Internet Speed Test Tool

Internet Speed Test Tool

Our team is excited to share that Reviewsed visitors can now run internet Speedtest by Ookla directly on We certainly understand that not everyone is tech-savvy, so our primary focus to make tech easy with top quality tech content and easy-to-use tech tools like Speedtest by Ookla.


Ookla is the global leader with fixed broadband and mobile network diagnostic software. It is trusted worldwide for its speedy and intelligent technology that allows multiple remote speed test servers, powerful statistic tools, and a smart and easy interface.

Ookla’s popularity can be accessed by the massive 10m+ daily tests that are actively initiated by Ookla’s fans all over the globe.

Team Reviewsed is focused on consistently providing its treasured visitors with not only top-notch quality tech-related content, but also tools to make tech easier for everyone. When it came to selecting the best tools for the internet speed test tool for Reviewsed, Ookla was hands down the first choice of our entire team.

One of the primary reasons being the transparent service that Ookla truly believes in. Team Reviewsed also firmly believes in honesty on all levels; whether it is about the content or our recommendations, we keep it real!

Reviewsed visitors can quickly check their internet speed on Ookla via our website as Ookla does not require membership. Visitors can either run a speed test on the pre-selected server settings or select the preferred/closest server location.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to understand the speed test results generated by Ookla. Why? Because the test results are displayed on a speedometer-like display that is easy to read and comprehend. Therefore, Ookla is the best speed test tool with the broadest range of internet performance and accessibility analytics.

Reviewsed is honored to have Speedtest by Ookla’s license, and we excited to contribute to making Ookla accessible to more people across the globe.

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