Ivacy VPN Review

Ivacy VPN Review

The name Ivacy may be new to you, or you may have come across a mention of this VPN service recently while you were looking at different ways of protecting your privacy online. Ivacy is an emerging VPN services provider that is gaining more and more attention thanks to the number of great features it offers to its users, including an affordable price.

The unique thing about Ivacy is that it has incorporated multiple innovative features that other VPN services may not offer currently. These unique features and fantastic performance have earned Ivacy multiple awards and shining reviews from experts. Soon we expect other VPNs to follow the lead of Ivacy and offer their exceptional features as well.

It appears that Ivacy is offering the right combination of features and price that has pushed them to the forefront of the highly competitive VPN industry. In this review, we examine if Ivacy has rightfully earned its place based on performance and effectiveness.

This review will help you figure out whether you should trust this VPN service with your money, and more importantly, your privacy, read on to find out!

Who is Ivacy VPN?


Contrary to what you may think, IvacyVPN has been in business for nearly 13 years. Over the last decade, the company has tested and finessed the features and overall services. It is now providing its customers with a comprehensive, high-quality VPN service that is full of distinct yet useful features.

The Singapore-based company has over 1000 servers dispersed over 50 countries around the world. One of the unique aspects of Ivacy VPN is that their servers are located in locations around the world where you wouldn’t usually find VPN servers of other companies.

The company relies on a combination of virtual servers and bare-metal servers to ensure that their customers are getting optimal security. Ivacy is also upfront and open about the nature of their servers, which means, as customers, you can know which ones are physical and choose according to your preference.

Ivacy was one of the very first VPN services to introduce split-tunnelling, which provides users with the flexibility to control what information goes through the VPN and what passes through the ISP. To date, this feature remains unique and a high selling point for Ivacy.

Ivacy is regarded as the pioneers of the split-tunnelling technology, which they developed ten years ago. The VPN combines this fantastic feature with several other exciting ones, which we will be looking at in this review:

  • Versatile VPN with a number of features
  • Excellent customer support
  • Budget-friendly 2-year plan
  • Reliable torrenting experience
  • Inconsistent Netflix blocking
  • Inconsistent speeds in some locations
  • Doesn’t support third-party proxies

Speed And Performance


Where performance is concerned, Ivacy achieved an above-average performance score on our testing, and it offers good speeds but nothing exceptional. The Japanese and UK servers performed the best, the servers in the united states and Germany were also good. However, the speeds at other less popular regions left much to be desired.

DNS Leaks

DNS Leaks

Ivacy seems to be serious about preventing leaks from happening by incorporating various measures. These features include routing the DNS requests are first through the VPN server before sending it to the third-party service every time you visit a new website. This helps in preventing leaks.

The leak protection tools are incorporated in the Ivacy VPN version for Windows and macOS client. However, Ivacy takes it a step further by offering Chrome and Firefox browser extensions, which provide an added layer of security.

Protection From Viruses And Malware


Ivacy is committed to protecting the privacy of users and their systems from the severe threats of malware and viruses. An advanced server-level feature is a part of the Ivacy VPN package for no extra cost. This unique service scans all files you download for threat. The feature can detect over 4 million malware and virus signatures.

Although we suggest that you rely on a separate anti-virus service, but it is also great to see a company that puts the security of its clients at the forefront.

Kill Switch

Having a kill switch in your VPN service is extremely important because it allows you to take action quickly in case your security is compromised. Fortunately, Ivacy has incorporated the kill switch on all its platforms, except for iOS, because Apple’s strict guidelines limit it.

The distinct quality of the Ivacy’s kill switch is that it adjusts your firewall settings to ensure that your IP address remains hidden if the VPN crashes.

Protocol And Encrption


Ivacy default protocol is OpenVPN, which uses a secure SSL certificate technology to keep you protected. OpenVPN’s SSL certificate is trusted by numerous banking websites to protect your sensitive information hidden.

If you don’t prefer OpenVPN, then Ivacy also uses PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IKEv2, and IPsec for the macOS version. As far as encryption is concerned, Ivacy uses military-grade 256-bit data encryption, which is extremely secure and nearly impossible to hack.

Server Optimization

Server Optimization​

Ivacy has optimized some of its servers to allow torrenting and port forwarding, to ensure that you remain protected while you download your desired torrents. This feature is especially crucial for all of us who rely on torrents but are disappointed by other VPN services that don’t allow torrenting.

For region-locked websites and streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, Ivacy also offers dedicated servers that will allow you to use these websites and platforms easily. Unfortunately, you will have to pay an additional price of $1.99/month to gain access to these dedicated servers.

