Antivirus vs Internet Security

Antivirus vs Internet Security

What is the best way to protect your computer? Here is what you need to know in order to keep your PC safe from viruses and other threats.

Roaming the internet has always been a dangerous place if you don’t protect yourself. Just like in the real world, you can catch a virus, and then the life of your computer could be in danger. But there are other threats such as stolen private information which could cause you financial issues, as well as others.

Solution #1: Use a VPN


A VPN can be considered an internet security solution. However, internet security software does not always include one. Before trying to decide between an antivirus and internet security, everyone should acquire a VPN solution to reclaim security for its personal or business computer.

In fact, although we have a lot of private information to hide from criminals on the internet, a company has even more, so it should not be neglected. It is crucial for a business to get the best VPN possible to protect the data being wired from its source to all employees of the firm, no matter where they are.

It has been proven that the use of a VPN is the safest way to keep the transfer of data invisible to potential individuals who would like to acquire or steal them. The information travels through a safety tunnel created by the VPN, keeping it away from a potential threatening third party.

Today, as more people work from home instead of going to the office, the VPN solution is even more important than before. It was confirmed by governments agency around the world that the rise in malicious actors trying to exploit exploiting vulnerabilities inside private and company networks during the COVID-19 was important.

Antivirus vs Internet Security Programs: What are the Differences?

The answer to that question is usually quite simple: The internet security programs tend to be more complete than the antivirus. Both were created to accomplish the same mission: Protect your computer from malware.

However, antiviruses usually include a basic protection where the security programs will provide additional protection to keep your computer safe in any circumstances. This added value can include a firewall, a password manager, and vulnerability scanners.

There are companies offering both antivirus and internet security programs. In this case, always choose the second one. It will be more complete, and the difference in what you’ll have to pay to acquire the internet security program will not be so high.

Internet security programs will also bring you additional safety regarding your online banking as well as when you shop online. It protects from hackers, keyloggers, identity thieves, and internet spies. If you only use an antivirus, they may still be able to cause you problems.

The Price Difference


Antivirus software is usually for one computer only (unless you upgrade) and will cost you between $30 and $40 for a one-year subscription. When you buy internet security software, it will rarely be for only one computer.

The most common number of users included for one license is three. It costs a little more than an antivirus, at an average rate of $55, but if you consider that it is split between different devices, the cost per person is lower than the antivirus software.

How About Using the Antivirus inside our OS?

Different Operating System already have their own antivirus software inside them. It makes it worth asking the question: Why would you spend more money to add another one? The answer to that question is actually different according to the OS you are using.

There are four main Operating Systems that cover the various electronic devices, which are: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. They all include their own protection against malware in various forms. It can be an antivirus, or they can have created their OS in such a way that it is quite difficult for malware to enter them.



Windows antivirus protection has gotten better over the years. The very first one actually became what is known today as Norton’s antivirus when it was purchased, at the time, by Symantec. It was a basic program that could detect about 1,200 viruses.

Today, Windows Defender is at a much higher level; even though, when it started, it scored below zero (not quite sure how it is possible, but it did.) But there are still important weaknesses. The biggest one is in the protection against phishing, which it does not do very well.



For years we were told that Mac computers could not be attacked by viruses and other outside threats. Tests that were made show that it isn’t true anymore if it ever was. The big advantage that Apple has in regards to its security is that it controls entirely the production of its computers, not just the OS.

Of course, that is not the case with Windows, which is only an OS program. The computers it is placed in are from various brands. Therefore, it is impossible for them to add protection to the hardware, like Apple does inside of its computers.

The T2 chip found in the Mac (latest versions) has been built with a Secure Enclave. In lament terms, this means that there is a part inside the chip which can only be reached by the OS. That helps to protect parts of the computer. Apple also added Touch ID, encrypted storage, and a few more elements to heighten the protection.

However, that did not stop Mac computers from being infected last year, in greater number than computers using Windows, due to an attack called CrescentCoreweaseled. Therefore, even Mac computers need help from an outside antivirus protection.

The answer is clear: Even if your OS has an antivirus embedded inside it, you should still buy an antivirus or an internet security software. The ones inside the OS are simply not strong enough to fully protect your computer.

In conclusion, no matter what your decision is between choosing an antivirus or security software, make sure that you first use a VPN. If you need to acquire one of the two for more than one user, then we suggest you choose internet security software.

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