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11 Free YouTube to MP3 Converters

Ever thought why you need youtube to mp3 converter? Youtube is the most significant video streaming service to date hands down, and I must admit I enjoy watching videos on it thoroughly. But the problem is every time I get a text notification, an email or even Snapchat; I have to leave Youtube and reply to those platforms.

At that moment the video or song stops unless I return to Youtube, resume it, and start playing again. We all don’t have that high-end multiscreen smartphone which makes it an even bigger hassle.

The same cannot be said for when you are watching Youtube on your laptop or PC, then again its a hassle because MP3 is a far more used and flexible format than MP4, that is a fact, which is why people convert youtube to mp3 more often. But yes, a good mp4 converter can give you high-quality mp4 videos after conversion.

Need to Download Youtube Audio?

Need to Download Youtube Audio?

Now, the best youtube to mp3 converter relies on your need for audio files. Majority of the users like to play audio for offline playbacks while some want to add those in their USBs plugged in Cars. While there are some, who want to create playlists of songs after downloading mp3 from youtube files.

Now the question is, how do you want to download youtube audio? Let’s find out further.

Benefits Of Using A YouTube to Mp3 Conversion tool

Although there are a multitude of music streaming platforms on which you can enjoy the latest music, YouTube to Mp3 continues to hold a distinct position for many music lovers.

Paid apps and services like Amazon Music and Spotify aren’t suitable for everyone, especially those who can’t afford to pay monthly subscriptions or live in a region where these apps are not yet available. On the other hand, YouTube is easier to access in nearly all parts of the world, and it’s free. Many people find music videos on YouTube and convert them to Mp3, to keep in their phone to enjoy later and on the go without needing an internet connection.

For the past couple of years, “YouTube to Mp3” has been a popular search term showing us that reliable Mp3 converters are still relevant and widely used.

When looking for a YouTube to Mp3 converter, be mindful of some consideration to ensure that the tool is effective and reliable. Firstly, check the tool’s conversion speed; a powerful converter will have a batch downloading feature, strict security standards are one of the most important factors. The tool should be easy to use and affordable, if not free.

If you need to convert one or two YouTube videos into Mp3 files occasionally, we suggest that you stick to an online tool. However, if you convert files frequently, go for a desktop application.


Here are some Precautionary steps that we suggest should be taken when using a free YouTube to MP3 Converter:

  • If you are going for a downloaded tool, make sure to download it from the official website only.
  • Before you install anything on your system, we recommend scanning the download with reliable Antivirus Software. Also, scan the Mp3 for any threats.
  • Avoid filling out forms and giving away personal information. 
  • Keep an eye on your PC’s performance after downloading and installing the converter tool if you notice any negative changes such as slower speeds etc. Uninstall the tool immediately and scan the system with Antivirus Software like TotalAV.
  • Do your research before selecting a tool. Read the user reviews, which will give you a better insight into the tool’s pros and cons.

What are the most important features a YouTube to Mp3 converter should have?

If you need to convert videos from YouTube to MP3, each of the 15 YouTube to MP3 converters offers a lot. Because every converter offers a variety of features and benefits, it may not be easy to choose which aspects are most important.

Let’s look at some aspects of choosing the ideal YouTube to MP3 converter to obtain the most significant value for your money as well as the highest quality for your time.

Bulk Download

Even at high speeds, using a converter that only allows you to download a limited quantity of videos at once may take a substantial amount of time. If you want to save time, seek a tool that supports batch processing.

Several converters might also have time limits on the duration of videos that can be downloaded, even while batch downloading, so keep that in mind.


The potential to download videos from locations other than your own may lead to some of the content you wish to obtain is in a different language. Many YouTube videos include closed captioning in a variety of languages.

Remember that persons with hearing loss may profit from subtitles as well. Choose a converter that offers captions in a wide range of languages so you are not limited in the videos you can download and convert.


