6 Best DesiRulez Alternatives

Streaming choices are endless; at present, a massive pool of video content is available with high approachability online. Rapid access to online streaming content opens up enormous video collections in numerous niches at no cost.

In this globalized streaming world, you can come across variant freebie streaming websites on the web; in this context, DesiRulez has been a giant pick in offering free access to Indian movies, Tv shows, music albums, sports, and much more.

At DesiRulez, downloading is also a piece of cake; users can instantly download their favorite content using the Internet download manager application. It is widely approached in the states of India, the US, Pakistan, and Canada; however, Site visors’ analysis depicts that 24% of it belongs to Pakistan might be because of low-security checks.

Even in Pakistan, you don’t need to use any VPN service with it, but it might be a mandatory factor in other regions.

What happened to DesiRulez?

It is pretty apparent to everyone that free streaming sites host copyrighted content without the consent of content owners, so this act comes under the crime category. In this regard, various such websites encounter some sort of geo-restriction at some stages.

On account of a similar cause, the DesiRulez streaming site also encounters geo-restrictions in the states with high cyber security regulations. Therefore, such kind of situation leads to the need to find alternative websites.

What Kind of Movies Can I Find On DesiRulez?

DesiRulez offers a wide range of films from the South Asian cinema industry, spanning Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, plus others. The majority of the material is in high definition. The movies have been properly divided into categories.

Is DesiRulez available for free?

DesiRulez, like many other internet streaming sites, is free to access and stream material on. Without purchasing a premium subscription, you can view Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil films straight on the site. To begin streaming South Asian movies, you only need steady internet access and an internet browser. You can also create a profile on the site, although it is not required or recommended.

Are DesiRulez substitutes easy and free to use?

The majority of paid online streaming providers are malware-free. On the other hand, free streaming services include many advertisements or download links that may be infested with viruses and security hazards. Therefore, you should always use a premium service to secure your device as well as data from security threats.

Is DesiRulez accessible using VPN?

VPNs are one of the most convenient and secure ways to access DesiRulez and other streaming websites. To access the service anonymously and safely, all you need is a reliable premium VPN running on your phone or PC.

A VPN will also shield you from snoopers attempting to obtain your information. It will allow you to escape the legal ramifications of visiting a site like DesiRulez.

6 Best alternatives to DesiRulez 

You might come across numerous streaming websites while searching for the best alternative to DesiRulez, but not all variants would cater excellence to a level of satisfaction. In this respect, we hope that enlisted information & a quick overview of all the given streaming websites can save your time in deciding to filter out the best DesiRulez alternative.

  • Los Movies
  • Moviespapa
  • Letmewatchthis
  • Bolly2tolly
  • Rainier Tamayo
  • Einthusan

1. Los Movies


Most of the streamers would already be familiar with Los Movies as it is pretty popular in the streaming world on offering free & advanced services to its users. Usually, users don’t go for a website that requires a prior registration process, so Los Movies is entirely free of registrational hassles.

Although it may encounter geo-restrictions in many regions across the world as it is accessible in limited states only such as Australia, the United States & few more, yet you can get hands-on the most demanding features in Los Movies, in both web & application versions.

Los movies enable its users to stream & watch HD and the latest released content in multiple languages. Because it claims to update its content every hour moreover, users can also stream content in custom resolutions ranging from 360P to 1080P.


  • No registration required
  • Application version available
  • Regularly updated content
  • User friendly
  • Subtitles available
  • HD content
  • Supports multiple languages 


  • Geo-restrictions
  • Displays Popup ads
  • Low privacy

2. Moviespapa


People like to watch the worldwide popular content, but the language barrier often resists them from accessing such content; now, watching the top-rated & popular content is even possible with few websites like Moviespapa that host the dubbed content also allows the users to enable the subtitles option.

Moviespapa is an excellent pick to stream & watch the HD content even in your native language; you can quickly opt for your favorite content from a well-organized & extensive library. When it comes to the accessibility factor, you can access Moviespapa from around the world except for Australia & India.

