Most Viewed Roku Originals

10 Most Viewed Roku Originals

Roku is an up-and-coming streaming channel where people can find all kinds of shows and movies. The service is famous for its unique collection of originals that have brought a change in television culture. 

In addition to their amazing original content, you can also stream Disney Plus on Roku and check out some new, innovative movies and shows. However, check these ten Roku originals that have some really interesting stories and characters before anything else. 

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1. #FreeRayshawn


The title itself is self-explanatory about the movie’s context. You know things are grave and significant when netizens collectively make a hashtag to support a movement. The emotional standoff between our protagonist and his aggressors is something relevant in American society today. The victimhood of an innocent man against an entire SWAT team rings several alarms in our heads, exposing the reality of today’s world. This movie can open your eyes to the blatant racism and discrimination against black people widespread in today’s society. 

2. Die Hart

Die Hart

Can a comedian act in an action movie even though people can only associate him with laughs and giggles? Kevin Hart plays himself in this movie, and he gets fed up with people not taking him seriously. He wants to star in an action movie, but Hollywood does not think he will fit in. Once he is allowed to be in an action film, his physical comedy creates exceedingly hilarious situations. Different situations bring out the best of Kevin’s on-screen talent as action and comedy genres mix together.

3. Reno 911: Part 2

Reno 911: Part 2

Lieutenant Dangle and his teammates’ definition of police training is tasing each other and laughing hysterically as a weed factory burns in the background. For those who don’t already know, this is a comedy series with heavily improvised lines you do not want to miss. If you enjoyed the first part, you are in for a treat with this series and its hilarious characters. The men in blue have some humor to them, and it is not worth missing. 

4. Shape of Pasta

Shape of Pasta

Weird title, but it is the only thing this show is concerned about as Evan Funke tours Italy looking for the perfect noodle. He explores everything: the good, bad, and ugly stuff about pasta, making a beautiful show in the process.

This show is best for all kinds of audiences, not just food enthusiasts. There is so much to know about Pasta science that it is mind-blowing. Besides, there is hardly anything better than watching a man talk about his craft, even if it is pasta. 

5. Nightgowns


Never before has television or media given so much attention to drag queens, so this show is the perfect chance to gain an eye-opening experience. 

The show is part documentary and performance with some behind-the-scenes insight into a drag queen’s theatrical production. Sasha Velour has given a golden opportunity for drag artists to shine in this series, and the audience can catch a glimpse of their lives. 

Every episode of this series brings out a different aspect of the drag queen’s story, exploring her life outside and inside her career. This series also brings to light the world of goth, camp, and performance art styles of drag culture. 

6. The Fugitive

The Fugitive

Running away from people who believe you to be a criminal, but it all gets better after a while. You have likely watched or heard about some version of this show, but here’s another reincarnation. 

This time, the main character has a wrong accusation of planting a bomb in a subway. Watch as this man on the run creates some enjoyable moments for the audience trying to keep his life from getting wrecked. 

7. Gayme Show

Gayme Show

Comedians Dave Mizzoni and Matt Rogers will make you laugh out loud with their competitions that are silly and serious simultaneously. They pit regular straight-identifying contestants with celebrities like Bowen Yang, Ilana Glazer, and Rachel Bloom.

You guessed it, what follows is a hilarious series of events that ends in the crowning of the Queen of the Straights. The Gayme Show is the perfect premise to foster communication about diversity in a lighthearted manner.

8. Murder House Flip

Murder House Flip

Is it weird to live in a house where a murder took place? What if someone came and renovated the said residence to utter perfection? The title gives away the premise of this show, which is the best combination of DIY and true crime. 

Joelle Uzyel and Mikel Welch find houses where murders happened and transform them into livable residences. They go into details, finding infamous murder locations, and add their DIY creativity to them. This show is one of a kind, and the innovative approach alone makes it worth a watch. 

9. Most Dangerous Game

Most Dangerous Game

Would anyone willingly risk their lives for 24.5 million dollars? When it comes to the protagonist of this movie, yes. However, the events following his agreement suggest that 24.5 million dollars are not nearly enough to partake in that cat and mouse game. 

This movie tells a classic story of rich people getting bored and coming to the outrageous conclusion that seeing someone suffer would make for top-notch entertainment. This movie will give The Purge vibes, but there is a monetary reward at the end of the crazy fiasco, so there is some understandable motivation. 

10. Dummy


Is it creepy to own a silicone sex doll that can talk and makes friends with people? The young man in this series does not think it is weird as long as you dump her once you get a girlfriend. 

If you are looking for a Black Mirror type of comedy, then Dummy is the perfect show. Cody’s new boyfriend used to own a sex doll that could talk, and he decided to get rid of her after meeting Cody. She takes the doll home, and they form a friendship, ensuing a row of comedic but insightful events. 

These movies and shows are 

“Roku Originals” and have revolutionized the entertainment industry through their new ideas. Several of these originals explore deep-rooted issues with today’s society from a comedic perspective. Don’t miss out on these new gems only on the Roku channel, the internet’s net hotspot for entertainment.

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