Much like bulk conversions, speed is critical to prevent idling glued to your computer for hours waiting for the videos to convert and download. The perfect converter offers reliable and constant speeds regardless of file size or download length.

When converting YouTube videos to MP3, AVC is a fantastic choice for speed.

Types of Youtube to mp3 Online Converters

There are two types of youtube converter that you can find online. There is one that is an online Youtube converter where you paste the link of the Youtube videos, and it instantly converts your video into Mp3.

While there the latter is a youtube downloader mp3. This is software-based where you have to download the software on your Mac, Windows, Linux etc. and then use it. We don’t recommend it, but user to user needs differ, and you may be the one who wants to store audio on your PC through a software.

That is the reason we have gathered the 11 best platforms where you can quickly get mp3 from youtube.

The Smooth YouTube to MP3 Converters that Guarantee Downloads

  • Airy
  • Coconvert
  • Savenow
  • VideoHunter
  • Ytmp3
  • Y2Mate
  • 4kdownload
  • Any-video-converter
  • Free Youtube to MP3 – Dvdvideosoft

1. Airy


This app is on the top of the list, not for no reason. Just like with YTD Video Downloader, saving media on your hard drive with Airy requires minimal effort. The app offers you plenty of conversion options and even allows you to extract audio tracks from a convert YouTube video in MP3 format. It is also capable of downloading entire playlists or all videos of a specified channel.

Here is your user guide to Airy:

  1. Download and install Airy. A free version of the software allows you to save two videos. If you want to download more, go for the full version – it requires special activation.
  2. Please copy the link to a video or playlist or channel you’d like to download and paste it in Airy’s entry field.
  3. Choose a format for saving your videos. To extract a soundtrack, select MP3.
  4. Click < Download > button

The default destination for the media you save is Downloads folder; you can change it in Preferences.


  • Supports multiple Input and Output formats 
  • Supports multiple devices
  • No Ads
  • Free


  • Only downloads from YouTube


If you are looking for a highly time-efficient and cost-effective YouTube MP3 Downloader, then will surely impress you. The online YouTube converter is easy to use and allows you to convert several YouTube videos directly from the internet to MP3 format. 

With you can also convert YouTube videos into various audio formats, including MP3, M4A, WEBM, AAC, FLAC, OPUS, OGG, WAV, and several video formats, including MP4 (360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 1440p) and WEBM (4K and 8K). You can also download completely or portions of playlists without any hassle. is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, PSP, and Amazon Kindle Fire. You can conveniently download YouTube audio and videos from Loader. to’s website for free, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of downloading any app/software without registration or paying any subscription charges. supports all popular sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, TikTok, IMDb, Twitch, and more. 

Loader is free from any malware threats, so you enjoy free YouTube video downloading safely and efficiently.


  • Simple and efficient interface
  • Supports 1440p, 4K, and 8K
  • Safe from malware 
  • Website available in various languages
  • Free and easy to use


  • Old-fashioned website
  • Limited features

3. Coconvert


The powerful YouTube video downloader Coconvert is a complete tool that enables you to download your entire YouTube playlist with a click of a button. The best thing about the software is that you can download videos up to the highest resolution. It’s easy to use and beginner-friendly.

Downloading a YouTube playlist and individual videos is simple and quick, so you can enjoy content from YouTube when you are offline. Below you can find the easy step-by-step guide to quickly downloading playlists on YouTube and simultaneously converting videos to MP4 or MP3 with ease:

  • Copy the link of the YouTube playlist you wish to download.
  • Open Coconvert YouTube Playlist Downloader and paste the link in the URL box.
  • Select your preferred format.
  • Click on settings to choose the start and the endpoint of the playlists.
  • Click download


  • A helpful web-based tool 
  • Convert and download videos in 9 different formats
  • Efficient YouTube playlist downloader
  • Safe from malicious content
  • Download up to 100 videos at once


  • Average download speed while downloading multiple videos

4. Savenow


For multiple reasons, Savenow is regarded as one of the best YouTube to WAV converter tools on the internet. It’s powerful, quick, and efficient, capable of converting YouTube video to different formats, including the WAV format. Best of all! There are no limits to how many YouTube videos you can convert and download.

