Alchemist Code Tier

The Alchemist Code Tier List

The Alchemist Code is an extremely strategic role-playing game that requires precise tactics to outclass the opponent off the battlefield and needs some overly potent players. This is where our ultimate Alchemist Code Tier List will come for your help.

Alchemist Code carries numerous characters, and, surprisingly, each one of them possesses massive qualities, making it trickier for you to select the best fitting one. To help with this, the list below is carefully curated, ranking characters from the best to average.

With this as your guide, you’ll have a solid understanding of the Alchemist Code’s current meta so that you can construct your team around that. However, just before getting into the tier list, let’s quickly go through a few must-have characters of the game. Choosing even a single player from them can take your combination to the next, more advanced level.

The Alchemist Code Best Units


Balt is one of the top male human characters in the alchemist code unit ranking. His element is wind, and he uses farmable twin blades and a nifty sword to outnumber all enemies. He is an outstanding utility hero and a great real team player as well.

With an excellent leader skill attributed as “Fresh Wind’s Boon,” Balt has the potential to elevate PATK and the evasion rate of other wind units.

This mighty player can increase the HP and attack power to whatever degree best suits the situation when needed.


This is a female human character who’s an extremely potent knight and processes the element of the dark. Thanks to the bloody rose skill, Anastasia can provide massive dark damage to all her opponents in specific areas. She uses her HP to render dark damage to the enemies.

Moreover, Anastasia’s controller can easily make her increase several player stats, including evasion rate, HP, PATK, and much more. All these abilities prove super beneficial in most of the important battles against all foes.

Don Taras

Another superb male character of The Alchemist Code tier list and the mafia boss who controls little heaven. Don Taras was roused based on past time memories with a catalyst that generated Ouroborus powers.

Though he has a bully boy attire, Don Taras has a strong moral obligation that enables him to bestow great kindness to children, women, and those who act as per the regulations. As a result, Taras is a well-known person out of his league as well.


Aisha is one of the youngest female human players on the alchemist code tier list who possesses the element of light. Her very special Prism Flower skill helps her launch four-light missiles at the enemies, providing the most possible damage to them.

With this, Aisha can increase her MATK and HP. She can increase MATK up to 50% and HP up to 205. All these marvelous capabilities bundle together to make Aisha a very fruitful player of The Alchemist Code game.


Leica is one of the most top-rated Alchemia Mage in the entire Alchemist Code Characters list. Though she is extremely shy and withdrawn, mainly because her surroundings have always pressured Neica, her overall performance is mind-blowing.

She’s very fascinated by the people around her, but she can’t bear meeting anyone face to face. Observing them from a distance is the best she can do. Neica feels most at comfort in solitude.

Tier-S: Top Units of the Alchemist Code RPG


All the ones mentioned below are the most high-rated players of The Alchemist Code’s current meta. They are the most suitable in their element type and can fit jobs that will ally well with almost every roster combination.

NameTypeSkillBase (Available Jobs)
BaltHuman, MaleFresh Wind’s BoonTwin-Blade Swordsman, Dark Cavalier, Thief
AnastasiaHuman, FemaleTwilight’s TranceCrafter, Dark Knight, Dark Cavalier
AishaHuman, Female Light Of Dawn’s HeartbeatSage, Magic Meister, Shadow Assassin
Don TarasHuman, Male Raging Fire’s HeartbeatWarrior, Don of Little Heaven, Holy Cavalier
OthimaHuman, Male Pure Water’s HeartbeatSage, Phantom Master, Enchanter 
NeicaHuman, FemaleLight Of Dawn’s HeartbeatMagic Swordsman, Battle Mage, Sage
DenebHuman, Female Thunderer’s TranceDon of Little Heaven, Crafter, Astrologer
Dark MiraHuman, Female Pure Water’s HeartbeatShadow Assassin, Summoner, Astrologer
MargaretHuman, FemaleLight Of Dawn’s HeartbeatMerchant, Sage, Magic Swordsman
DaisyHuman, Female Raging Fire’s HeartbeatSacred Spearman, Crafter, Holy Brawler
LupinusHuman, Female Raging Fire’s HeartbeatChronomancer, Sage, Summoner
BerthaHuman, FemaleTwilight’s HeartbeatRanger, Boom Technician, Crafter
Laila Human FemaleThunderer’s TranceThunderer Trickster, Sage, Spy
GormalasHuman, Male Twilight’s WorshipPirate, Holy Brawler, Dragon Knight
Hugo Human, Male Light Of Dawn’s HeartbeatTwin-Blade Swordsman, Sniper, Magia Gunslinger
KlimaHuman, FemalePure Water’s HeartbeatDiviner, Sage, Bride
ZweiHuman, Female, Templar Fresh Wind’s HeartbeatBattle Mage, Beast Shadow Master, Bard
TsukuyomiHuman, FemaleTwilight’s HeartbeatDiviner, Sage, Chronomancer
ViviHuman, Female Raging Fire’s HeartbeatGunner, Magia Gunslinger, Sage
SharonHuman, FemaleThunderer’s HeartbeatWild Beast-Tamer, Warrior, Thunderer’s Flash Sword
ReidoHuman, Male Twilight’s HeartbeatMagic Swordsman, Sage, Magic Meister

