8 Best 123Movies Alternatives

Confused about the sudden 123Movies downtime? Well, you are alone because thousands of people who used 123Movies for free streaming are also wondering why their favorite free stream platform disappeared and where it went. Today’s article will explain 123Movies’s disappearance and the reason behind it. We will also share a list of the best alternative websites that provide the same service as 123Movies.

If you have opened this article, we trust that you already know that 123Movies was among the greatest streaming platforms known for its reliability and safety. It offered thousands of free movies and TV shows, including complete full-length episodes in HD quality.

Unfortunately, as of late, 123Movies users in different parts of the world are facing issues when opening the site. 123Movies has been a source of free entertainment for many years. But, all is not lost because there are many websites just like 123Movies that will quench your thirst for content.

Did 123Movies Provide Free Online Streaming?

Indeed, 123Movies allowed its users to enjoy online streaming free of charge. You could watch unlimited amounts of content. Plus, the videos could be streamed or downloaded. Also, is 123movies safe? You can say that 123Movies is safe for online streaming and downloading. However, we recommend using antivirus software for all free online streaming sites.

Was 123Movies Legal? Will It Come Back Online?

No, 123Movies streaming services were not legal; watching content on the platform was also illegal because nearly all of the movies and shows on the site infringe copyright laws and are shared without the permission of the content owners. Because of this severe problem, it is difficult to say when 123Movies will be back or will it come back at all.

Are There Free Alternatives To 123Movies? 

Yes, thankfully, there are tons of free options that you can use instead of 123Movies, and we have shared some in our list below. Unfortunately, almost all free alternatives have a lot of ads, so we recommend that you go prepared with an ad-blocker and avoid downloading anything from the site in case it is infected with malware.

Do 123Movies Alternatives Work On Multiple Devices?

Yes, the alternatives for 123Movies featured in our list below work on multiple devices, including smart devices. Use any of our substitutes on your laptop and smartphone easily, without any problems. Although a reliable, stable, and fast internet connection is a must to stream in real-time.

8 Best 123Movies Alternatives for Free Online Streaming

Following are our top 8 123Movies alternatives. We recommend selecting a combination of a few streaming sites to enjoy the best from each site. 

  1. YesMovies
  2. Pubfilm 
  3. FMovies
  4. SolarMovie
  5. LetMeWatchThis
  6. AZMovies
  7. Xmovies8
  8. MovieNinja

1. YesMovies


The best alternative for 123 Movies, YesMovies, has earned a worthy spot on the top of our list for a multitude of reasons. YesMovies has all the components of a fantastic free streaming service, and millions of regular YesMovies users worldwide agree.

Why have multiple streaming platforms to watch your favorite movies and shows when you can get it all on a single website that is completely free to use. There is such an abundance of content on YesMovies that it’s impossible to watch it all. And the collection is constantly growing as films and tv series episodes are added on a daily basis.

Whether you are interested in watching content from various genres, including romance, action, comedy, thrillers, drama, animated, adventure, or something else, YesMovies probably has it all. Never wait for the newest episode of your favorite show because YesMovies has it ready for free streaming within a few hours of its airing. And it will most likely be in HD quality.

2. PubFilm


Behold the largest and the most impressive collections of movies in the entire world at PubFilm! The expansive library of content at PubFilm never ceases to amaze.

The website has hundreds and thousands of films from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Korea, Japan, and more that are subbed and dubbed in different languages. Plus, all of this is available for free, and there are no restrictions on how much you can watch.

There is also no need to sign-up or subscribe to access the PubFilm library. The user interface is decent, but there is an abundance of pop-up ads. Intrusive ads are a common issue with websites like PubFilms. We recommend using an ad-blocker when browsing this site.

3. FMovies


FMovies has gained massive popularity during the past couple of years. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that the worldwide popularity of FMovies has seen new heights because of its ever-expanding content range and excellent online streaming experience. The website has a massive range of movies and TV shows that gets updated regularly.

