10 Best Websites Like LiveLeak

10 Best Websites Like LiveLeak

LiveLeak is revolutionizing media streaming, and you’ll enjoy learning about other websites where you can view funny content, music, news, and viral videos, among other things. The concept of sharing and streaming media benefits consumers who frequently seek a platform to obtain free information and get means for entertainment. 

Its concept is comparable to that of websites like YouTube that stream videos and allow users to upload their own content. The goal is to find a real-life film of significant historical events, such as international issues, politics, conflicts, and more. The website supports free speech and honest opinions on particular topics. Websites such as LiveLeak are becoming increasingly popular. 

But it doesn’t end here because we have a few of the Internet’s most well-liked Liveleak replacements and alternatives you can browse through!

10 Top-rated Websites Like LiveLeak

1. Xfinity


Based on its adaptability, Xfinity is ranked as the top option when it comes to looking for websites like LiveLeak. Whether you’re looking for entertaining or explicit content, Xfinity has all kinds of videos available. However, there are certain limitations concerning Xfinity Video, the first of which is that a subscription is associated with the services.

You will be required to pay $49.99 monthly for Xfinity Video’s internet and TV services, which we believe is reasonable, considering you get ten channels. With various bundles, the sum varies. You can check out their website to find out more about this. 

You receive a customizable dashboard from Xfinity that you can customize and contains a variety of services. When it comes to the website’s content, you may find clips on subjects like worldwide news, entertainment, lifestyle, TV, finances, sports, etc.

You can also access videos associated with numerous well-known platforms and media organizations via their channels. You can see the newest, most popular videos on the site when you visit the homepage. In addition to this, the interface provides a seamless experience, and users will no doubt enjoy using Xfinity to watch videos.

2. Engage Media 

Engage Media

LiveLeak and Engage Media are similar because both are non-profit platforms that use citizen journalism to promote rights, equality, and other social causes, even though the majority of their content is geared toward or concerned with Asia.

It is connected to several events and projects, including MovieMento, CrossRoads, Camp Chindwin, Camp Sambel, etc. It also uploads research material from many independent uploaders as well as it’s own; among its most well-liked uploads are its Video4Change and VideoChronic studies.

It is possible for users to upload their films, articles, or event details without having to register on the network. However, using or simply browsing the website is free and doesn’t involve any conditions or hidden charges. 

Users can share videos in various sizes, and you can even download them in their original quality or Mp4 High/Low resolutions before moving on to WebCam quality, which again offers options for High and Low resolutions. Although a little confusing, the interface does provide a summary of the movie and the country when hovered over.

3. Bit Tube 

Bit Tube

Another cryptocurrency-based video-sharing network, Bit Tube, prioritizes freedom of speech, anti-censorship laws, and an open platform ecology. Additionally, because it is open-source, anyone may audit the code to ensure that it is indeed what it promises to be. Similar to DTube, it also compensates content producers for posting videos to the platform.

Since BitTube doesn’t believe in advertisements either, none of these are ever displayed. Viewers that watch the videos earn cryptocurrency, which is subsequently given to the uploaders. Viewers can directly “Tip” the channels if users enjoy the content.

The user interface is sleek and contemporary. It also has a sidebar that appears when users hover their cursor over the icons. It has options like 

  • Login
  • Register
  • Trending
  • Newcomers
  • Live
  • Categories
  • Upload
  • Broadcast
  • Start Mining Coins

The video players support pop-out videos and offer controls for speed, quality, and both! It provides a high degree of site color and theme customization. Users can also live-stream content and broadcast it on the platform, which is not available with most other alternatives on this list. 

Additionally, users can transfer all of the content to BitTube by linking their Youtube accounts. It is an active group since several movies are uploaded every hour. There is no need to log in or register in order to stream, and you can just do everything without paying any subscription charges. 