Actually, free streaming sites are often subject to cybersecurity authorities; that’s why Moviespapa is also banned in a few regions, as mentioned earlier. The other noticeable downside you may encounter while using Moviespapa is the popup ads it displays.


  • HD content
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Dubbed movies
  • Well-categorized content
  • Subtitle-enabled content available


  • Displays popup ads
  • Geo-restriction

3. Letmewatchthis


Letmewatchthis is a pretty popular platform to watch movies & series online that supports offline downloads too. Its cross-platform compatibility and mobile-friendliness make it an excellent choice to stream content online because users can’t be confined to a specific device.

The more good thing is that the content quality won’t get affected by different devices; you will always be able to access HD content from any device.

The popup Advertisements are common in free streaming websites, so Letmewatchthis being a free streaming & torrenting platform, also displays too many popup ads that can’t be blocked entirely even by using an adblocker, but still, such popups won’t interrupt your streaming experience.


  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • High definition content
  • Interrupt free streaming experience
  • Cross-platform compatibility


  • Too many popup ads

4. Bolly2tolly


On account of the high demand for Indian content, some online streaming websites are dedicated to hosting only Indian content; Bolly2tolly, an Indian site, is one of those platforms that host merely Indian content, but that doesn’t mean it is only available for Indian residents.

At present, dubbed content has overcome the language barrier issues to a great extent; likewise, you can watch the Bolly2tolly HD content without being concerned over language because subtitles choice is always there in addition to dubbed content.

Despite the various good features of Bolly2tolly, you are always subjected to specific security threats because it leads to too many redirections that can subsequently harm your device.


  • Subtitles available
  • High definition content
  • The choice to install the application  
  • Nicely-organized content


  • Displays few popups

5. Rainiertamayo


In connection to DesiRulez alternative websites, RainierTamayo is also worth mentioning. Because it also presents a well-organized and massive collection of top-rated & high-definition video content with a choice to enable the subtitles over your favorite content.

RainierTamayo enables its users also to download the content on local storage also. You can access it in any part of the world without encountering any sort of restriction. Still, given the security aspect, in a few regions, the users may also need to use a VPN service because it hosts pirated content as it is a free torrenting website.

If you don’t prefer a web view, you can also download the application of RainierTamayo on your device; however, in both views, you may come across a few popup ads while streaming & downloading the content.


  • Subtitles available
  • High definition content
  • The choice to install the application  
  • Nicely-organized content


  • Displays few popups

6. Einthusan


It is a fact that most of the free streaming websites host unlicensed content illegally with critical privacy factors, and you can use such websites at your own risk. In this connection, if you are concerned about the security aspect, then Einthusan is the recommended option because it allows its users to access licensed content in its extensive database.

Basically, Einthusan is a south Asian website; that’s why it supports 8 Indian languages such as Punjabi, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, and Kannada, by the names. Its intuitive user interface comes with an efficient search function to make the searching & navigation process much more manageable.

You can access the Einthusan from any device. However, registration is mandatory to use this, and you would also have to compromise over the speed factor.


  • Intuitive UI
  • Easy navigation
  • Efficient search feature
  • Licensed content
  • Subtitles available
  • Supports multiple Indian languages
  • Cross-platform compatibility


  • Signup step required
  • Displays advertisements
  • Low speed

Note: Given the security factor, usage of such free streaming websites isn’t safe at all, and also, these websites host content illegally, so you may come across severe results in certain cases. That’s why it is not recommended to access such free streaming sites.


Free streaming websites are searched & accessed worldwide because people tend to kill their free time in streaming & watching video content online. The web is full of such websites that offer access to unlimited content free of cost.

DesiRulez is also a free streaming site that hosts a massive collection of video content, especially the Bollywood content in HD format. Being a free platform, it may encounter geo-restrictions in many states. If you are intended to access DesiRulez from a restricted region, that won’t be possible.

However, this situation can be addressed by using an excellent alternative site. It isn’t easy to figure out the best alternative website from a pool of alternatives, so in this entire discussion, we have highlighted a few most appropriate streaming websites that can serve as best alternatives to DesiRulez, such as Los Movies, Einthusan, Letmewatchthis, Moviespapa, Bolly2tolly, etc.

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