5 Best Bolly2tolly Alternatives

In the era of the internet, most internet users rely on online streaming services to get their entertainment fix. One of the most popular and prominent is Netflix, but it has a limited variety of licensed content that doesn’t appeal to everyone, so a large majority of people search for free online movies and TV show viewing options, preferably with videos in different languages.

For the lovers of Bollywood movies and Indian TV shows, Bolly2Tolly is one of the best options because it offers its users the widest range of content, including the latest TV shows and movies and the timeless classics.

The greatest appeal of Bolly2Tolly is that it offers content in a variety of local Indian languages, including Hindi, English, Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil, and others. Whether it’s a new release or beloved classics, you will easily find it on the Bolly2Tolly, without much trouble.

However, sometimes the website is inaccessible due to various reasons such as illegal issues. Therefore, to help you deal with this problem, we discuss the top free movie and TV show streaming websites that are great alternatives to Bolly2Tolly’s alternatives.

We have selected some of the safest options accessed by thousands of viewers worldwide daily to watch subtitled content for free.

What Is Bolly2Tolly?

After its launch some years ago, Bolly2Tolly quickly emerged as one of the most popular movies and TV show streaming sites for Bollywood and Tollywood content. Its database contains the latest movies and television shows, subtitled in many languages, including Hindi, English, Telegu, Punjabi, and other local Indian languages.

Unfortunately, the services Bolly2Tolly provides are seen as an infringement of piracy laws, which causes legal trouble of the sight, forcing it to shut down. The website was blocked by many countries, including India, for promoting piracy, which means it is hard to access.

 Using the site was easy and simple. Just search a movie or TV show title and select it, leading immediately to the movie page with relevant details and source links. You could also download content to watch later.

Currently Working Bolly2Tolly Website:

Is It Legal?

Simply put, yes! Bolly2Tolly’s service are illegal for the fundamental reason that promoting copyrighted material is forbidden by law. Most countries around the world, including the USA, have strict rules against copyright infringement. Breaking the laws can have serious implications, such as jail time and hefty fines.

Bolly2Tolly promotes copyrighted material, which is an illegal activity in India and most countries around the globe.

5 Best Bolly2Trolly Alternatives

  1. Rainiertamayo
  2. Einthusan
  3. Los Movies
  4. 123Movies
  5. LetMeWatchThis

1. Rainiertamayo


The streaming site Rainiertamayo is similar to Bolly2Tolly in many ways, especially that it has thousands of movies and TV series from around the world in full length and HD quality. It is also completely free to use and watch content on. 

For those who are new to using streaming sites, Rainiertamayo provides an easy to follow tutorial that will teach you how to download videos to watch at your leisure. The best thing about Rainiertamayo is that it caters to users from around the world by offering content in regional languages. 

The interface is user friendly, and the site has very few ad interruptions spoiling the viewer experience.

2. Einthusan


If you want to find the best Bolly2Tolly alternative that offers a wider collection of movies, especially Bollywood movies, Einthusan is hands down the best alternative. From all-time popular classics to the latest moves, you will find it all on Einthusan.

Apart from an expansive range of Bollywood movies, Einthusan is amongst the very few online streaming sites that offer such an incredible range of Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, and Punjabi movies. If you talk about the website interface, I must admit that Einthusan provides an impressively simple and easy to use interface.

3. LosMovies


LosMovies is one of the most popular and trusted online streaming platforms that offers many amazing features, including an expansive range of classic and latest movies and shows for free. All the online streaming content is available in HD and FHD quality, so you do not only get to enjoy the best range of content, but you also get to enjoy excellent video quality for free.

LosMovies has one of the biggest collections of movies and series arranged according to the genres, countries, actors, and directors; thus, you never have to face any troubles locating your favorite content on LosMovies.

4. 123Movies


123Movies is another strong competitor of Bolly2Tolly because of its fantastic range of movies and shows. 123Movies has previously been through several downtime episodes. Since the last few years, it has consistently been online and provided reliable online streaming to movie enthusiasts worldwide.

The only complaint that I have with 123Movies is the abundance of click-on ads! From clicking the movie link to clicking the search bar, be ready to close multiple click-on ads at a time. All-in-all, 123Movies will not fail to impress you with its range of online content and streaming experience.

5. LetMeWatchThis


LetMeWatchThis is an all-time favorite online streaming site of movie enthusiast worldwide because of its ever-growing range of online streaming content and easy to use website interface. One of the best things about LetMeWatchThis is the fast buffering time so that you can enjoy your favorite movies and series without any lags.

If you want to enjoy the best range HD and FHD movies and series, then be prepared to be bombed with several ads. However, if you look past the abundance of ads, LetMeWatchThis is hands down the best online streaming site for free and reliable HD and FHD online streaming.


Bolly2Tolly has long been a favorite of movie enthusiasts across the globe. Thus, finding a movie site that can come at par with the Bolly2Tolly’s ever-expanding range of latest movies can be a bit of a challenge!

I’m confident that you’ll be impressed with the above-mentioned top 5 alternatives of Bolly2Tolly! Because not only do these alternatives offer an expansive range of HD and FHD movies ad series, but they also provide a reliable and malware-free platform to enjoy your favorite content for free.

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