Mac vs PC Desktop

Mac vs PC Desktop Computers

Are you thinking about getting a new computer? Maybe you’ve got your eye on the new iMac with a 27 inch retina display? Or perhaps you can’t decide and are also thinking about a popular Windows Desktop computer.

Both Windows and Mac computers have their advantages, but it can be hard to decide with so much information available on the web. So what are the main points of contention in the Mac vs PC desktop debate?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Macs Are More User Friendly

Macs are generally more user friendly. They are designed with an incredible user interface that will shortly be updated with the launch of Mac OS Big Sur in the fall of 2020.

If you want to open emails, then you can find it by pressing on the mail icon. The computers are designed to be great to look and easy to navigate. If you need anything, you can search in the search bar, for instance, if you want to know how to search a pdf on mac or you can ask Siri.

All of your software is included in the launchpad, and there are huge logos and icons which clearly represent the task you are trying to complete. The settings menu is also easy to navigate.

PCs Are More Open

While Windows PCs are not nearly as intuitive as Macs and it can sometimes be difficult to find what you want, they are more open. This means they work better with third-party software.

If you want to play a computer game, then you will always be better at playing it on Windows then on a Mac because Windows is more open to third-party development.

Think about the software you want to use on your computer and that you will be using it on a daily basis. Then consider whether this software will work better on a Mac or Windows and whether it is even compatible with a Mac machine.

The downside to this is the lack of privacy and security you are afforded on a Windows computer compared with Macs. Because Windows machines are more open, they are more likely to attract viruses, and there is less stringent measures when it comes to apps sharing your personal information.

Mac OS Big Sur will come with a redesigned version of the Safari browser that will include features to allow you to see exactly what information you are sending to third-party sites when you scroll the internet. To try it, you can install the public beta today.

The Apple Eco System

Apple Eco System

One of the key reasons to consider purchasing an Apple computer is the ecosystem. This is the way Apple devices all connect with each other and make your life easier.

Using handoff, if you are doing work on a Word or Pages document on your iMac and then decide you want to work on it on your iPad, you can switch over seamlessly. If you want to use your iPad as a second screen for your iMac, then you can without the need for wires.

If someone calls you on your iPhone, then a notification will show up on your iMac, and you will be able to answer your call.

With the launch of iPad OS 14 and iOS 14, you will now be able to switch your Air Pods earphones seamlessly between any Apple device; they will change over automatically.

With new Apple products and innovations coming all of the time like the Apple Home pod and the Apple Watch, the more Apple products you buy, the better your experience.

Windows machines don’t offer this level of connectivity. If you wanted to set up an ecosystem like this, you would have to find a way to link devices from different companies, and this might not always be possible. It would certainly take longer. In this are of the Mac vs PC debate, Apple wins, hands down.

A Creative Community

A Creative Community

If you’re a creative person, then an Apple iMac is probably the best machine for you. Of course, you can be creative on a Windows machine, but Apple’s computers are designed with creatives like filmmakers, writers, and artists in mind.

And there is a whole community of people who use the machines for that purpose. Apple puts on free events for this creative community and can teach you how to use the devices for creative purposes at workshops. This is why people who use Mac and PC computers are so different.

More Expensive But More Durable

Expensive products

Apple products are more expensive; there can be no denying this. An iMac is likely to set you back at least $1,000 probably more once you have factored in purchasing a keyboard and any other accessories you might want.

However, Apple products last a long time and are generally more durable. This is because Apple designs both the hardware and the software, where Windows machines have separate hardware, not designed by Microsoft. A basic Windows machine might only cost you as little as $300-$400, but you may find yourself replacing it every 2-3 years.

An iMac could last you 6-7 years and even 7-8 years. So although you will pay $1,000 upfront, you are likely to have to spend $800-$900 in the same time frame if you buy a Windows machine. This is one of the key differences between Mac and PC to look out for.

Mac vs PC Desktop? Depends on Your Needs

In the endless Mac vs PC desktop, there is no clear winner. The answer depends on you as a person, your budget, your personal needs, and your lifestyle.

If you would prefer to spend a lot of money all at once but know that you have a reliable machine, then a Mac desktop is for you. If you are looking for a budget machine, then a Windows desktop computer will have more options in your price range.

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