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Halo 5: Forge (for PC) Review

Halo 5 Forge is one of the top choices for anyone looking for a decent multi-player PC package at a very affordable price. Will Halo 5 come to PC was a popular debate since the past decade, but now when Halo 5 Forge Bundle is on PC and virtually free as well, there’s nothing to stop multi-players from reaping the best of it.

Halo Forge PC comes with a horde of multi-player capabilities, like the map-editing titular mode, giving you a lot to chew through. However, the content does have a couple of blemishes that you should be mindful of.

It suffers from a tight field of view, making the playing experience unexpectedly frustrating for most people. In addition, the PC version has a pretty limited multi-player matchmaking capacity that is squeezed to just private lobbies, stopping users from collaborating with their Xbox Live friends.

Still, for users who can ignore these and a few other minor issues, Halo 5 Forge PC is well worth installing. After all, you can’t miss a free PC multi-player game. Here’s everything about how Halo 5 on PC feels like.


  • Amazing competitive first-person shooter action
  • Editing capabilities let you edit and customize your own Halo 5 multiplayer maps.
  • Virtually Free
  • Most Halo 5 Guardian-Like Multiplayer Modes
  • Allows Near-limitless Map Customization
  • Huge Collection of 343 Industries’ and Fan-Made Maps on offer 

Multiplayer Modes


  • Lacks PC-Friendly Field-of-View Slider
  • Restricted Multiplayer Matchmaking 
  • Object Manipulation is Complicated for Newbies
  • Doesn’t Allow Framerate Uncapping 

Though the Halo 5 for PC lacks multiplayer progression and story campaign, unlike the Xbox’s primary Halo 5: Guardians, Forge is worth your attention if you are impatient for a shooter or very fond of the series.

Forge has almost all of the multiplayer modes and features one can relish via Halo 5: Guardian bundle. It includes the highly competitive Arena mode, 16-player matches, and all of Halo multiplayer maps, providing you with a ton of rich content to rejoice.

What’s more? Forge has also got the near-limitless map customization housed within Guardians. What’s different from Guardian and a little disappointing is that users can not customize their armors or earn ranks here. But to make up for this, the entire gameplay is still here.


There’s no doubt that Forge’s multiplayer offerings are amusing and not so different from Guardians either, but connectivity is a little more scarce. Unlike other robust shooters, Forge players can’t directly hop in and hit upon a game to play a few casual rounds.

Instead, you have to build your own custom contest lobbies and invite friends to join in. Now, this might look very simple to users who own sufficient Xbox friend lists, but those who don’t are required to hunt down exchange Gamertags or online communities to play in their created private lobbies.

This is probably the most dreadful process for most gamers but is, unfortunately, the only way to establish multiplayer sessions in the current Halo 5 Multiplayer meta.

Action Controls

Users who own a dedicated gamepad are good to go and will probably feel pretty natural while maneuvering Halo 5 Forge’s actions. For those who want to play with their mouse and keyboard, we suggest slightly tweaking the program’s action controls beforehand.

Most of the combat controls feel good except the dodge/booster function, mapped to the Caps Lock key. It’s a little awkward to use and thus would prove more effective if mapped to an extra mouse button instead. This way, users can also avoid their pinkies from getting strained too often.

User Convenience

The map creating a feature that uses assets from the Halo games has been very famous since its inclusion in Halo 3. Luckily, the massive Forge level-editing system also allows you to make the most of this feature.

You can pick from any developer 343-made maps to alter or browse the extensive collection of fan-made choices to modify or playthrough. As far as navigating and switching between Forge’s menus is concerned, it’s as easy as anything you can expect doing via a mouse and keyboard.

Movement through WASD is allowed, and camera orientation can be set as per your preference by moving the mouse while pressing the right-click. Users can pick objects by simply clicking on them. This will display three arrows on the selected object, representing the x, y, and z axes.

The axes are then utilized to move, orient, or stretch on the selected object. While this sounds pretty handy, using it in real life has been very clingy, according to many user complaints. The object manipulation is very awkward, especially for all first-time Halo Forge users who might need considerable time to get used to Halo’s controls.

An increase in the number of keyboard shortcuts might help solve the issue and make the editor more comfortable for newbies.

