on a bus or train while waiting at the airport before catching a flight or at a cafe during a break? An easy way to keep ourselves entertained in such situations is logging on to the Free public WiFi and streaming our favorite content. But did you know that your online privacy is at severe risk when you use unsecured public WiFi?

Using an unsecured internet connection can make you an easy target for hackers and those who want to pry on your online activity and steal your personal information. That’s why you need a solid VPN to keep you protected. A VPN will encrypt your data to keep it private and secure.

It is also recommended that you use a VPN as an added layer of protection and premium streaming services, even though they have a reliable security infrastructure (all of the platforms have an HTTPS extension). Because it will help minimize the chances of your account data and credit card/payment details ending up in the wrong hands.

  • Avoid bandwidth throttling

Do you ever encounter buffering issues while streaming? It is incredibly annoying if you have fast-speed internet, yet buffering when streaming happens frequently. This problem can put you off from watching anything online. Thankfully, there is a way to fix the bandwidth restricting issue: using a good VPN when streaming.  

Streaming consumes a lot of bandwidth, which may cause your internet service provider or ISP to throttle your bandwidth to reduce your internet speed if it seems like you are taking too much network space. As a result, you will experience frequent buffering while streaming.

 If you are aware that bandwidth throttling is the cause of your buffering issue, then use a strong VPN when streaming to hide your internet activity from your ISP. Using a VPN is the easiest and a trusted way of eliminating bandwidth throttling and enjoying uninterrupted streaming.

However, if your internet is slow, the VPN might not be able to completely solve the bandwidth throttling issue, although it will help reduce the problem.

Question: Is a Smart TV Necessary For The Best Experience?

Answer: Yes, you can use Subsmovies streaming services on a Smart TV and it will provide a better user experience. However, it is not mandatory, thanks to the high quality of content on this website you will be able to enjoy it on your computer, laptop and even your phone.

Question: Which is better for Using Subsmovies – Wi-Fi or mobile data?

Answer: We recommend that you use Subsmovies and its alternatives on Wi-Fi for a better streaming experience and it is the more affordable option for most. Mobile data is slower which causes lag.

Do We Give SubsMovies A Thumbs Up or A Thumbs Down?

thumbs up

Answer: For us, SubsMovies is a definite THUMBS UP! SubsMovies’ multilingual subtitles, smart ad management, and FREE HD online streaming seals the deal for us.

Although SubsMovies goes through frequent access ban, however, SubsMovies comes back online with a sister website within a short time period, so access bans are not a major concern for us.

However, for countries that have to experience access band for a long-time period or a permanent ban, they will surely enjoy HD movie and series online streaming on our 7 highly recommended 100% working alternatives of SubsMovies.

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