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Cisdem ContactsMate Review

For people that have many contacts managing their contact info can be a challenge, especially if they use Apple devices with the Mac operating system and iOS. A reliable contact management software is an effective and easier way to handle the processes and make managing contact details easier.

Enter the Cisdem ContactsMate, the leading contacts manager software for Mac with multiple features that will make fixing your contact lists a lot easier and quicker. It makes easy work of finding and removing duplicate contacts and helping in resolving contact conflicts. With this software, you can export your contacts to any desired file in just a few minutes.

Cisdem ContactsMate also includes features like cloud sync of your contacts and saving backups in case you lose them. These are only a handful of the fantastic features the software offers. There are plenty more which we will be discussing in this review, so if you want to learn more keep reading our comprehensive Cisdem ContactsMate review.


  • Easier contact search with the intelligent multi-conditional search feature.
  • Efficiently create contact groups and sub-categorize contacts.
  • Auto sends messages, emails, and calls your assigned contacts.
  • Free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee available.
  • Finds formatting errors, fixes duplicate contacts, and other issues in your address book.
  • You can sync, export, and backup according to your preferences.
  • Makes adding, editing, grouping, tagging, and managing contacts more efficient.
  • Easy guides and tutorials are available.


  • Only supports Mac Devices.

Best Features Of Cisdem ContactsMate

Upon your search for an effective contact management software for Mac, you may have come across many choices, but Cisdem ContactsMate is a cut above the rest because it comes with exclusive features that are not available in other comparative tools. The developers of the software have managed to pack fantastic value for money by including a list of helpful contact organization and management features.

Automatic Collection Of Contacts

Although your Mac system comes with the Address Book app, Cisdem ContactsMate is fully capable of replacing it plus it offers a lot more than the basic features of a native app. ContactsMate effortlessly collects the entire contact list automatically with minimal effort on your part. The impressive sync mechanism can source contacts from different Mac, iOS and other services including Google Contacts, iCloud, and most others.

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

The developers of Cisdem ContactsMate clearly wanted this software to be helpful to the most inexperienced users because they have streamlined and simplified the interface as much as possible without compromising the performance of the software. Compared to other similar programs, ContactsMate’s interface is easy to navigate with nothing that would be too complex for novice users.

The simplicity of the interface means that locating the tools you need and interacting with the different features is easy, and you will require little to no guidance, except in the very beginning. Thankfully, there are no steep learning curves, so you don’t have to worry about trying to learn how to get things done with this software.

Quick Contact Modifications

The most significant benefit of having such a powerful contact management software with an easy to use interface is that it allows you to modify contacts whenever needed with any hassle.

Through the interface, you can easily add, delete or edit contacts on your Mac system. It also allows you to add images via the software by merely pasting them, which makes it simpler to keep contact information updated and organized. Simply open the program to start making changes immediately.

Create Custom Groups

Create Custom Groups

In 2020, we were more dependent on online interactions than ever before! And the dependence on online communication platforms will continue to grow with time. Therefore, smart software like ContactsMate that can organize your day to day interactions is now a necessity.

With ContactsMate, you can conveniently organize contacts of all of your family members, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues into different custom groups in ContactsMate. By creating custom groups, you can easily find and contact them whenever you need.

To further organize your contacts, ContactsMate allows you to categorize your contacts into category-specific groups for easier access. Therefore, you can quickly gather contact details of any loved one without even spending a complete minute on searching for their contact details.

Auto Sync And Sync Your Contacts

The thought of losing all of your precious contacts haunts many! You wouldn’t want to go through the struggle of getting back your lost contacts again. For most of us, our contacts are our biggest digital treasure that we wish to safeguard for life.

If you value your precious contacts like so, then ContactsMate can help you protect your contacts by maintaining proper backups and synchronization for all your contacts. The best thing about ContactsMate is the fact that it is easy and straightforward to use, all you have to do is to use the software and rely on ContactsMate for auto backups and syncing with your latest information.

You can recover your data at any time and on any device that you want. The ease of use and smart auto backup and sync feature makes ContactsMate one of the best software to protect your contacts.

Efficiently Organize Your Device Data

Not only does Cisdem ContactsMate efficiently protect your contacts, but it also effectively stores and protects other pieces of information that contact has. ContactsMate maintains auto backups and syncs your latest contact information in a way that you never find it difficult to handle or use your precious contact information.

Pricing Plans

Type1 Mac2 Mac5 Mac
ContactsMate for MacIndividual Lifetime License$39.99$59.99$109.99
Business Lifetime LicenseBusiness Lifetime License$54.99$104.99$247.99

Apart from the above mentioned two pricing plans, you can also get ContactsMate Bundle and Save -Individual Lifetime License for $49.99 (real value $69.98) that comes with ContactsMate for Mac and Duplicate Finder for Mac.

Also, ContactsMate offers 20% discount to Schools, teachers and students.

If you are not sure about the efficiently of ContactsMate, then you can opt for their free version (for macOS 10.11 or later). ContactsMate also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the service, you can as reclaim our money.


If you want to efficiently manage your contacts and maintain full privacy of your contacts, then Cisdem ContactsMate is a reliable option. ContactsMate comes with a wide range of feature that allows you to maintain your address book like never before.

No matter if you are a tech-savvy or not, Cisdem ContactsMate is perfect for everyone. You can find multiple guides and tutorials to make the best use of this service. To clean up and remove duplicates on Mac contacts, you can read this detailed guide on Cisdem and follow the instructions.

How do you manage your contacts? Have your tried Cisdem ContactsMate? Please share your views with Reviewsed in the comments section.

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