Tier-A: Very Powerful Players But Not the Best


Though not the best ones but still worth opting for. Plus, these units also make up a large part of the current meta, meaning they are great alternatives to the contestants of S-Tier. They are amazing in their domains, but not to the point of being overpowered.

NameTypeSkillBase (Available Jobs)
CarisHuman, FemaleMarksman’s BoonSniper, Gunner, Crafter
ChihayaHuman, FemaleCryptic RevelationSamurai, Chronomancer, Dancer
FreedHuman, MaleStabber’s BoonDragon Knight, Martial Artist, Soldier
LamiaHuman, FemaleStabber’s BoonSpearman, Dragon Knight, Holy Knight
LofiaHuman, FemaleCryptic RevelationEnchanter, Chronomancer, Magic Swordsman
MegistosHuman, FemaleMarksman’s BoonCrafter, Bishop, Gunner
MianneHuman, FemaleCryptic GuardianBishop, Mage, Priest
SabaretaHuman, FemaleWrath’s TranceHunter, Dark Knight, Thief
SuiranHuman, MaleFresh Wind’s BoonMachinist, Beast Tamer Blacksmith
TinaHuman, FemaleCryptic PulseWind Wielder, Hunter
ZangetsuHuman, MaleStabber’s BoonMartial Artist, Dragon Cavalier, Samurai
CelineHuman, FemaleCryptic TranceBishop, Chronomancer, Mage
ChiruruHuman, FemalePure Water’s BreathSage, Astrologer, Bard
HazukiHuman, FemaleFresh Wind’s BoonEnchanter, Professor, Mage
LisbethHuman, FemalePure Water’s BoonSnow Witch, Witch, Apprentice Witch
LucianHuman, FemaleSmasher’s BoonHoly Brawler, Martial Artist, Beast Tamer
MiaHuman, FemaleSorcerer’s BoonBishop, Ninja, Mage
RahuHuman, FemaleCryptic SenseEnchanter, Bishop, Chronomancer
ScherazadeHuman, FemaleFreshWind’s TranceMagic Swordsman, Dancer, Sage
StrieHuman, FemaleSwordsman’s BoonMagic Swordsman,  Thief, Gunner
ThillieHuman, FemaleFresh Wind’s HeartbeatNinja, Sage, Beast Tamer
VincentHuman, MaleThunderer’s HeartbeatBard, Professor, Sage

Tier-B: Average Units


These are acceptable players that perform their abilities very well, at least well enough to round out your game. Many from this tier also have pretty fine utilities bundled with them so that users can build versatile roster combinations.