Torrent Support


Torrenting is an essential feature for most VPN users. And finding a VPN service that fully supports torrent downloading and uploading is a massive challenge since most VPN service providers back off from providing torrenting support due to the legal risks attached to it.

Full torrenting support is another significant benefit of Ivacy. Yes! Ivacy offers fully supports P2P file-sharing! And to top that, Ivacy also has torrenting optimized servers

. However, we are unsure what makes the “optimized servers” different. According to Ivacy, they have a “real-time threat detection” system that provides “advanced server-level virus and malware protection.” 

So, the servers provide safe P2P file sharing with fast and stable speeds on nearby servers. To further improve the torrenting experience, Ivacy provides a Killswitch. However, keep in mind that the Killswitch feature is only available for Mac and Android. Therefore, we discourage Mac and iOS users from using Ivacy for torrenting.

Netflix Unblocking


Several online content streaming sites ban content based on your geographic location. That is the reason why people rely on VPN services to help them mask their geographic location and unblock content.

Therefore, one of the most vital features for VPN users is its ability to unblock Netflix and other VoDs. IVacy’s Netflix unblocking feature is questionable.

Why so? Because when we were testing out this VPN service and formulating our Ivacy VPN review, we experienced both the situations. There were times when Ivacy successfully unblocked Netflix, and there were times when it failed to do so.

So, if you are a hardcore Netflix fan and you are purchasing Ivacy solely for its ability to unblock Netflix! Then rethink your decision because we cannot confidently recommend Ivacy for Netflix unblocking.

Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Nearly all VPN services offer a money-back guarantee. Likewise, you do get a money-back guarantee with Ivacy! But, there is a catch to it! Ivacy advertises “30-day Money-Back Guarantee”. In actuality, you get the 30-day money-back guarantee if you purchase IVacy’s year-long subscription.

If you are purchasing the monthly subscription, you only get a 7-day money-back guarantee. You might be thinking that this is not such a big deal. But wait! There is more to it!

If you dig deeper into the legal terms and conditions, you will find out that you may not get a refund if you have used the service more than the predetermined limit, or you have not used their desired payment method.

If you are testing out Ivacy VPN and you are not sure about their service, make sure that you do not use more than 500MB of bandwidth or make VPN connections more than 30 times. Apart from that, also ensure that you do not pay the subscription fee using Coin payments, BitPay, BitCoin, or Paymentwall.

What has disappointed us is the fact that Ivacy has tried to hide these details by making separate legal terms and conditions documents so that people could easily fall prey to these conditions.

Proxy Compatibility

If you are someone who uses additional or third-party proxies to add an extra security barrier, especially when you are browsing online, then, we wouldn’t recommend you to opt for Ivacy because it is not compatible with other third-party proxies.

This means that you only have to rely on Ivacy’s security only! So, it is essential to be sure about the fact that you would not require any third-party proxies’ protection in the future before you decide on purchasing Ivacy. Because if you do, Ivacy is definitely not a good option for you.

Ivacy Pricing

Competitive pricing is one of the most talked-about features of Ivacy. Ivacy offers as low as $2.45 per month with their 2-year plan, and $9.95 with their monthly plan. You can also opt for their yearly plan for $3.66 per month (billed $44).

ivacy vpn pricing

Ivacy’s primary target market is the pool of users that are looking for reliable security and privacy at an affordable cost. Ivacy has successfully delivered what it has promised, and we can confidently say that it is one of the very few (if not the only) VPN services that offer pro features and pocket-friendly prices.

  • Payment Options

Payment Options

The best thing about Ivacy is that it accepts a vast range of payment options. This feature makes Ivacy accessible to thousands of customers across the globe.

You can conveniently pay with standard credit card payment options, to non-standard but popularly used online payment options like Alipay and PayPal; to crypto payment options like Bitcoin, CoinPayment, and more.

For the number of payment methods, Ivacy is definitely a winner.

User-Friendly Interface

User Interface

Ivacy VPN is available for Windows, Android, Mac, or iOS, and the great thing is that all clients are well designed and user-friendly. The beginner-friendly interface makes it easy if you are new to using VPN services. The mobile versions are seamless and organized well so that you won’t have any issues using the service on a smaller device.

The kill switch is prominently placed within the simplistic design of the interface, which makes it accessible. Other icons and settings are also simple and easy to understand.

