How To Get Facebook Votes With Residential Proxies

How To Get Facebook Votes With Residential Proxies?

The most popular social media marketing tool to obtain new buyers and to raise awareness for your brand is to sponsor Facebook polls. Normal users love these contests because they are generally free-to-vote, and you can gain precious awards with just some clicks. You compete in the sponsored poll and receive opportunities to win. Let’s see what Facebook contests are and how to get Facebook votes with residential proxies.

Facebook is the largest and most famous social media service worldwide. It also has matured into a global market with millions of existing users. Therefore, it is not even shocking that all companies are striving to sell their services and products and acquire new clients on Facebook.

What are Facebook contests?

Famous companies and tiny local stores alike use social media marketing tools to inspire users, to captivate the target audiences, and to increase the brand’s awareness. A common tool used to communicate with the public on social media platforms and develop brand perception is sponsoring competitions. They are usually free and simple to participate in.

You can participate in talent competitions, such as photos, recipes, videos, or article contests. You might assume that if you produce an exceptional listing, your job is completed, and you can just relax till the winner is announced. If that’s the case, you should reconsider your approach. 

Worthwhile competitions utilize polling to decide their champions. Some use a balloting method to narrow down the crowd and select the finalists. Also, some contests have specialists selecting finalists and a poll deciding the champion, while others just allow users to choose the winners directly. 

Make sure to read all the specifications and terms of the competition. You must meet every requirement. By doing so, you ensure you don’t get excluded for a silly reason.

If you desire to triumph in contests, you require a plan to accumulate votes. Just inviting your acquaintances to vote for you isn’t sufficient.

How can you get Facebook votes?

Popular polls with high winnings entice thousands of users. To receive votes and be the fortunate winner is a true struggle. So don’t relax just yet.

Firstly, improve your odds by asking your family and friends to vote for you. Ask all your acquaintances, even those that you don’t usually talk to. To keep it short: pull in as many social connections as you can.

Secondly, you can apply basic social media marketing methods to draw more extra votes. Work with a repost approach or some inexpensive ads. Always keep in mind the price of the prize. You can spend half of the winnings and still make the cut.

Furthermore, you can manage multiple profiles, IPs, and residential proxy services to vote by yourself. It is difficult to find votes, and using proxies and automation can do it for you.

Why should you use Residential Proxies?

Every network device has a different IP address. All social media platforms have a system to verify a user’s IP address. A real home user’s IP address that comes from a true Internet Service Provider is called a residential IP. You can use a residential proxy to reach another Facebook account. This way, the platform will see the proxy’s residential IP, and you will be cleared of all suspicions.

Attracting people to vote for you is not usually sufficient to overcome the competition. The quickest route to success is using residential proxies with an automation tool. Why?

  • You are assured of getting a considerable amount of votes and win.
  • All votes are of high quality by coming from distinct IP addresses.
  • Not all your acquaintances will embrace your calls to vote for you. Using proxies and automation will not make you fight with them or push them to block your profile. 
  • This method of obtaining votes is not difficult to implement.

The fact is that most participants are employing this technique. So why not even the play and win the award and fame? Those who believe that it is not an honest method of obtaining success must study the psychology of the masses. Social media is only about this with a tremendous level of deception. You can’t ever win when everyone is using external advantages!

Combine Residential Proxies with a Voting Bot

For noticeably improving your odds, you must work with appropriate services and software. The automated online polling bot is one of the possibilities. For example, ChronoSocial is a social media bot that can automate multiple accounts in which you can set a proxy for each account. The best feature is that every account has its own cookies and proxy.

It would help if you worked only with the up-to-date and proper software. Outdated software or a misconfigured bot will turn around all your cunning tactics. So, remember to not rely on low or free tools.

If you are not confident you can customize and manage a bot, find the software which comes with customer support. Simply adjust the settings as you are instructed and relax, observing the outcomes. 

This is a more manageable and sure method than to buy votes directly. Mainly, because the person you buy the votes from will be doing the same methods as you can. He will render poor-quality votes if not using residential proxies, or he will charge a lot for the use of residential proxies combined with a bot.


Nowadays, competing in social media contests has become the standard. Everybody takes any opportunity to showcase their talents. It can be a talent for cooking, a dance style, or a new way of photography. The possibilities are limitless.

In the majority of these contests, the judge who decides the champion is the public or the users. They decide on the one they fancy the most, and that sharer gets the prize. As easy as the method appears, it is not so.

In most instances, the winners are selected based on followers, influence, and cash. The worthy ones don’t get a shot, and it becomes the origin of shattered aspirations and endless demotivation. Avoid that by knowing how to get Facebook votes with residential proxies. Check the best residential proxies for online Facebook contests on Residential Proxies Reviews.

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