MY EASYFI review

My EasyFi Review

Budgeting is one of the essential prerequisites for leading a contented life with fewer money problems. Because sinking in money in paying off expenses and doing groceries without having an accurate financial framework is much like wandering here and there without having a roadmap of your destination.

Although this appears complicated, these are the usual teething troubles that budgeters do encounter at the early stage of budgeting in order to get a tight hold on their spending patterns.

Thus, this time we have come up with the most straightforward personal finance tracking software to pave your way to domiciliary solvency.

My EasyFi is here to fix all those monetary concerns with its interactive budgeting feature that helps you gain control over your finances. All it calls for is syncing the app to your bank account to allow it to analyze and assess where you stand. Form getting you and your spouse on track to eliminating useless splurging My EasyFi web app works phenomenally in taming down complicated finance worries.

Therefore, if you happen to be a hustler, sinking in the bog of complicated finances, this virtual budget tracking app My EasyFi My EasyFi can undeniably mimic the feel of a personal investment consultant that could hasten your way out of debts.

The expense tracking software offers two plans. One is essential, while the other one is premium with improvised budgeting features to facilitate budgeting to help you achieve financial liberty with mindful spending.

Where My EasyFi Outshines?

My EasyFi

The app stresses rigorous monitoring of expenses to enhance and improve the quality of life while offering a bang for your buck. It emphasizes more on the categorical ordering of personal finances. The app covers all the basis of self-financing, and the chief concerns the modern-day budgeter meets. This financing web app lets the users view their financial circumstances from an emerging concept to bump into proficient ways for managing finances.

With the most comprehensive ways to depict an exact picture of one’s financial health, the app follows pictorial graphs and constant reminders to assist self-financers in handling their finances without cluttering them. This comes in handy in terms of keeping one aware of what tweaks and amends their budgets, and their lifestyle requires to reach the ultimate level of financial stability. So anytime you are overspending, the app’s automated system will instantly notify you to minimize the possibilities of getting penalties.

Now let’s deep dive into the amplification of the web app:

How Can You Sign Up For My EasyFi account?

No matter what plan you wish to subscribe to, either it’s the basic one or the premium one. In both cases, there will be a signup option accessible for the user. The app is as effective in the free version as in the paid one. The primary distinction is that the app’s premium plan is that the premium version is a bit more improvised in comparison to that of the free version.

The app has introduced a free program as well after considering contemporary finance practices. So you can catch a glimpse of the functionalities of the app before actually paying for the premium plan. Furthermore, the expense monitoring web app has a feature of a demo account, which allows you to have a glance at the entire budgeting process.


After you have registered to the app, you are directly swept to the dashboard where you actually come to terms with your finances. In the dashboard section, your entire financial health is illustrated evidently. The info depicted on the screen covers your monthly earnings, total spending, unusual expenses, and goals to meet. These pie charts thoroughly demonstrate and clarify your spending Versace your bi-annual goals.


The dashboard outlines the lacking in your budget by providing an in-depth analysis of your financial plan, which assists in monitoring all your expenses while tracking your potential to repay the debts owed.


Next comes the toolbox, which involves all the critical features of budgeting. It gets the budget builder to sync with your bank account. The app has slackened off the conventional budgeting approach by syncing the software with the budgeter’s bank account, which monitors and keeps a thorough check on all the transactions made without requiring him/her to update each transaction of the day manually.

After choosing your bank account, sync it with the app plus add-on transactions as well as allocate categories or groups for each expense individually. There’s also an option of labeling the income as your primary source of income or some passive source of income, which simplifies and lets the software to figure out and set priorities for your future goals.

You can designate expenses in the auto payment category with their due dates, and the system will maintain a record of it. Plus, it pops up notifications whenever the due date is near.


Budget Builder

Then the budget builder makes it to the list, which illustrates your six months’ income stats to foster a realistic budget that focuses mainly on repaying debts owed, sources of income, and future aims to accomplish. The app prominently concentrates on debt repayment and minimization of useless spending and crafting of a workable plan that complies with your current expenses.

Budget Builder

After allocating money for the obligations, you can check on the remaining budget left, which you can further assign to some other categories where you need it the most.

Affiliate Plan

Affiliate Plan

What a glad tiding it would sound if you cut back on the unusable expenditures while earning a fast buck through some side hustles?

Sounds captivating. Right? My EasyFi affiliate marketing plan lets you earn by bringing in referrals for its paid budgeting program. So if you are a free member, you will earn 50% commission and one-time earning for a month but that only if you bring in paid members. Whereas if you have registered for the paid version, you will earn a decent dough of money for an entire year on the referrals inclining to the paid plan.

Money Tracker

The main concept of the money tracking feature of My EasyFi is to offer you savvy money managing tricks and hacks to demonstrate a precise picture of your economic status. The web app leans on analytics and pie charts to keep you heedful of your current financial health.


More like the 50 /30/20 budgeting approach this also breaks the after-tax income into three leading categories 

  • 50% for critical needs.
  • 30% wants and personal priorities.
  • 20% for financial fitness.

Thus in case, you can’t resist the temptation to spend on dining out, the app is there to continually ping you if you are overspending on any one category.


Debt Eliminator

Repaying debt plays hob with our financial status. Therefore, to ease this tension, My EasyFi debt eliminator aligns goals to accomplish with its unique features to streamline the process of repaying debts. You need to fill in the necessary details like the debt amount and the interest rate, the sum you plan to pay off each month, and the debts compensated previously.

The app splits into two methods of debt repayment. The first one is the snowball, while the second one is the avalanche. In the first method, you initiate the payment procedure with the lowest sum, whereas in the second one, you are asked to start paying off debts from the maximum balance.

Debt Eliminator

Although the choice is all yours regarding which method you prefer to go with still, you can hasten the debt elimination process by earning via My EasyFi’s affiliate program and invest the earned bucks in settlement of debts.

Future Planner

Considering your current financial fitness, the future planner plans strategic money-saving hacks to achieve financial liberty in the near future. Also, this feature of the web app effectually mimics the feel of a personal finance professional that lets you kick off the uncertainty factor and bring forth innovative ways to score and save bucks simultaneously.

Future Planner

Wrap Up

Having a boatload of money managing features My EasyFi qualifies for one of the most reliable finance managing apps which offer real-time strategies to curb rising finance obstacles while monitoring a budgeter’s financial health. Moreover, considering the global recession, the entire globe is facing currently.

My EasyFi has come up with its ingenious affiliate plan, which sheds light on scoring big bucks while you are home. Though this won’t work as a complete alternate for your primary source of income still, it can compensate for those lost wages to some extent.

MY EasyFi is here to ensure that this pandemic doesn’t mess up with your revenue streams. So get on with EasyFi’s novel idea of making money while staying indoors.

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