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9 Best Project Free Tv Alternatives

Technology evolution is constantly progressing with the elapsing of time; meanwhile, digital entertainment media has also stepped up to the Web in order to attain great exposure in potential audiences. It is not surprising at all that TV dramas & movies being broadcasted on TV are now available at the ease of access on the internet.

You may find out various such websites hosting the entertainment-based content legally as well as illegally; however, later on, the websites hosting content illegally may be subject to the legal actions taken by content owners. In this connection, here we have picked up Project free Tv website under relative subject.

Project Free Tv

The Project Free Tv has always been a reliable name when it comes to online Streaming & downloading; you can relate it with other popular streaming platforms too, such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc., but the only significant difference is that Project free TV presents the unlicensed content illegally unlike platforms as mentioned earlier.

Still, it has been contributing remarkably in offering free streaming services worldwide. Basically, Project Free TV, a popular free streaming platform, doesn’t host anything by itself, but it used to grant access to an infinite collection of movies, Tv shows, & web series free of cost.

Additionally, it offers an easy downloading way, and all this requires a prior registration process. The Project Free TV introduced several good features to its users; for instance, the users were able to share, save, like and pin their favorite content to watch on a later moment in both HD & SD formats.

The project free tv has always been a center point of attention due to its extensive & freely accessible content library suitable for all age groups and especially the way it used to organize the content, simplified the navigation process greatly.

Afterward, certain aspects brought the Project Free Tv to a termination point, and it got shut down back in July 2017.

Why the ProjectFreeTv is no more available on the Web?

Illegal streaming websites often don’t go in the long run. Though the Project free Tv was illicit but being a free platform, its extreme level of popularity created an alarming state in the statistical graph of well renowned authentic streaming websites such as Hulu, Netflix, etc., that used to host the same content legally by charging a subscription fee.

Because people always tend to go for free services regardless of the consequences. Given this concern, the higher respective law authorities ordered the website owners to take it down from the Web and suggested a replacement scheme.

9 Best Alternatives to Project Free Tv

There is no cap to entertainment sources available on the internet; discontinuation of one opens up the doors of several other alternatives that are specifically supposed to offer similar services.

In context to this discontinuity of ProjectFreeTv, few reliable alternatives have been explained in the following discussion in order to fulfill the entertainment-oriented appetite of PF TV users; at first, you can have a look at the remarkable features of all the enlisted alternatives to save time.

1. My Download Tube

My Download Tube

The Project Free Tv features are unmatchable; however, to meet specific content requirements, alternative websites available on the Web are doing a great job, such as My Download Tube that can be considered as an all-rounder streaming platform because, like Project free Tv, it presents a variety of video content.

You can find out Hollywood & Bollywood movies, series, music albums, and much more on My Download Tube free of cost, even with no login requirement. The platform presents content in multiple languages & dubbed forms in order to overcome the language barriers.

It is pretty hard to figure out any downside associated with the My Download Tube website. Even though it totally offers an ad-free streaming & downloading experience, you won’t come across any sort of popup or redirect interrupts.


  • No registration required
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Dubbed content available
  • No popup ads
  • No redirects
  • High-speed processes


  • N/A

2. The Watch Series

The Watch Series

As the name implies, the platform presents a good deal of series. The Watch series is a fantastic spot to access the Tv shows & series that are even being broadcasted on Tv networks in recent times. This is such an excellent platform for fast Streaming & downloading of Tv shows & full episodes of series that can be accessed from anywhere in the world without encountering any geo-restriction.

The user-friendly interface and easy search filter facilitate its users to filter out their desired content in the twinkling of an eye. The more good thing is that you don’t even have to go through the annoying advertisements or popups while streaming & downloading.


  • No popup ads
  • Worldwide accessibility
  • User-friendly interface
  • Regularly updates content
  • Fast Streaming & downloading


  • N/A

3. YouTube


YouTube needs no introduction of any kind because, at present, no other streaming platform is as famous around the globe as YouTube. So, it won’t be wrong to consider it as the best alternative to Project Free Tv till now, and no other streaming platform comes with the level of accessibility as YouTube.

You can locate a preinstalled YouTube app on your device, and accessing YouTube even on the desktop is a matter of few seconds. You can get hands-on your favorite video content instantly on YouTube; even it provides the option to filter the content with respect to the video duration, type, upload date, and many more customizations.

Users from all over the world can access YouTube from any device having a stable internet connection; However, YouTube updates its content regularly. Still, it doesn’t cover all of the live broadcasts.


  • Worldwide accessibility
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Login required
  • Free HD content
  • Advanced search filters


  • Display advertisements

4. Go Stream

Go Stream

If you want to kill your free time by streaming entertainment-based content online, then GoStream is a good choice where you can find out thousands of titles; you can access your favorite content in HD format without getting registered first.