Using the Savnow YouTube to WAV converter is the best way to store YouTube videos on your mobile device for offline consumption. Rest assured, with the help of this internet app; you can maintain the high-quality format of a video using the lossless WAV format. The tool is exceptionally quick as it takes only a few seconds to complete the conversation and provide a download.

 The systematic guide for converting and downloading YouTube videos into WAV files:

  • Find the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert.
  • Copy and paste the URL in the URL box on the website.
  • Select WAV as your desired output format.
  • Click the download button.


  • Developed by Microsoft and IBM
  • User-friendly interface
  • Convert several videos simultaneously
  • Safe from all viruses, malware, and phishing


  • Limited features

5. VideoHunter


VideoHunter is popular for its fast and reliable YouTube to mp3 conversion and download performance. You can download videos with up to 320kbps sound quality and 1080p, 4K, and even 8K video quality. You can extract and download YouTube subtitles as text and convert and download multiple videos with its batch download feature.

VideoHunter is also excellent for regions with geo-restricted content as it has a Built-in Proxy Integration that helps you unblock, convert, and download geo-restricted videos. The app is lightweight and highly user-friendly, which makes it an excellent option for beginners. With VideoHunter’s free version, you can download up to 6 single videos per day in up to 480p video resolution.


  • Excellent user interface
  • Supports 1080p, 4K, and 8K
  • Easy conversion and download from 1,000+ Sites
  • User-friendly features
  • Fast and Efficient Performance
  • Supports bulk video downloading
  • Fantastic range of features


  • Not available for Android and iOS
  • Pricey option

6. Ytmp3


YouTube to Mp3 known as Ytmp3, is the best online youtube mp3 converter to date! There is no site above this one as its simplicity makes it unique. The website has no gimmicks or any fascinating features. It only gives you one option; to convert your YouTube files to Mp3 or Mp4 format. However, you can check this youtube to mp4 converter.

The website interface is non-conventional and looks old but gets the job done instantly making it a craved site.


  • Simple design
  • Supports multiple formats
  • Easy downloads


  • Lack of features
  • Old website design



FLVTO supports all formats. It is a free online youtube to mp3 converter that doesn’t require much effort. Copy-paste the URL and start the conversion to your prefered format. You get high-quality tracks on all your devices and operating system without any trouble.

Free high-quality tracks are always here for you no matter what OS or device you use! The service is being used by millions of users, which makes this a credible site, to begin with. No pop-up ads and no frustrating pop-up tabs will come your way. Give it a try, and we guarantee you will use it for all your audio needs.


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Simple design


  • Doesn’t have multiple formats options

8. Y2Mate


Y2Mate is not a software, instead of a web-based free Youtube to Mp3 converter that gives you quick conversions. It has straightforward design because there is no need for extra added gimmicks when the tool is meant for just one purpose; converting youtube to mp3 online.

All you need to do is, copy-paste the URL and hit convert. The URL will convert the audio into Mp3 after which you can download it. You can select between multiple formats of course, depending on your need.


  • Easy downloads
  • Simple design 
  • All platforms supported
  • Direct upload on Google Drive


  • Includes on a feature only
  • Old website design
  • Does not convert copyright protected files

9. 4kdownload


4KDownload is a mind-boggling software with a conventional design. It gives you the best 4K Video Downloader that has an exceptional response. The software supports:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • DailyMotion
  • SoundCloud

It works as a standard Youtube converter. Copy-paste the video URL and start the conversion. The file will download at your respective destination. You can go through multiple formats and start the download. Every time you download it gives you the option beforehand. 

The software is free, giving you 24 consecutive download options, that of course, the speed depends on the speed of your internet connection. It’s easy to operate, fast and doesn’t require much learning. Gives you plenty of other options as well that you can scroll once you download it.