FMovies offers multiple streaming links with each movie and series, so you never end up at a dead end. Since all the content is available in various video resolutions and playback speeds, you can select the settings according to your preference and internet speed. Streaming online on FMovies is always a pleasure because of its dark-themed website interface, so you never strain your eyes even if you binge-watch movies and series all day.

FMovies also has fewer ads as compared to most of the other free online streaming sites. All-in-all, FMovies is one of our favorite 123Movie alternatives.

4. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is amongst the leading online streaming platforms with millions of fans across the globe. The website is jam-packed with a massive range of movies and series from all popular genres. You can find a wide range of classic, all-time popular, trending, latest, and other films and complete series seasons for free online streaming in HD and FHD video quality.

The website interface is simple- and easy to use for beginners. All the content is neatly organized into categories, and there are several filters and an accurate search bar for speeding up the content search and selection process.

The con of SolarMovie is the abundance of on-screen, click-on, and pop-up ads. The best way to avoid ads and enjoy disturbance-free online streaming is always to use a reliable ad blocker while browsing, streaming, and downloading from SolarMovie.

5. LetMeWatchThis


LetMeWatchThis (now popularly known as PrimeWire) is one of the most recommended online streaming platforms, and its massive content range is the biggest reason behind its ever-growing popularity.

All the content comes with necessary details about the content and its rating. Nearly all the movies and series come with multiple streaming links, multiple video resolutions, and various playback speeds.

LetMeWatchThis has an impressive website interface that helps you search, select, stream, and download your favorite movies and TV shows within a few seconds only. We love the clean and fresh website interface compared to other popular streaming sites with overcrowded streaming sites. You do not need a registration, sign-up, or paid subscriptions to stream or download from the PrimeWire site.

Unfortunately, LetMeWatchThis will constantly bombard you with ads, so we recommend you use reliable antivirus software with an ad-blocker to enjoy a disturbance-free online streaming experience.

6. AZMovies


AZMovies is another popular alternative to 123Movies. Its biggest claim to fame is its gigantic collection of the latest, popular, classic movies and TV shows on HD and FHD video quality.

AZMovies has a dark-themed, simple-to-use website interface with all necessary features and filters to help you search, select and stream your desired content within a few minutes only.

AZMovies offers free, unlimited online streaming, so never share any personal details for sign-up or membership to be on the safer side. Always use a trusted VPN and ad blocker to ensure safe and secure online streaming and downloading on AZMovies.

7. Xmovies8


You might not have heard about the free streaming site Xmovies8, but don’t disregard it for the lack of popularity. There are plenty of great things about XMovies8 that make it worth checking out. The user interface is fantastic and highly user-friendly; we like the basic approach that the service developers have adopted for the website design.

Have we mentioned that you will find a massive collection of movies of all genres on the site, including comedy, horror, fiction, mystery, thriller, romance, actions, and more.

For a smoother streaming experience, choose the appropriate video streaming resolution for your internet speeds. However, it is worth noting that the streaming speeds offered by XMovies8 are decent. The videos are available in HD, FHD, and UltraHD quality, which also adds to the user experience.

8. MovieNinja


This is a pick for all of you anime lovers out there who used to watch anime on 123Movies before it vanished. MovieNinja offers titles from different genres, but it specializes in anime and animated content, including the most popular anime shows. MovieNinja lets you download or stream videos without any registration, and for free, so premium subscriptions are needed.

The newly added stuff is featured on the MovieNinja main page, so it is difficult to miss. All the content is neatly organized into different categories, and there is a quick search bar too. We also like that the number of ads is low, which is a major boost for the user experience.

Summing Up

We hope our list of top 8 123Movies alternatives helps you select the website with an impressive streaming experience and an expansive content library. All of our alternatives give 123Movies tough competition. 

Since all of our 123Movies alternatives offer free online streaming, you should always use a trusted VPN and antivirus with ad blocker to protect your data and devices from privacy breaches and data theft. 

Have you tried any of our 123Movies alternatives? Please share your streaming experience and other streaming sites worth mentioning in the comments section below.

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