Discord Vs TeamSpeak

Discord Vs TeamSpeak

Communication being a key aspect in all kinds of activities, is considered essential in the gaming environment. To support this aspect, Discord & TeamSpeak both have been playing their major roles since their release times, as both are pretty efficient VOIP (Voice over IP) channels available to everyone.

Online gamers require such VoIP channels to communicate with other gaming participants, especially in video games with multiplayer modes, but they may get stuck on opting for the most appropriate one. Though this selection is also dependent on the kind of user’s need, the following discussion will sort out your selection problem on specific solid grounds.

Discord insights 

Discord is basically a communication app that works on a VoIP mechanism. It was launched on May 23, 2015, to facilitate gamers’ communication while playing computer games. The Discord also serves as a game launcher; if you encounter any problem in launching any PC game directly, you can quickly launch it via Discord.

Discord is a diverse kind of app; apart from the gaming environment, it is an advantageous messaging medium in various other projects for real-time collaboration with teammates or colleagues. It allows its users to connect to the numerous communication servers free of cost, and you can access it in both app & web versions.

TeamSpeak insights 

TeamSpeak was the first application in offering digital communication amenities. It was launched many years back in August 2001 mainly to serve the gaming community, and it enables its users to join several channels & chats. You may need to buy servers on monthly, yearly, or one-time payments to host them in TeamSpeak. However, you will find comparatively more control over the servers then.

Over the decades, TeamSpeak is still considered one of the best mediums for optimum quality audio calls; no other VoIP application in the gaming community can compete for its audio chat quality level.

Is Discord better than TeamSpeak?

This is probably the most frequently asked query raised by the new people to use any of these VoIP channels or the existing TeamSpeak users intended to step up to Discord. This may require a comprehensive comparison approach to choose the best among these two.

To validate the correct answer to these questions, we have picked few critical aspects of both applications & highlighted their usage values to stepping into a practical recommendation over this query. You need to go through the below-stated comparison-based discussion to figure out things more clearly.

Discord vs TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak vs Discord: Performance & Resource utilization 

Performance matters the most in most of the events. However, both TeamSpeak & Discord reside on computer storage but have variant resource usage requirements. Such variant requirements prioritize one app over the other in terms of usefulness.

The Discord application uses more computer resources in terms of disk & memory usage; it takes up to 100 Megabytes of storage size. This aspect mainly affects the system with low specialties by hindering other processes running in that system. That’s why it can not ideally get fit in all types of computer systems. 

When it comes to TeamSpeak performance & memory usage, it uses comparatively less disk & memory of the system. Even the computer users with low specialties system can use the TeamSpeak application quite feasibly & smoothly; unlike Discord, it won’t affect any other running process in the system.

Final words: TeamSpeak is comparatively better in resource utilization as it uses less disk & computer memory. 

Discord vs TeamSpeak: Easy to navigate & Usage feasibility

The interface is the first thing that the users consider opting for any application; the users generally tend towards the more straightforward interface with utmost usage & navigation feasibility. The same thing ensues in TeamSpeak & Discord.

The Discord owns a more straightforward & quite user-friendly interface to ease the users in terms of navigation & usage. Anyone with the least tech knowledge can navigate through Discord’s interface. The Discord users just need to initiate with an invitation link to join Discord servers.

Contrarily the TeamSpeak requires an IP copying process which may result in input lags. If we compare it with Discord, the TeamSpeak interface is confusing; only the users with expert-level tech knowledge may find it easier to use. Though a general user can’t navigate the TeamSpeak’s interface, the users need to copy the particular server’s IP address first to put it then in the connection’s section manually. 

Final words: The Discord is comparatively easier to navigate due to its highly user-friendly interface.

TeamSpeak vs Discord: Conversational variations

TeamSpeak was mainly designed for audio-based communications though it also supports text chats. The gamers who just require a suitable means of audio-based or text-based communications must go for TeamSpeak. It serves its users with the highest quality of audio communications and ensures the utmost security & privacy while audio chats. The only downside in Discord is that it doesn’t support video calls.

As we have already stated that the selection process for the apt messaging channel is closer to your communication needs. So, in case if you want to have video-based communication also along with audio & text chats, then Discord would be the best choice for you. Discord enables its users to perform audio, video & text chats also depending on the situation. 

The Discord users can send video clips or images in text chats too. Even in Discord, you can initiate any two different communication channels altogether in parallel mode. For instance, you can perform both audio & text chats at the moment. 

Final words: Discords offers more communication variations such as audio, video & text chats.

Discord vs TeamSpeak: Processing speed 

Processing speed comes in the performance category, as both factors are highly interlinked; if the processing speed of any application is good, then the performance would be definitely optimum.

In TeamSpeak, an in-game overlay software, over wolf is integrated that monitors all the current channels on the app and other activities. It may cause lags in games; even a minor level of lag can badly impact the game’s performance. The gamers can’t cope up with such lags in real-time matches.

In this regard, if we consider Discord, it offers comparatively higher processing speed as it does not have any integration with any kind of software that may result in lagging and poor-quality performance.

Final words: The processing speed of Discord is higher than the TeamSpeak as it doesn’t allow any kind of lag.

TeamSpeak vs Discord: Plugins

Which of the two, Discord or Teamspeak, has support for plugins or add-ons that can improve your overall gaming experience? 