4. Meta Cafe

Meta Cafe

Metacafe is one of the most widely used video hostings and sharing websites among all LiveLeak alternative websites. It offers a highly organized and straightforward platform with all kinds of films in numerous categories, all of which are exceptionally high quality.

The first step is registering for a Metacafe account, after which the rest is easier to manage. You can view as many videos as you like on Metacafe without worrying about time restrictions, and using it is free. You can browse various categories, such as comedies, athletics, science, games, art animation, and many others, in addition to the general categorization of the newest, most watched, and trending films.

Sites like LiveLeak that host and share videos are a wonderful way to stay updated on global trends; Metacafe is an excellent example of this. On this network, you may also start your channels and subscribe to popular ones, which is a concept very similar to YouTube. Additionally, you may use the provided search bar to look for any films you desire. So check out this platform, stream for as long as you like, and find entertaining videos to watch!

5. Veoh


Although Veoh is primarily an online television service, this does not exclude it from being considered a LiveLeak alternative. Veoh is popular primarily because it attracts audiences typically not present on other platforms, regardless of how well-known they may be.

Veoh prioritizes everything equally, from important productions from well-known studios to independent approaches to entertainment.

The platform is a Qlipso subsidiary, is entirely free, that operates similarly to the majority of the other websites like LiveLeak. Various videos from genres like academic, music, cartoon, animal, people, sports, TV series, channels, and more can be found here.

In order to proceed on this site, you must first register an account, and then the website will provide recommendations based on your preferences. Veoh also features a fantastic selection of music and movies in addition to videos. So you can also binge-watch your favorite movies!

6. Kill Some Time 

Websites Like LiveLeak

Although not very well-known, Kill Some Time is an excellent addition to the list of LiveLeak-compatible websites. The platform may not be as large as some other websites, but it is appreciated for how well-organized and user-friendly everything is on their website.

It is an entertaining website that, as its name implies, is primarily used to pass the time. A simple website with excellent video content that is divided into many sections. You can go through the content in categories like jokes, epic fails, and battle videos. You may also check out the photographs, games, and channels here to get further entertainment. 

Although the interface could be more attractive due to the pop-up ads, the highlight is that you are not required to register. Simply click the “Watch Videos” button to begin. Even though it lacks the recommendation element, it does away with the inconvenience of registration. Although the video quality cannot be guaranteed, you will undoubtedly laugh uncontrollably while watching them. So kill some time with Kill Some Time! 

7. DTube 


The DTube platform is a page copied from the YouTube manual. The platform has many visual cues with the well-known video hosting website YouTube and operates in a similar way. Here, you can subscribe to channels to receive their videos in your feed.

The biggest distinction between YouTube and DTube is that the latter hosts NSFW and adult content on its site. Further, in contrast to YouTube, which is tightly regulated and removes videos for even the smallest infractions, it is decentralized and based on blockchain technology. There is also absolute freedom of speech, opinion, and transparency.

They basically hijacked Youtube and turned it into DTube by removing everything we don’t want it to have, such as corporate commercials, censorship, policies that invade our privacy, and so forth.

You would need to register before you could upload material here. In addition, you can use this platform to live-stream content. Users can publish their videos and earn actual money off of them, albeit that isn’t one of its major attractions. Anyone can see the transparently disclosed earnings for each video, which are also available.

In terms of the user interface, there is a top-positioned search box for keywords and a left-side menu with options like 

  • Home
  • Upload
  • Trending
  • Watch Later
  • Watch Again, etc.

Similar to how videos appear on YouTube, the remaining portion of the screen shows thumbnails for each video along with information about the channel, upload date, and earnings per video. It goes without saying that users can comment and subscribe to these channels. Registration is required for uploading, commenting, and liking videos but not for streaming. Unlike YouTube, it requires registration on Steem and is entirely anonymous.

8. MediaGoblin


MediaGoblin advertises itself as a “decentralized media publication platform.” Almost every file can be shared through it, including books, audio, video, 3D models, and ASCII art! It claims to be a “Youtube Alternative,” but it has a lot to offer for people looking to get entertained. 

