FlexiHub review

FlexiHub Review

Are you a person on the go and want to take your device management to the next level, then FlexiHub is precisely what you need? This team management software has the potential to make you realize that it makes team tasks easier and more manageable thanks to its simplistic interface and powerful features.


  • It makes it easy to access and manage devices
  • Provides easy remote access to storage devices
  • Compatible across the most popular operating systems
  • Multiple users can access a hub with an invite option
  • Easy to set-up and use


  • Expensive
  • Android app has limited access to devices.

FlexiHub For Personal Use

FlexiHub For Personal Use

FlexiHub enables you to create a private personal cloud space through which you remotely interact with shared devices connected to your computer through another device. That’s not all; the capabilities of this software are not limited to devices working on the same Wi-Fi network; it allows you to access devices connected to USB drives, including printers, scanners, and more.

You might be thinking about the functionality of such software. You will be surprised to know there are various user scenarios where FlexiHub is an efficient and useful tool. For instance, you might need to access the printer at your home from your office. FlexiHub will save you time and hassle by allowing you to connect to the printer from another device from anywhere in the world. 

Furthermore, you can use FlexiHub to access your storage devices minus the hassle of cloud-based storage platforms. You might be thinking – how does accessing storage devices via FlexiHub differ from the cloud-based alternative? Well, to access any file on a cloud storage service like Google Drive and Dropbox, you have to upload it first, which takes time and can be a hassle. 

On the contrary, through FlexiHub, you can connect to storage devices linked to your desktop and laptop. Other FlexiHub account holders can also be given access to devices on your computer.

FlexiHub also gives you the power to debug your PC or laptop remotely. The FlexiHub software is available for both Windows and Mac. It has android and iOS applications, so you can be assured that it has you covered no matter which operating system you prefer. You can use FlexiHub for various other tasks, including accessing iOS devices or connecting to your projector remotely.

Unfortunately, the Android app users’ experience is limited (for now) because the app can be used only to access OTG connected devices, which means it cannot gain access to a hub.

After this brief overview of the capabilities of FlexiHub, let’s take a closer look at its features and how they can be used to their most significant advantage. To begin using FlexiHub’s excellent services, you’ll have to sign up for an account at the FlexiHub website and download the appropriate client that is compatible with your system. 

Within the software, you will find a list of the available connections on your system that you can access remotely via your hub. Simply press the Connect button beside each option to establish a link. 

Before we dive deeper into the app’s various features, it is essential to mention that FlexiHub allows you to invite other FlexiHub account holders to connect to your devices. Thus, it opens new doors for remote collaboration with easy access to connected devices from wherever they are.

FlexiHub For Businesses

Read our deep dive below to find out how FlexiHub is a practical solution for you and your organization.

Establish easy access to multiple devices

Establish easy access to multiple devices

FlexiHub USB in Virtual Machine software is an ideal tool for personal use and businesses alike because it allows you to connect to multiple devices on your system and give your team access to easy collaboration.

Through the hub, you’ll be able to share files between your team’s devices more quickly and efficiently. The software’s ability to access multiple devices connected to FlexiHub’s server and software is highly useful for different personal and business applications.

Work On A Single Account For An Entire Team

FlexiHub is designed to make collaborative efforts more straightforward and more streamlined. From the initial set-up to sharing files using the software for teams is quick and straightforward. There is no need to create multiple individual accounts for your team members; all you need is a single account to manage a team. 

This approach reduces the hassle and makes sure that you don’t waste time creating individual accounts for every team member. A single account for the whole team is easier to manage.

Team-Specific Token ID For Logins 

FlexiHub has incorporated the Token ID system into its software to provide users a meeting room experience, which is also similar to shared PC space, which makes it easier to work with different teams. 

You can select specific team members to share Token IDs with, and this will give them access to a meeting or room until you close the space or revoke access.

Create Different Team Accounts

The FlexiHub USB admin over network software also has the option to set up individual accounts for teams. The account creation is an easy and quick process that allows you to assign each team leader with a different token ID.

With team accounts, the team leaders can also forward the conversations in different rooms that can only be accessed or imitated by the unique token IDs.

Supports All Operating Systems

FlexiHub can be easily operated on all popularly used, modern operating systems. The makes have tried and test the software under all possible situations to ensure that FlexiHub runs smoothly without any errors on Windows, macOS, Linux, and other OS.

Safe and Secure Data Transmission b/w USB Devices

FlexiHub’s own SSL encryption ensures 100% data security and privacy. With FlexiHub, you don’t have to worry about your USB device server getting hacked because every device passes through the SSL encryption, and only the devices with the token ID are allowed to access the network.

No USB Driver Installation Required

The online network of FlexiHub auto-detects USB devices. There is no need to physically installing the USB drivers. The smart software auto-detects the operating system and USB peripheral once it is connected and signals the PC about the device, asking for data transmission and whether it should be allowed to continue with the process.

Pocket-Friendly Pricing


FlexiHub offers two price plans:

Personal – Suitable for individual users and entrepreneurs – priced at $159/year for one connection and up to 5 connections. Additionally, the personal plan allows 1-3 simultaneous connections.

Teams – Suitable for groups and organizations of any size – priced at $145/month for five members. Additionally, the team plan allows 10+ simultaneous connections.

Or you can opt for the Business plan that is suitable for corporate clients and big enterprises. The business plan allows you to get a customized plan with session-based prices.

The best thing is that increasing the number of connections of FlexiHub’s plans does not increase the price too significantly.

Suppose you are still unsure about the efficiency of FlexiHub. In that case, you can opt for their 7-day trial period, during which you can easily cancel your FlexiHub USB over IP subscription if you are unsatisfied with the service and get your money back.



FlexiHub is the best USB over network software with a range of smart features that make data transmission secure and easy. The best thing about FlexiHub is its expansive device and software compatibility, which makes FlexiHub excellent for a vast number of fields/applications.

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