Apex Legends

Apex Legends Review


  • Gunplay is brutal and satisfying
  • Highly engaging gameplay
  • Interesting exploration and resource management
  • Smooth graphics and movements
  • Enjoy additional content with the Battle Pass


  • Aesthetics need improvement

Key Specifications

  • Developer: Respawn
  • Publisher: EA
  • Genre: Battle Royale FPS
  • Platforms: PS4, PC, Xbox One

With popular fan-favorite FPS Battle Royal games such as PUBG and Fortnite dominating the segment, it was hard to imagine that a new breakout game could create too much excitement and become a frontrunner. 

In 2019, Respawn Entertainment introduced Apex Legends as their take on the much-loved deathmatch game, with some exciting additions had players hooked from the get-go. This year, the new Apex update mobile app version of the game was introduced with the full version’s same immersive and responsive gunplay.

The developers of Apex update was able to compete with larger, more popular games like Fortnite and PUBG by keeping things exciting and providing players with an ambitious universe, new content updates, and thrilling changes to a tried and tested formula.

As a result, the game was able to maintain a level of enthusiasm among players, which has played a key role in its quick and consistent success. Recently, the full version of the Apex Legends Next Legendreleased its 9th season, and as with all seasons before this, the latest versions had plenty of new and updated elements. Apex Legends updates usually introduce new map variants or new mechanics. 

Another big reason behind the game’s success, despite its few shortcomings, such as the lack of a distinct visual identity, is that it is free-to-play, and the battle passes are also affordable. The affordability aspect makes the game more accessible to a wider audience.

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As with most battle royale games, the gameplay of Apex update today is simple – Your Trio squad consisting of you and two other players land on an expansive map to battle it out to be the last squad standing as the ring shrinks to confine players into a combat arena. To win, you must play your own part in wiping out other players while also using teamwork to ensure that your squadmates also survive the deathmatch. Putting your heads together as a team and working as a unit is the best way to overpower the competition and gather important resources. 

 Every player and every team has a unique playstyle. They could either choose to use a defensive approach using stealth and hunting down other players or choose a more overt and aggressive approach. Both approaches work well, but working together with your teammates and playing it safe serves as a recipe for success. Using the right weapons for your approach is imperative for a well-executed game that equals to a win. Thankfully, Apex Legends has a large number of firearms and equipment to suit different strategies.

Initially, the game only had Trio squads, and the Duos were limited to seasonal events. But after players requested for duo squads, the developers answered with an update that allows you and another player to form a unit and battle it out with other duos.  

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As we have mentioned earlier, Apex Legends is known for its frequent exciting updates. Although the initial game featured many interesting characters, a number of new faces have also been introduced to the roster, each having a good selection of abilities that can be used to your advantage during the game. From fun scientists to mysterious assassins, there are some good choices and fan favorites, including Wattson, introduced in the second season; she is a vibrant young woman with the ability to place electrical fences to restrict enemies or install a generator to restore all shields in the area.

One of the S-tier characters: Octane, quickly became a viral favorite and was one of the original characters of the Apex Legends world when it was launched.

His unique abilities not only make him a great 1on1 player but also a great team player thanks to his jump pad that his allies can use to their advantage for jump attacks at the right moment. His tactical ability allows him to walk and sprint faster than anyone else, but this ability costs health to use. When used strategically and carefully, this ability can prove to be a game-winner.

You can also select Crypto – a surveillance expert that will help you spy on your enemies with the help of drone technology. If the ability is charged up, we recommend you drain their shields before you dive in for the finishing blow. Revenant is a recent addition capable of disabling enemy abilities from a far distance or setting up a ghastly totem that will allow you to respawn if you die. The character has a few limitations. However, it can be very useful if you use it correctly.

The new characters are designed to keep visual aesthetic in one of the top considerations. Therefore, they stand out in the menus and on the battlefield.

The core objective of Apex Legends remains the same – providing you with heros that add value to the gameplay. Factoring gunplay and maps have also massively improved/evolved during the previous year.

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King’s Canyon was the first map of Apex Legends when it was newly launched. After that, the World’s Edge was introduced that features a more dynamic and chaotic area that is filled with various climates and landmasses. World’s Edge map features various vertical and horizontal areas, both outdoors and indoor, that add unpredictability and excitement to each confrontation.

I prefer World’s Edge over the traditional King’s Canyon when it comes to more variety in moment-to-moment action. Hopefully, Apex Legends will continue to introduce newer maps with its coming seasons.

Similar to Call of Duty, Fortnite, and several other popular modern multiplayer games, Apex Legends follows the seasonal approach. Players can purchase premium battle passes that come with hundreds of levels, with every level unlocking/earning them a vast selection of charms, skins, loading screens, and other relevant cosmetics.

The progression system is also impressive, and if you are playing on a daily, weekly, or weekly basis, you will find better value for your premium battle pass investment. Talking about the rewards, don’t worry. You’ll earn them as you play and progress in the game, no matter if you are keeping a close eye on challenges or not. However, you can play as specific heroes to earn rewards more quickly and efficiently.

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Visual effects and aesthetics is one of the major downsides of Apex Legends. In our opinion, the visual effects and aesthetics need to be consistent and improve drastically before it can lead to other popular first-person shooter games.

What age rating is Apex Legends?

Apex has a PEGI score of 16. According to PEGI, this is due to “consistent depictions of violence against human characters and moderate violence.” ‘Not suitable for children under the age of 16.’

This PEGI rating only considers the game’s content, not the contact element, in which players might have exposure to swearing and other offensive language and signs from strangers via voice or on-screen text chat.


There is currently no in-game report system. Instead of being able to report someone in-game for abusive language, cyberbullying, or ruining the experience for others, the game now requires you to make your complaints externally.

On PC, open the offending player’s profile in Origin (EA’s game client) and report them from there. On the console, EA’s website directs PS4 players to the PlayStation guide for reporting PSN users and Xbox One players to Microsoft’s Xbox Live code of conduct page.

Apex Legends is working on a report button, but the goal is to specifically report cheating within the game rather than players displaying inappropriate behaviors such as cyberbullying.

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Apex legends is amongst the best battle royale games. It has evolved since 2019, and its future looks tremendously bright. Respawn Entertainment listens closely to Apex Legends’ fans and makes consistent efforts to improve the game and enhance the gaming experience.

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