5 Best 123Movies Alternatives

Finding free streaming sites that are not sucking your blood with multiple ads is a tough one, and search demand for best-streaming sites is exceptionally high all over the world. But every good streaming site gets banned eventually because it violates copyright laws.

For anyone who has searched for a long time, 123movies has climbed at the top of the free streaming game providing exceptional content. 123movies has been the number one streaming channel for some time, but it soon fell prey to shutdowns and violations.

However, it didn’t change the fact that 123 movies streaming consumption didn’t stopped. Users kept streaming on the site till the need for best 123movies alternatives came up. Even in the end, 123movies was shut down, and users started looking for alternatives.

Is 123Movies Safe to Stream?

Every streaming site faces one bold question from the viewers, whether streaming on such sites is safe and legal? The legality of 123Movies has been in the grey because every country had different laws about streaming sites, and these sites cannot work on facilitating every law in the book.

In a few countries, streaming online content is legal while in some, they are illegal as is in the United States and Germany.

We suggest using a VPN for streaming so that all your activities online will remain safe whether 123movies is legal or not. The VPN will grant your anonymous access to other streaming sites as well without worrying about your IP being traced back.

That is one reason we were urged to find the best 123 movies alternatives and collected a list for you.

Irresistible 5 Best 123Movies Alternatives you Need to Stream Today

Free 123movies alternatives can be explored all over the web with a hundred search results at your disposal. But we can’t guarantee quality streaming! That is why we have gathered a list of top 5 best 123movie alternatives.  

  • YesMovies
  • GoStream
  • Putlocker
  • Losmovies

1. YesMovies


YESmovies are not your typical streaming site because it is more than that. The site is easy to maneuver around and gives you the facility to share your views regarding movies through rating.

Ratings are displayed at the centre of the page where you can easily check all the movies user ratings. This is extremely helpful, giving you a first-hand preview of what the movie will be like. Majority of the movies will be available in HD, apart from a few exceptions. However, you can choose between CAM rip, SD and HD quality.

The best part is the site doesn’t host its own movies; rather, the movies are available on different platforms.

2. VexMovies


Vexmovies is a directory of all the latest and new releases; movies which are most likely on the theatre appear at Vexmovies instantly. The directory has a big collection of movies from all over the world that includes foreign content as well. You can expect multiple different languages and subtitles at your aid to make your streaming worthwhile.

The site is highly recommended to any streamer and binge-watcher who wants a taste of quality content.

3. GoStream


If you are exhausted with streaming sites targeting you wth popup ads, then Gomovies is the right alternative to 123 movies. Can you belive streaming on a site that is free of cost no sign-ins required and has no ads?

Gomovies is the perfect streaming site that comes with relief. It does have links opening to sponsored sites, but they won’t bother you. You can add a simple adblocker and your problem will be solved.

However, it’s a great 123movies alternative as it provides the latest hits from Bollywood to Hollywood inclusive of foreign documentaries. Unlike other streaming sites, you will be exhausted looking at the immense content directory and still find new movies on every click.

4. Putlocker


Putlocker needs to introduction as this streaming site has been around for a very long time, and it is quite similar to 123 movies as well. Both the free streaming services can be recognized by their grey and green colour template that adds to the design.

The best part is, both the sites don’t host as many ads as other streaming sites have. The site hosts more a thousand movies and TV shows accessed and hosted globally, which makes Putlocker a craved and demanded site that promises quality. Some call it “the Google of Movies.”

The site does a great job listing all sorts of TV shows, movies and in some cases documentaries and anime as well.

5. Losmovies


After Putocker, Losmovies is another famed 123movies alternative for endless streaming. The moment you open the site, you will be thrilled to see new movies, new releases and most viewed. Now mostly viewed can mislead you but we suggest you check the most recent additions in the directory.

All movies are available in HD with close to 40000 movies and over 8000 TV shows. You will get a lifetime worth of movies with subtitles and different languages.

6. Vumoo


Don’t be fooled by the simple front of Vumoo’s homepage, it may appear stripped down, but it conceals one of the largest databases of free content, including movies online. You might also assume that Vumoo isn’t a popular website, but you’d be wrong; hundreds of thousands of people around the world frequent the website on a regular basis to enjoy free HD movies.

Besides offering an extensive database of content, Vumoo is exceptionally reliable; users don’t have to face the hassle of frequent interruptions or long buffering while they watch a movie. Due to its simplicity and streamlined design, the interface loads quickly and works perfectly on mobile devices. It is clear that the minds behind Vumoo wanted a high-quality user experience without unnecessary bells and whistles.

123Movies Proxy and Mirror Sites at your Disposal

These streaming sites are always worried about shutdowns, and in most cases, they have been shut down at least once. If the website doesn’t launch, you can try checking these 123Movies Proxy and Mirror Sites to get 123movies unblocked.

  • check123movies.men on
  • checkwww9.0123movies.com
  • checkwww1.123moviess.online 
  • checkwww1.123movies.best 
  • checkwww.123moviesfree.ws on 
  • check123movies.actor
  • check123movies4u.ch
  • checkwww.123moviesandtv.com
  • check123movies.unblockall.org
  • checkwww2.123movie.mn


That’s all for today guys; these are the 5 best 123 movies alternatives that we gathered after doing some research. You can find dozens on the web as well, but all of them would lack something or the other.

Quality streaming is not found anywhere. However, we do not guarantee these sites will continuously provide quality movies and TV shows because streaming sites have been a target by the DMCA and other film distribution stakeholders.

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