SyncMate Review

SyncMate Review

In today’s age of smart devices, most of us use multiple devices that run on different operating systems, which can make data syncing and management a challenge. Is it possible to sync all your devices and accounts together easily to increase efficiency?

For those of us using Android-based smartphones and tablets, data management is more accessible, thanks to Google services. However, for Mac and iPhone users, things are a little more complicated. Electronic Team, Inc.’s SyncMate presents a convenient and powerful way of syncing data from different devices and accounts to a Mac computer and sync Android to iPhone.

Although Apple iTunes offers Mac and iPhone users data management, reliable software like SyncMate is a more superior solution thanks to its versatility, ease of use, and support for Android devices.


  • All-in-one sync service for Mac users
  • Makes device and data syncing faster and easier
  • Efficient AutoSync feature ensures 
  • Easily edit, add, and delete Safari Bookmarks
  • Sync calls, SMS, photos, folders, and Apple music
  • Safe and secure backups


  • Limited features in the free version

Type of Data Sync Supported SyncMate

The type of data you can sync using SyncMate depends on the service and the device linked to your Mac. Nonetheless, SyncMate offers a comprehensive list of options, including:

Photos: Through the software, you can easily choose specific photo folders for syncing between systems and transfer photos from android to mac wirelessly. You also have control over syncing from a selected device/service to your Mac computer or vice versa.

Calls: You can sync the full caller list from your phone, including the duration, date, and time of each call. SyncMate also allows you to sort the calls by received, missed, or outgoing. Unfortunately, there is no search function.

SMS: the software allows you to view the full list of your text conversations and choose whether to sync the entire folder of messages or specific individual conversations. This option is for SMS only.

Calendar: Use the software to decide the calendars for syncing between different devices, and select if they will be synced just one way or both ways. Additionally, you can also set the sync schedule in one to 47 weeks.

Folders: SyncMate makes it easy to sync entire folders across devices and services by merely selecting the desired folder from the software on your Mac computer and the device you need to sync, then choose if you want one-way sync or both ways. You can also specify which file types, paths, and subfolders to include or exclude in the syncing.

Reminders: similar to the reminders service provided by Dropbox, SyncMate offers the same sync option in calendars.

Contacts: Choose individual contacts you wish to sync or select the entire list. After syncing, your synced contacts will be visible on all the chosen connected devices. Contact sync works one way and both ways as well.

iTunes: The iTunes sync option is slightly different from syncing music, through which you sync any folder with music either to or from your Mac and selected device.

Music: like iTunes, SyncMate allows you to sync music from your iTunes library to your device according to artist, album, playlist, or genre.

Safari Bookmarks: Through the SyncMate software, you can sync Safari bookmarks between devices and services. The only limitation is that it does not support Android 6.0 and above in this feature, which renders it relevant for most Android users.

Backup: This feature is a real lifesaver in case your data gets corrupted or accidentally deleted because it automatically saves secure backups according to dates every time you sync data, allowing you to retrieve data from previous backups.

At the beginning of every new device or system sync, the software allows you to choose which type of data you want to sync, which are then divided into convenient tabs for each one. The options are customizable, as you can add or remove them later.

What Devices And Services Does SyncMate Support?

With SyncMate you have a massive range of compatible devices and services, including Android devices, iOS devices, MTP devices, iCloud, Google accounts, Microsoft Services, and external hard drives. Using several devices and services at a time is a huge challenge, but SyncMate’s range of smart features allow you to efficiently manage all the synced services and devices without a hassle. 

The extensive device and service compatibility is one of the main reasons behind SyncMate’s widespread popularity as people nowadays sync more than one device with their computer at a time. 

How to Start Syncing With SyncMate?

If you are using a cloud service, you can conveniently sync you devices anytime whenever you are connected to the internet. If you are not on cloud service, then you can sync your devices with WiFi, USB-C, or Bluetooth connection. 

What Is the Main Difference between SyncMate’s Free and SyncMate’s Expert Edition?

SyncMate has two versions,

  • Sync Free allows you to sync your calendar event, contacts between Mac and other supported devices. You can also sync your files from Dropbox and Google accounts with Sync Free.  
  • Sync Expert allows you to AutoSync devices and services between Mac and other supported devices. With the Expert Edition, you also have the choice to select various parameters before syncing. You can also convert the file format before syncing. 

How Much Does SyncMate Expert Cost?

If you want wish to enjoy a wider range of services and smart features, then SyncMate is the best choice for you. However, SyncMate does come at a cost and depending on your needs, you can select the best SyncMate Expert package:

Personal$39.95For personal use and up to two MacsAdd lifetime upgrades for $11.99 only
Family$59.95For the whole family and up to six MacsAdd lifetime upgrades for $17.98 only
Business$99.95For businesses and up to ten MacsAdd lifetime upgrades for $29.99 only
Unlimited$199.95For unlimited use and unlimited number of MacsAdd lifetime upgrades for only $59.98

Sync also offers its existing users a 50% discount on upgrading their SyncMate package.  

The BEST Way to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac – Video Tutorial


SyncMate is the best software for syncing your digital media across all of our various devices and online accounts. Once you have set your sync preferences in SyncMate, data managing becomes a hassle-free task. SyncMate silently runs in the background recovering, fixing, and managing your digital life expertly with minimal effort from your end. 

If you deal with a lot of digital data on one or more than one devices and services, then SyncMate is the ideal synchronization tool for your Mac devices. 

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