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5 Browser Extensions Every Gamer Should Have

Gone are the days of simple browsers that perform just the basic actions. Now we can customize the way we browse the web. The default browsers like Chrome and Firefox are minimalistic and allow everyone to modify them. From differently colored themes that fit personal aesthetics to mind-blowing extensions, you can create the perfect browsing experience just for you.

Gamers could find hundreds of themes and extensions that are both useful and fun. If you are into gaming, don’t forget about cybersecurity. Apps like a VPN could be beneficial if you tend to spend hours playing your favorite video games. Always look for the best VPN service that fits your needs. The best VPN service will hide your IP address, encrypt your traffic, warn you about suspicious web locations, and many more.

Here are our top five picks for the best browser extensions every gamer should try out:

1. Little Alchemy

Let’s start this list with a small but popular browser game. Little Alchemy is highly addictive and perfect for work or study breaks. Just like the name implies, you start with four essential elements. Then you discover various things by combining them. It is a puzzle game but with an educational twist.

It is available in nine languages, and you can even load it offline. Of course, you could invite your friends to play Little Alchemy and compete with each other. There are also achievements to collect. This game is free and doesn’t have any distracting ads. You can fully enjoy the world of alchemy without popups or boring videos.

2. Awesome Screenshot

Gamers love taking screenshots and sharing them with friends or on social media. However, the Awesome Screenshot extension allows you to do more with your screenshots. It can capture your entire screen, and then you may customize it to your liking. This extension features a blur tool and annotations too. So you don’t need to load an image editing software to add text to a screenshot.

Users get their gallery, and there they can find all the saved screenshots. You have an option to create folders for different video games and keep everything organized. Awesome Screenshot is available for all Chrome versions and is very easy to use.

3. QR Code Generator

If you create gaming-related content and are looking for an easy way to share it, try QR Code Generator. QR codes have been used for quite some time by businesses, blogs, and websites, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one too. QR Code Generator allows you to create and customize a code. Users have endless options in terms of colors and shapes.

The best part is that QR Code Generator is simple, but you can develop a design that fits your brand and style. There is an option to integrate your logo too. You could create links to websites, business cards, email, and so on. It is a must-have if you share gaming content and want to expand your audience.

4. InvisibleHand

Gaming gear could be expensive, but InvisibleHand extension can help out with that. This nifty tool can search the web in seconds and find the lowest price for an item you want to buy. So if you are looking for a new gaming headset on Amazon, InvisibleHand will automatically search for the same item on hundreds of other shopping websites. You will get a notification if it finds a lower price at a different location.

InvisbleHand comes with another useful feature – coupons. When you select a store, the available coupons should automatically appear on the screen. You can get the best possible deal and score some freebies along the way. It is an excellent way to save money, especially on pricier items that don’t fit your regular budget.

5. Remind Me

Finally, there is Remind Me, a productivity app that could be pretty useful when gaming. Some of us get entirely immersed in a game that we forget to do chores or miss important things. Luckily, Remind Me allows you to create small reminders that pop up and flash. You can customize the message, as well as its duration.

The overall design is simple yet elegant. There are no fancy or complicated features. Unfortunately, you don’t have an option to set weekly reminders, just the ones that are due within 24 hours. But this extension will make sure you don’t forget anything from your to-do list and still enjoy your favorite video games as much as you want.   

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