Teamspeak does support the incorporation of third-party plugins. These plugins have the potential to improve your gaming experience by providing you with features such as 3D audio; certain games may require you to have these capabilities in order to play. 

For further information, you can look through the Teamspeak add-on library. 

In comparison to Teamspeak, Discord does not actually provide support for the integration of plugins. One further disadvantage of utilizing Discord as compared to Teamspeak is this one. 

That does not indicate that you are unable to do the task. Some users change the Discord client in order to enable plugin integration, despite the fact that the company does not permit this and that doing so is a violation of their terms of service. 

In addition to that, plugins may be found in many locations, such as BetterDiscordLibrary. 

You will need to make some technical adjustments that are not technically permitted by Discord’s terms of service in order to get the plugins to work, despite the fact that they are readily available out there. This is because there has not been official support for the plugins. 

TeamSpeak vs Discord: Privacy

Privacy is a critical factor that matters for most internet users. So, we have also considered it in this TeamSpeak Vs Discord comparison aspect.

In TeamSpeak, the IP addresses of all users are accessible to the admin of servers. Despite that, it offers a safe & decent user experience, with utmost feasibility. Though TeamSpeak tracks users’ IP addresses, that is not a severe issue.

In Discord, privacy is assured until as long you are using private servers only, as even the involvement in public servers causes severe privacy issues. The Discord generally tracks & collect all kind of confidential information provided by its users such as IP addresses, passwords, email addresses, etc.;. However, it claims the highest-level privacy and confidentiality in all communicating activities, but with no visual proof. So, we cannot rely on their unsubstantiated privacy claims. 

Final words: TeamSpeak is comparatively safer to use in terms of its high privacy & confidentiality of users’ data. 

TeamSpeak vs Discord: Current Security Concerns 

Concerns about internet privacy have dominated public debate in recent years, prompting people to pay close attention to how companies handle user data. Unfortunately, neither Discord nor TeamSpeak has spotless records in this regard. Both services collect user data such as IP addresses, behavior, demographics, and interests.

Discord’s privacy policy, as previously stated, states that it collects all data that may be shared with affiliates, partners, government, or other third parties but that it will not be explicitly sold for monetary gain. This isn’t very reassuring, and, as you might expect, Discord privacy concerns remain. They were raised further when it was revealed that Discord could investigate private messages and provide user information to authorities. So far, this has only been used to apprehend cybercriminal organizations, but who knows what the future holds?

All user IP addresses in TeamSpeak are visible to the server administrator, which is a severe security flaw. In 2018, TeamSpeak renewed its promise not to sell customer information, calling out Discord in the process and adding fuel to the TeamSpeak vs. Discord security debate. You can easily avoid most privacy concerns with Discord and TeamSpeak by using a good VPN. Furthermore, TeamSpeak does not require users to rely on centralized servers, vastly improving user data security.

TeamSpeak allows you to run private servers, which Discord does not allow because every Discord server is hosted on the company’s infrastructure, ensuring your data remains safe and under your control. Furthermore, TeamSpeak claims to use military-grade encryption to safeguard all data.

Final Words: Unfortunately, neither Discord nor TeamSpeak has spotless security records.


Is there anything else out there that can compete with Discord?

When it comes to the variety of integrations available, Slack outperforms Discord.

What benefits does using TeamSpeak provide to CS:GO players?

This is due to the fact that TeamSpeak offers superior audio quality and lower overall latency compared to voice calls.

Why should you use Discord instead of Skype?

Discord is far more effective than Skype because Discord just transmits data while a user is speaking, whereas Skype constantly sends the audio data, similar to how a phone call works.

Is NASA now utilizing TeamSpeak?

TeamSpeak was once so popular among gamers that it was on the verge of becoming a cult. Still, today, organizations such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing utilize it as their primary VoIP service provider.

Why Does the Gaming Community Use TeamSpeak?

Even while speaking to a large number of people at once, the sound quality on TeamSpeak is significantly improved. This messenger is an excellent option for players who wish to communicate with a lot of different people as the game continues because it has low requirements for the player’s computer system.

Is there a mobile app for Discord as well as TeamSpeak?

Thanks to the mobile app that Discord offers, you can connect to servers and access Discord on your mobile device without needing to utilize a computer. Both the Android and iOS versions of Discord are available for usage. On Discord servers, topic-based channels give users the ability to interact with one another, have conversations, and have meetings without crowding up the general chat area.

There is an application for smartphones developed by TeamSpeak that enables users to take part in voice chats. It was designed for Android in order to assist you in getting the most out of your smartphone or tablet and maintaining communication with your coworkers when you are away from the office.


The VoIP app’s users often enquired about is Discord better than TeamSpeak? The query is linked with the user’s requirement mainly. If the users prioritize privacy over all aspects, then TeamSpeak is better is to opt for it as the privacy factor is more prominent than Discord.

If the users only require a VoIP app with good performance, then doubtlessly, Discord is the perfect choice in terms of performance. This is not just a general recommendation; we have validated our points by a detailed TeamSpeak Vs Discord comparison.

Hence, we can conclude from the above discussion that Discord is better in many aspects such as performance, processing speed, variant chatting options, usage feasibility & navigation. The only downside in Discord is that it uses more computer resources and offers less privacy. In contrast, TeamSpeak is only good at providing privacy, and it also uses less disk & memory.

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