Is Dailymotion Safe?

Is Dailymotion Safe To Use?

Most of us have spent time online, browsing, and watching videos, and you must have come across Dailymotion, a video-streaming and sharing platform based in France. The site has a close resemblance to the most popular video content site – YouTube.

Dailymotion offers its viewer a wide range of videos available for streaming for free, the unique aspect of Dailymotion is that it provides original content developed by Dailymotion studios. Another strong advantage of the platform is the maturity of the material.

What Is Dailymotion?

Dailymotion has the distinction of being the second-leading video-streaming site frequented by users in over 30 countries worldwide. It comes second to YouTube, making it a prominent player in the online content streaming industry Dailymotion is a significant player in the video online industry.

According to the most recent estimates, over 300 million unique visitors come to Dailymotion every month, and it boasts over 150 million videos. After starting its journey in 2005, Dailymotion has grown exponentially over the decades. Today, it maintains multiple valuable relationships with premium video-content developers, including Showtime and HBO.

Unfortunately, the platform has faced its fair share of setbacks, such as India blocking the site for copyright-violation issues.

The Difference between Dailymotion And YouTube

Dailymotion And YouTube

YouTube has become a household name, and its popularity as a platform is unprecedented. Most internet users, including children, are aware of how to use it to watch videos. It the largest and the leading streaming platform online; Dailymotion is similar to YouTube and ranks as the second-largest video-content streaming website worldwide after YouTube. There are millions of hours of videos of several categories available on both sites.

To its merit, Dailymotion offers its user a selecting original content that is developed by their studio, Dailymotion Studios.

Is Dailymotion Safe?

Due to its thriving popularity, you must be wondering whether the platform is safe to use. To answer this concern, we present a list of the most prominent issues Dailymotion has:

Dailymotion Threats and Issues


The primary problem that users face while using Dailymotion is the lack of a strict censorship policy. Without censorship standards, Dailymotion users are free to upload and view almost anything, including even triggering/sensitive videos and explicit content, which makes parental guidance necessary for children.

Child Safety

Previously, Dailymotion’s lack of action to protect children from unsuitable content was highly criticized. The platform collaborated with the E-Enfance, a France-based group, to develop safer browsing for children and younger viewers.

Dailymotion addressed safety concerns in two ways. Firstly, by creating bullying and cyberbullying awareness, secondly, by equipping parents with various tools that allow them to limit the type of videos children can share and watch.

Although the responsibility of uploading and viewing content falls upon the children and their parents, Dailymotion is serious about giving users a safe viewing environment.

Third-Party Advertisements

Similar to many other websites, including YouTube, Dailymotion also makes money through third-party advertisements. Usually, third-party ads have external links, which may not be malicious but can be invasive for the user experience.

Risk To Your Information

In case you decide to register for a Dailymotion, you will be required to fill in an online form with your private information, which will be available to the website. If the website security is breached, your data can be exposed.

Blocked Content

One of the major issues that many users face when trying to access Dailymotion is blocked content. Due to various reasons, Dailymotion is currently only available in around 35 countries. Infringement cases and censorship have hit the website. However, geo-blocking isn’t an issue for VPN users, which allows them to unblock Dailymotion without any hassle.

Viruses and Malware

Virus and malware attacks are now a major certain for all websites and apps across the globe. To keep the users well-informed and cautious about the possible sites that may carry viruses and malware, antivirus companies maintain lists of safe to use websites and apps.

These lists offer an overview of the virus and malware safety of the mentioned sites, including website users’ comments and reviews. If you look deep into Dailymotion’s history of virus and malware complaints, you will only find a few incidents of users reporting a malware infection in 2012.

In October 2013, the Norton Safe Web verified that Dailymotion is free from all malware. Therefore, you can be sure that Dailymotion is safe to use; however, if you want to assure optimum safety, you can always use reliable antivirus software to ensure completely safe browsing.