NameTypeSkillBase (Available Jobs)
AlmiraHuman, Female Marksman’s FervorSniper, Hunter, Beast Tamer
AmisHuman, FemaleCryptic VisionBard, Crafter, Priest
ArkilHuman, MaleSwordsman’s FervorMagic Swordsman, Beast Tamer, Thief
CelliersHuman, FemaleLust’s HeartbeatNinja, Dragon Cavalier,  Thief
ElaineHuman, FemaleMarksman’s FervorHunter, Gunner, Thief
EnnisHuman, FemaleCryptic ForesightDancer, Chemist, Priest
JakeHuman, MaleCryptic Silence Res Lv1Bard, Chemist, Mage
KazahayaHuman, FemaleSmasher’s FervorMartial Artist, Ninja, Thief
LeonHuman, MaleSorcerer’s FervorMagic Swordsman, Mage, Bard
MizuchiHuman, MaleSwordsman’s FervorNinja, Thief, Hunter
PeridotHuman, FemalePrairie’s BoonSage, Thief, Mage
RichieHuman, MaleMarksman’s FervorCrafter, Hunter, Soldier
YutoHuman, MaleRaging Fire’s OrbWarrior, Twin-Blade Swordsman, Beast Tamer
AlyuHuman, FemaleCryptic FavorBishop, Chemist, Bard
AnneroseHuman, FemaleCryptic FervorBishop, Crafter, Mage
BlanchettHuman, FemaleWrath’s BoonMartial Artist, Samurai, Twin-Blade Swordsman
D’ ArtagnanHuman, FemaleEnvy’s TranceValkyrie, Ninja, Sacred Spearman
EdgarHuman, MaleThunder’s BoonHard-Boiled Man, Drifter, Gunner
ElrikeHuman, FemaleEnvy’s HeartbeatMerchant, Bard, Thief
FayreneHuman, FemaleFresh Wind’s HeartbeatSamurai, Dancer, Necromancer
KanonHuman, FemaleEnvy’s BoonElite Knight, Apprentice Paladin, Paladin
KuonHuman, FemaleCryptic FervorShrine Maiden, Chemist, Priest
MichaelHuman, MaleSorcerer’s FervorChronomancer, Chemist, Mage
PattyHuman, MaleCryptic ForesightEnchanter, Dancer, Bard
RebeccaHuman, FemaleLust’s HeartbeatDiviner, Magic Meister, Mage
StraussHuman, MaleMarksman’s FervorCrafter, Hunter, Gunner
YuanHuman, FemaleCryptic ForesightNinja, Thief, Hunter
ZekeHuman, FemaleEnvy’s TranceHoly Cavalier, Dark Cavalier, Holy Knight

Frequently Asked Questions

Which units in The Alchemist Code are the best?

The S tier contains the most outstanding units in The Alchemist Code. They are powerful and adaptable and may be employed in practically any situation.

Which units in The Alchemist Code are the worst?

The Alchemist Code’s worst units are those in the E tier. They aren’t particularly good and should be avoided in the majority of cases.

What is the purpose of a tier list?

A tier list is helpful since it can help you better understand the game and make better judgments about what to do in it. It can also assist you in determining who your strongest allies and adversaries are.

What are the many tiers in The Alchemist Code?

The game has six different tiers: S, A, B, C, D, and E. The better the unit, the higher the tier.

Can the tier list of The Alchemist Code units be updated?

This tier list is expected to change as the game proceeds. Previously powerful units may become weaker, and vice versa. Because the Alchemist Code tier list is subjective, different people may have differing views on which units belong in which tier.

Why do players in The Alchemist Code need a tier list?

Players use a tier list to assist them in making better judgments about who to use in the game. It can also assist them in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of various units.

Is using a tier list considered cheating?

No, utilizing a tier list does not constitute cheating. It is a tool that can assist you in making better gaming judgments.

Who determines the tier lists?

Experts who have played the game professionally and have a strong understanding of the units in the game create tier lists.


The battles in any RPG game are nerve-wracking, but when it comes to gameplay as intense as the Alchemist code, you must also be able to leverage your team’s unique combination of elements and jobs. 

Fortunately, the tier list you have just gone through will not only help find the best fitting characters but provide a brief of each one’s leadership skills, jobs, and type, so you churn the perfect combo. 

Alchemist Code enjoyed and played by millions in the world, especially Japan, has several tiers for its Heros. Till now, we hope you have come up with a great team to conquer the game’s toughest challenges

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