Due to its decentralized nature, it’s possible to find anything and everything on the platform. Starting from political conflicts, conspiracies, strange home videos, or anything else, making it one of the few websites with journalistic democracy and liberty, similar to Liveleak and DTube. You can visit one of the numerous sites it has published, post your comment, and participate in other ways if your interest is limited to its “Liveleak-like” usage. 

More experienced users can also make additional platform plugins. There aren’t many restrictions either; users can submit almost anything as long as they follow the law. But it’s more complex to deploy your own Mediagoblin site. The interface could be more impressive too. However, if all you want is material to read, watch, or share, it will certainly meet your demands.

9. Flickr 


Flickr acquired a popularity for sharing photographs rather than videos before YouTube was established in 2004. You can also use a great website like Flickr, which is similar to Liveleak, as your social networking handle. You can post your pictures with fantastic films up to 1 GB in size. To upload videos, you must register for and manage a Flickr account. This platform is similar to VSCO but better because you can also post videos and scroll other people’s platforms and content too. 

But before you begin, you will have to register first. In addition to hosting videos created by users, this site has excellent media file management capabilities.

Additionally, one can utilize Flickr as a social networking handle. Even though you can watch videos and photographs without creating an account, uploading is only possible with accounts. Additionally, you have the choice to pay to access better features here.

You can upload pictures and videos to Flickr, which could be helpful for remembering special moments. 

10. MyVidster 


Last but not least, amongst all the LiveLeak competitors, MyVidster stands out because it primarily functions as a social video-sharing and bookmarking platform. This website enables you to search for and gather videos from many online sources before assembling them for you in one place.

The services this website provides are free, but if the advertising annoys you and you’d like to upgrade to better features, there is also a premium version. It allows you to create a video collection and share it with others. You can follow people and request that they follow you once you have successfully registered an account on MyVidster. In fact, you may utilize it when you’re on the go with the help of its iOS app.

Even if the site doesn’t categorize its videos, you may still watch them by selecting from lists like “popular,” “recent,” or “on shuffle.” This website has received much attention throughout the years since it advocates for a supportive environment for streamers. Above all, it makes for an excellent replacement for Liveleak, thanks to its wide range of videos.

MyVidster is unquestionably a wonderful pick for the list of LiveLeak alternatives when it comes to entertainment. You may gather all of your videos onto a single platform with the help of the MyVidster browser extension. 

How to Download From Sites Like Liveleak?

All of the Liveleak alternatives mentioned above offer streaming services for users to watch videos online. Still, some do not allow users to download the videos directly. Sometimes, you might have to download the videos for offline viewing and sharing with friends, family, or other users. You will have to use a third-party application to download the videos from Liveleak and its alternatives. Follow the step-by-step guide to download videos from sites like Liveleak. 

  1. Start by downloading and installing the Liveleak video downloader on your computer. After installing, continue and launch the software so you can use it to download any of the videos you want. 
  2. Now navigate all your favorite videos on the Liveleak alternative by copying and pasting the link of the targeted video in the address box on the software. After you click on enter, the software will automatically analyze the videos from the page on your devices. 
  3. Then a window will pop up showing a list of all the videos you have downloaded. You get a choice to download videos in multiple formats and resolutions suited to your needs. The video downloader allows users to download five videos in a single go. 
  4. You can then manage all the videos in the software only under the Library section. You can also play these videos multiple times. 

Bottom Line

You now know all the LiveLeak alternatives that you can use if the website is not working for you. We have mentioned all the details of each platform so you know what they offer and how you can benefit from each. We have also provided users with different ways to download videos using a LiveLeak downloader. But do keep in mind that you will need a third-party downloader. 

So stream away and watch videos, and movies, listen to your favorite tracks and get access to the perfect entertainment medium. Get set, go!

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