The GoStream can doubtlessly fulfill all your streaming needs as you can stream any video-based content, i.e., movies, Tv shows, or series online at GoStream, but if you are intended to download the content to watch it later, then this won’t be possible with GoStream because as the name indicates it is just a streaming platform and doesn’t support downloads.

The good thing you will find on GoStream is its advanced search feature; you can filter out the desired content with respect to the country, year, or genre, and you can also access the trending content quite instantly in the trending section as it updates its content on a regular basis.


  • Advanced search filters
  • No sign up required
  • Daily updates content
  • HD content


  • Doesn’t supports downloads

5. The 123Hulu

The 123Hulu

The 123Hulu is a variation of US-based Hulu streaming platforms but are alike. When it comes to the top alternatives of Free TV Project, the 123Hulu is worth mentioning. However, you might notice many new features in it, unlike other options, as this is not limited to host only movies or other video content, but it also allows its users to watch various Live TV channels online such as HBO, Starz, etc.

The platform gives a choice to its users; you can either go for a free plan that doesn’t require any sort of registration or choose an appropriate paid subscription plan. In case if you opt for a free streaming service, then the streaming choices will also be limited, and you may encounter few popup ads, too, but that won’t interrupt your streaming experience.


  • Interrupt free Streaming
  • No registration required in the free version


  • Displays few popups

6. Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner is one of those streaming sites that don’t rely on a single aspect and tend to encompass a variety of content to satisfy the variant users’ requirements. Here you can find out a massive collection of video content categorized under various titles and covers several genres such as movies, documentaries, series, anime, and many more.

The platform has gained enough popularity for being a free and extensive entertainment source; the other reason for popularity might be its mobile-friendliness because people tend to use mobile phones more than desktops.

There is also an associated downside you might be annoyed of is the redirect links; unintentionally, you may come across many redirects.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to navigate
  • 100% free to use


  • Many redirects

7. Stream2watch


As we have clarified earlier, the users’ requirements may vary with their interests; in this context, if you are a sports enthusiast, you won’t want to miss out on the sports matches being broadcasted on Tv, even if you are out of the station, then what would be better than Stream2watch platform.

There is no limit on the games being streamed on this website; you can stream any sort of sports content, for instance, Basketball, cycling, badminton, handball, Snooker, etc. Stream2watch presents the live sports as well as the live Tv broadcasting the sports; the choice is all yours.

In the case of live Tv streaming on Stream2watch, you will have 400+ options without paying a single penny even. Stream2watch also enables its users to get sports updates time by time.


  • Hassle-free Streaming
  • HD content
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • User-friendly interface


  • Geo-restrictions
  • Doesn’t support downloads

8. Tv Player

 Tv Player

Tv Player is a trendy online streaming website in the UK that comes in both free & premium versions. If you can’t afford to pay a subscription fee for Tv Player, still you can access up to 75 Tv channels such as CNN, Spike, QVC, etc., free of cost. However, in a premium subscription plan, you can access 30 more channels, for instance, Gold, MTV, Eurosport, etc., by paying a specific monthly subscription fee.

If you compare it with other popular paid streaming platforms such as Netflix or any other, you will find TV Player relatively costly in its paid plan. Apart from cost analysis, Tv Player turns out an excellent alternative to Project Free Tv, and it can be accessed from all devices, i.e., laptops, mobiles, or tablets.


  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 75 channels in the free plan


  • Relatively expensive

9. Dailymotion


Dailymotion is another legitimate & reliable platform for online Streaming, and surprisingly it is considered the second most popular streaming platform after YouTube.

Dailymotion presents an excellent content library, but you may encounter certain limitations on it as the video content hosted by Dailymotion comes in limited duration, and even the search filter is not much efficient.

Although you can still have a good streaming experience due to its user-friendly interface and intuitive layout, even you don’t need to go through the signup hassles like YouTube. However, you can find out most of the Project free tv content on Dailymotion also.


Project free tv is a prevalent name in the massive network of online streaming websites; its popularity can not be denied at all because, in a way, it was the reason for its shutdown as it was taken down from the Web on account of gaining massive traffic on its illegally presented content.

Therefore, after its shutdown, various mirror sites claiming to be a Project Free Tv new domain came up on the Web, but all were obviously fake sites. Apart from the fraudulent mirror sites of Project free tv, you can still find out several other streaming websites that prove to be an excellent alternative to ProjectFreeTv.

In this respect, the watch series, Daily Motion, Tv Player, Stream2watch, GoStream, the 123Hulu, YouTube, My Download Tube, and Couch Tuner are worth mentioning. In the above-stated comprehensive piece of information, you can learn more deeply about each of these alternative streaming websites.

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