Display and Graphics

The Halo 5 Forge is compatible with all monitors that feature 4k resolution and allows you to control most of the gameplay’s graphical capabilities you would most possibly like to alter. Adjustable features include Shadows, Reflection Quality, Textures, Ambient Occlusion, and Foliage Quality.

Until now, most users believe that the game executes in a pretty good manner even when tweaking the most visual display settings to Max or High. The program can also easily lock the frame rate to 30 or 60 fps.

Typically, 60fps is perfect, and the game runs well enough that executing it at that rate isn’t a big deal. Unfortunately, the Halo 5 PC version currently doesn’t allow users to uncap the frame rate, meaning you can not fully benefit from your High-resolution monitor.

However, 343 Industries is aware of the limitation and is working on a future update to address the uncapping demand. A more severe problem is the absence of a decent field-of-view slider. Forge houses a 60-degree FOV which is fine for console gamers but turns out to be very restricted on the PC version.

As PC gamers sit much closer to their screen than those who play on their TVs, Halo 5 Forge on PC feels like you’re gaming through a spyglass. Such a view exaggerates a user’s actions and can give headaches in case of long periods of play.

Just like the Fps issue, Halo 5 Forge developers are aware of this problem and are working to improve it soon.

Is Crossplay Available In Halo 5?

Crossplay is not supported by Halo 5 at all. According to recent reports, there are no immediate intentions for the idea, even though the team hasn’t explicitly denied it. Therefore, Halo 5 won’t allow crossplay in the near future.

Halo 5: Forge, however, is the best alternative on Windows if you’re searching for something different. Forge is not a brand-new game. Since the introduction of Halo 5: Guardians for the Xbox One, it has been present. It enables you to create levels and ask friends to participate in the Custom mode of the game.

How Can I Use CrossPlay on Halo 5 crossplay?

What you should know about Halo 5 crossplay on Xbox and Windows is as follows:

  • Content creation ability: The ability to make content using robust tools within the game creation suite is Halo 5’s most exciting feature.
  • Shared content across networks: Both platforms can access the material you produce on Windows on Halo 5: Forge or on Xbox One on Halo 5: Guardians. That implies that you will be able to play the same stages whether you enjoy the game on a Windows PC or an Xbox console.
  • Unable to play at the same time: You can play Halo 5 alongside Xbox users, but you cannot play at the same time. This is true even though you are playing the same stages.
  • Support for mouse and keyboard: While the Xbox controller remains the first choice for many, with Halo 5: Forge on Windows, gamers can finally use their keyboard and mouse to play the game.
  • Halo app comes bundled: When you download Halo 5: Forge, it comes bundled with the Halo app, which offers the latest developments on the platforms, video tutorials, community content, update notes, and a lot more, all in one place.

What other information should players know about Halo 5: Forge?

Support for keyboard and mouse: Halo 5: Forge on Windows now allows players to use the mouse and keyboard in place of the Xbox controller, which is still the preferred gaming device for many.

The Halo program includes: The Halo app, which provides the most recent platform updates, tutorial videos, content created by players, update notes, and much more, is included whenever you download Halo 5: Forge.

Halo 5: Guardians cross-platform

Halo 5: Guardians allows cross-platform gaming even though Halo 5: Forge does not.

In a manner similar to a server browser, Anvil’s Legacy expansion brought the Content Browser, which enables players on the Xbox One and PC to join custom matches that are already in process.

In the interim, like-minded PC players have collected on a Discord servers site to arrange a few battles themselves.

The reasons why many users gripe that the gameplay on the PC and Xbox consoles differ significantly are reasonably clear. Because of this, there aren’t many players who want to combine the two realms, and the servers for PC multiplayer are mainly empty.

Final Word 

The Halo 5 Forge is the first major step in revolutionizing Halo for the PC gaming community in particular. Considering Microsoft’s upcoming plans to bridge the gaps between Windows 10 and Xbox One communities, Halo 5 on PC is the sign of massive future incomings, such as Halo 6.

There’s no doubt in the fact that the Halo PC version is not entirely flawless but isn’t worthless either. In fact, Halo 5 Forge on PC is an excellent initiative with an adequate amount of quality content, making all shortcomings palatable.

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