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How to Fix the Samsung Galaxy Tab Reboot Loop

Samsung galaxy tabs have always been an excellent pick for users of all ages. Despite its utmost perfection, uncertainly pertaining to its functionality is still there; even the leading devices often have to deal with the prickly glitches in their functional systems.

No matter which device variant you own, that may also undergo specific issues with the elapsing of time; repeated reboot is one of the foremost & common issues with the users that occur on their Samsung galaxy tabs and phones. Because the respective issue has nothing to do with the device model, it can also happen on any Samsung galaxy device running the Android operating system.

In repeated reboot problems, the particular Samsung tablet keeps rebooting an infinite number of times. This critical error commonly occurs due to the third-party apps installed on your device; the Samsung official website has also painted out the same most likely cause; the other reasons might be a broken or faulty device too.

Some users often can’t figure out the issue by themselves, so if your phone or Samsung tab keeps restarting automatically for a longer duration, you also encounter a similar toxic problem. This guide is directed to crack the problem & fix it out readily.

Quick fixes to Samsung galaxy tab repeated rebooting

The curated list of working tactics is based on the references gathered from the most authentic resources.

Cooldown the overheated battery

Sometimes Samsung galaxy tabs randomly reboot due to the overheated device battery too. In such a state, wait until the tab’s battery gets drained out completely and the phone switches off ultimately. Then wait for one or two hours until the battery cools down and then recharge your phone. Restart your device when it is recharged completely.

Recalibrate your Samsung device battery

Recalibration of the device battery has been opted for at the top of all because this specific tactic has fixed out the reboot loop problem for so many users. Whatever the cause of the problem, to deal with rebooting loop situation, you can recharge your device to the fullest level.

  • Power off your Samsung galaxy tab.
  • Connect it to the charger and plug it into a socket to charge the battery while the device is powered off. 
  • Let it get charged to 100%.
  • Disconnect it from the charger and power on the device again.

Remove the device battery.

In many situations, the battery can cause the repeated reboot problem due to certain electrical charges. You can try to resolve it by hardware resetting, i.e., by reinserting the device battery as a quick fixing way. If your Samsung device has a removable battery, then remove it and, after few minutes, insert it back. Then restart the device to check whether it has resolved the issue or not.

Clear out the device cache

Though clearing the device cache in the on-state is relatively more straightforward but clearing the cache in the off-state might seem tricky to many users, so you’d need to follow the below-stated tactic precisely.

  • Switch off your Samsung galaxy tab.
  • Press and hold the power & volume up button concurrently for a few seconds until the screen displays the Samsung logo.
  • The tab will then get into the ASR or Android system recovery mode.
  • Again, use your volume keys to navigate the option “wipe cache partition,” and press the power button to select this option.
  • After successfully deleting the cache, select the option “reboot system now” available in the main menu.
  • Your Samsung device will be started then.

Restore factory settings

Resetting the device can fix out numerous internal issues associated with the device software. This strategy will erase out all your settings & updates and restore the phone to its default state. To initiate the device recovery mode:

  • Turn off your galaxy tab.
  • As explained earlier, press and hold power & volume key to get into the Android system recovery mode.
  • Navigate to the option “wipe data/ factory reset” and select it by pressing the power button.
  • Select the option “yes – erase all user data” on the next screen.
  • Wait for few moments until the phone restores its original settings.
  • Then select the option “reboot system mode” by pressing the power button.


The Samsung galaxy tab users may come across a pretty common problem of rebooting with their devices running on android operating systems; the Samsung galaxy tab keeps restarting in a loop randomly, and for sure, this occurs due to a specific internal anomaly in the operating system, or there might be a glitch with the device battery also.

Given this rebooting glitch, we researched and put forward the proven strategies tested by many users to get over the similar problem with galaxy tabs. You’d need to initiate the fixing process by a primary step of reinserting the battery and gradually move to the complex ones if the problem doesn’t get fixed promptly.

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