Ivacy’s official website and setup process

Ivacy’s website is straightforward and well-designed, and it offers all of the necessary information. There is a buy offer for Ivacy at the top of the homepage. Please scroll down to learn basic information on why you should use a VPN, as well as more information about Ivacy, such as its features and pricing options. Everything is well-organized and simple to use.

Ivacy’s website used to display regular pop-ups providing users a discount if they purchased a five-year subscription. But these pop-ups are no longer there, making the website easier to navigate.

Ivacy installation is simple, regardless of the device. Ivacy has apps for almost every major device and operating system. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. It also features browser extensions for Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, and it can be installed on routers and smart TVs.

The typical installation procedure is as follows:

  • Navigate to the Ivacy VPN official website.
  • Open the Pricing page, choose a plan, and then click the Buy Now button.
  • Enter your personal information, such as your full name and active email address.
  • If you like, you can add features like port forwarding or a dedicated IP address.
  • Complete the transaction with your preferred payment method.
  • Download and then install the application on your device(s).
  • Sign in to the Ivacy VPN application using the credentials you received via email.

What user information does Ivacy require?

You should provide as little information as possible when creating a VPN account. The requirement to supply a large amount of personal data in order to register an account for a privacy solution defeats the objective. That is why we look at how much info all the VPNs we evaluate require to register an account.

To open an Ivacy account, you must first supply some personal information.

To begin, you must provide Ivacy with your name and email address. Depending on the payment option you choose, you may be required to provide specific payment details. If you wish to sign up for this VPN anonymously, we recommend using Bitcoin.

You must provide an account name and a password to complete the account creation process. If you want to stay anonymous, use an account username that cannot be linked to you.

Ivacy VPN Best Features

Port forwarding and split tunneling are two noteworthy Ivacy VPN capabilities. We’ll go over them in more detail below.

Port forwarding

Ivacy charges an additional $1.00 per month for port forwarding. This enables the P2P network to link directly to your device, speeding up downloads. This function is recommended for torrent enthusiasts. If you choose Ivacy’s dedicated IP add-on, you will receive free port forwarding as a bonus.

Split tunneling

Ivacy provides the option of split tunneling. In 2010, it was the first VPN to achieve so. With this option, you can choose which traffic should be routed through a VPN connection and which should be sent outside the VPN tunnel (unencrypted and unprotected).



Ivacy is compatible with nearly all the latest devices and operating software; however, if you want to enjoy all of its features than we would recommend you not to download the client on Mac computers.

Ivacy has reliable Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS compatibility, and you can connect up to 5 devices with one Ivacy VPN account. According to our experience, Ivacy is the best VPN service for making your mobile devices private and secure.

When it comes to browsing, Ivacy doesn’t let you down as it offers separate browser WebRTC protection extension for Chrome and Firefox.

The best thing is that Ivacy also supports a number of television devices, and consoles including Xbox, PS3, or PS4.

But, if you want to enjoy the full range of features, including OpenVPN, we recommend you to use Ivacy on your Android devices and Windows desktop.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Unresponsive customer support can be a significant deal-breaker for many VPN users. When it came down to the customer support, Ivacy did not let us down!

In our honest opinion, Ivacy hands down have the most responsive customer support as compared to all the leading VPN service providers.

Ivacy has a 24/7 live chat option that enables you to quickly get reliable and detailed answers to your queries at any time of the day. For further assistance, you always check Ivacy’s “Frequently Asked Questions” section from in-depth, highly knowledgeable answers to common queries.

Ivacy VPN – FAQs

Question: What are the best features of Ivacy VPN?

You can connect with 2,000+ servers across the world with ultra fast upload and download speeds. Ivacy also offers Split Tunneling, WiFi Security, Internet Kill Switch, and several other security features. Ivacy is compatible also with Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS.

Question: Does Ivacy VPN unblock Netflix?

Yes Ivacy does unblock Netflix on most servers. However, we cannot confidently recommend you Ivacy solely for unblocking Netflix because it successfully unblock Netflix on most servers but also fails to perform on some server locations.

Does Reviewsed Recommend Ivacy VPN?


Well, there are some cons of Ivacy VPN. However, if you look at the bigger picture, every VPN has its pros and cons. Ivacy offers a 100% reliable security and privacy at budget-friendly prices.

If you do a price vs feature comparison, you will not find the fantastic number of features in any other VPN service for such low subscription charges.

Apart from it being affordable, the team of Ivacy actively monitors and updates the service to ensure that their customers are getting reliable, versatile, and easy to use VPN service at a reasonable price.

Therefore, Reviewsed highly recommends Ivacy VPN for its affordable and reliable VPN service, especially for torrenting and streaming.

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