  • Built-in music player
  • Windows, macOS or Linux configuration
  • Quickly transfer music to iTunes
  • Supports all site formats


  • Download speed lags with multiple downloads

10. Any-video-converter

This is the right software for all because it provides multiple functionalities in one software. Apart from converting Youtube video to Mp3 it gives:

  • Burning video to DVD or AVCHD DVD
  • Highest HEVC/H.265 Video Coding Efficiency
  • Edit Videos on it
  • Rip and Extract Audio from CDs and Videos

This is not an ordinary Youtube converter and does not confuse it for one because it is a flexible platform available for free, giving you plenty of options to play around with your video and audio.  

If you are looking only for a converter, then this is not for you as it gives more than that. But having multiple options handy wouldn’t harm, right? Either way, downloading your audio is relatively simple as you require to copy-paste the youtube URL and click on the convert button. Next, you hit the download button, and the download starts. 

That’s all to it. 


  • Supports multiple Input and Output formats 
  • Supports multiple devices
  • No Ads
  • Free


  • Only for Windows and Mac
  • Not a user-friendly software for anyone Converting Youtube to Mp3

11. Free Youtube to MP3 – Dvdvideosoft

With over 188,100,471 installs since 2006, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is the perfect solution to download YouTube audio. It is easily downloaded on any operating system unless you are using an old version of your software.

A single click starts the download, and you can configure it in a few steps making the process hassle-free. However, you can come across multiple adware for which you need to be extra cautious while installing it.

That is the only thing you need to worry about. After the download completes, open the app, and you will see plenty of easily understandable options, nothing to worry about. You will get a drop-down menu where you can decide which format you want, file download destination.

Copy and paste the YouTube link and your download will start instantly. The software doesn’t take much of your internal space, its compact, nothing gloomy or confusing about it, no need for instructions. It’s possibly the easiest youtube converter ever.


  • Fast download speeds
  • User-friendly design
  • Few clicks start the download
  • Multiple downloads together


  • Outdated software design

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why Is There a Need For YouTube To MP3 Converters?

Depending on your needs, the internet provides a range of free and paid tools that you can employ. There are numerous reasons for using a YouTube to MP3 converter for converting videos to audio formats.

YouTube videos are typically lengthy. Some of us who have a lot on our plates may find this problematic. Conversely, a converter allows you to watch your favorite movies while driving or perform other duties such as washing and housekeeping.

2. Is it unlawful to convert and download music from YouTube to MP3?

Technically, converting a YouTube content to MP3 is not prohibited by the law. On the other hand, downloading a licensed music video from YouTube is illegal.

The debate is still underway, and no one will be prosecuted for participating. With privacy and media rights being such a hot topic these days, it’s critical to understand why you shouldn’t download copyrighted materials.

3. How Can YouTube to MP3 Converters Be Used?

Using free online applications known as YouTube to MP3 converters, you can download YouTube videos in Mp3 format so that they can be enjoyed on a majority of media devices. There are several YouTube to MP3 converters available on the internet today, and they all work in the same way.

Simply paste the link to the video you want to download into the text box and then click “Convert.” The tool will then extract the sound from the videos and save it as a file in your computer’s downloads folder.

It is important to remember that not all YouTube to MP3 converters seem to be compatible with all web browsers. While others are usable across all of the leading browsers, some will only run with Microsoft Edge or Firefox.

You should also ensure that your computer satisfies the minimum requirements for running these programs.

Wrapping It Up

After downloading and using multiple softwares and online converters, we have gathered these seven best YouTube to Mp3 converters. It’s important to understand where red flags lie. The moment you see pop-up ads and links that are diverting to you to another tab or site are spams.

You need to avoid those sites immediately. Sites that take too much time for the conversion to happen, because conversion doe not take up time. Lastly, those sites after which you see weird activities on your PC, such as viruses or anything that affects your PCs performance.

That is all for today. Tell us what you think in the comments below and if you have any recommendations as well.

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