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Buying and selling physical goods require addresses on which the goods are being sent. If you order something online, you are required to add your home address for the product to be delivered. The same applies when you connect to the internet through an IP address. 

Practically speaking, almost half the internet users do not know that an IP address is a ticket to the internet. IP addresses allow one smart device to communicate with another device over the internet. It is like your home address – you can’t forget it, you can’t get it wrong, and you need it all the time whenever you go online. 

That is the reason you need an IP checker to tell you what your IP is. To find IP address, IP Checker by Reviewsed.Com is a top of the line authentic online tool that will instantly reveal your IP address without you going through some YouTube tutorial to find out.

After extensive research and planning, Reviewsed.Com decided to create an IP Checker tool to fill in the gap for users. The online tool is 100% reliable, giving you accurate information about your IP address. 

Now, to understand IP address technicalities, let’s dive in further.

What Exactly is an IP Address?

IP Address

Your house address can be based on numbers and alphabets. but, since computers only recognize binary language that is “0” and “1”, the internet translates that address into “internet protocol” addresses (IP) that include a variety of numbers. 

But to dissect this further, IP addresses are of two types:

  • Public (or external) IP addresses
  • Local (or internal) IP addresses

The Public IP address is allocated by your internet service provider (ISP) and is a means for the internet to recognize your network. All the devices connected to the local network, whether it’s your laptop, smartphone, or printer has a unique IP address that is generated and assigned by your router on your internal home network.  

To carry forward any task, you need to find the IP address and require it as well. For example, solving a technical problem or setting up a wireless printer or fax machine to solve the connectivity constraint on your network needs to check the IP address.

In case the connectivity issue remains, you would have to know your IP address to be given to the local internet service provider for troubleshooting. This is where an IP Checker falls in. 

Even if you think you know your public IP address, you should take a look at anyway because it could have changed. In some cases, the IP address you’re assigned with the aid of your ISP is “static;” – that is, it by no means changes. But your ISP commonly has the authority to alter and tweak your public IP address for its own business concerns — this is what’s called a “dynamic” IP address. The distinction between static and dynamic addresses is at the bottom of quite a few connectivity problems.

What can your IP address tell about you?

digital footprint

Whether you are buying something online or watching your favorite show on Netflix, your IP address can reveal a lot about you without you even realizing it. All the online purchasing that you do visit e-commerce sites leave your digital footprint allowing advertisers to target specific ads by getting insight on your insights and buying habits.

Your IP can state your ISP, your region, and even the city you are residing in. Also what you browse on the web. It sounds scary, doesn’t it? But you can protect your IP address from vicious cybercriminals and any government organization through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN would form a shield around your IP address, allowing you to safely browse the web through a different IP, while your real IP address would be hidden.

It is the online address without which you cannot perform any tasks or communicate on the internet. Use IP Checker By Reviewsed.com and ensure you know your IP address at all times.

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