Simple Guide to Uploading Videos on Dailymotion

Uploading videos on Dailymotion isn’t as complex as it may seem. Follow our easy step by step guide to uploading videos on Dailymotion without any hassle.

  • Create a Dailymotion account.
  • Go to Partner Space.
  • Select and open Media.
  • Find the upload button on the top-left section.
  • Select the desired video file from the popup.
  • Up to 10 videos can be uploaded at a time. 
  • While your videos upload, fill out the required information.
  • Select the Publish/Save option to upload your desired video content finally. 

Simple Guide to Manage Security Risks on Dailymotion

Similar to other media sharing platforms, Dailymotion also has its security risks. However, you can easily manage the security risks with the following solutions:

Activate your Anti-virus Program: Dailymotion is free from viruses and malware; however, for added protection, you can download and activate a trustable antivirus program. An antivirus program will protect you from any malware or viruses that even third-party applications or cookies may carry. With immediate alerts, you will be able to tackle the viruses and malware before it harms your system or breaches your privacy.

Activate a VPN Service: Security breach and data leakage are one of the biggest concerns for users. Thus, the simplest and safest way to protect you and your date is to activate a trusted VPN service. A trustable VPN will hide your internet activity by masking your identity by changing your IP address. Also, you will be able to access geo-restricted content.

Turn on the Age Gate Feature: Dailymotion’s smart age-gate features efficiently block any restricted content to a certain age group. Go to the Help section and select the Age Gate feature to turn on this feature. With the age gate feature, you can be sure that children do not have access to any 18+ content.

What is the revenue model of Dailymotion?

Regardless, millions of people continue to publish and view videos on Dailymotion. And the reason for this is that it is a lucrative potential to make money. Every day, Dailymotion makes millions of dollars as a host.

Simultaneously, DailyMotion users can quickly and simply earn more greens. If you want to earn money from Dailymotion videos, you have three choices:

  1. Engage with Dailymotion and make over 50% of audience income with full monetization.
  2. Promote your company or third-party clients by posting promotional films on Dailymotion.
  3. Offer your videos for sale to certain Dailymotion users (copyright included)

So, if you don’t mind earning money by viewing inappropriate content and sharing similar films, you should probably sign up on

Simply be aware that malware and viruses can put your device in danger, so always use a reliable VPN and antivirus software hile using the Dailymotion app.

FAQs Related to Dailymotion

How do I view Dailymotion videos?

Adobe encodes Dailymotion videos in Flash video format. The Flash plugin should be installed in order to stream videos on Dailymotion. You will get a black screen with no video or sounds when you click play. Flash Player can be obtained at the Adobe website.

Is Dailymotion illegal in India?

First, Dailymotion was prohibited in India in May 2012; however, connectivity to video and content-sharing services, including Dailymotion, was restored the following month. Nevertheless, Dailymotion was blocked in India as of December 2014 due to government suspicions that the service would house ISIS propaganda videos.

Is Dailymotion superior to YouTube?

Despite the fact that DailyMotion is the world’s second-largest video-sharing website after YouTube, statistical data from both organizations prove that YouTube does have a considerable advantage over DailyMotion in terms of individual page views, with one billion visits per month in contrast to DailyMotion’s 112 million visits monthly.

Is Dailymotion free to use?

Dailymotion, like YouTube, is entirely free and concentrates on video monetization (earning revenue through advertisements). So you do not require an account to view videos and watch the news.

How much money can you make by posting a video?

For example, with 300,000 video views, you can earn $50. It also relies on how you obtained those views and ad-sense revenue (as per region). In reality, you may make even more money on YouTube by creating your material ($2k for 300,000 views). However, there are several upload regulations for users to consider.


Online safety is undoubtedly the biggest concern of all users in today’s world. After thoroughly evaluating Dailymotion, we conclude that Dailymotion is completely safe to use. You can watch, upload, and share videos without worrying about privacy or security issues.

But, we recommend using antivirus software and a reliable VPN service – to be on the safer side.

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