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Guide To Pass Cisco 300-101 Exam & Become a Network Engineer

Many young IT professionals dream of being working in a corporation and have a generous annual salary. A job as a network engineer can represent the winning ticket for any candidate who wants to have a challenging career apart from earning a good salary. When you add a Cisco badge and send your resume to an experienced interview team, your chances will grow significantly. While experience is relevant, adding a Cisco certification in your cover letter can give you a strong advantage, too.

So, this article will focus on giving you more details on demanded CCNP R&S badge and one of its related 300-101 exam structure, as well as showing you how much you can earn as a network engineer. We will also reveal the most efficient training solutions that you can try and clarify the myth according to which exam dumps cannot help you obtain a passing score. The reality is the opposite, and vice versa braindumps really assist candidates in preparing for IT exams, and you will find out how they do this by reading our guide.

Overview over Cisco 300-101 Exam Structure

This PrepAway CCNA, CCNP, CCIE 200-301 300-410 ENARSI – 300-415 ENSDWI – 300-425 ENWLSD VCE Amazon AWS test proves that successful exam-takers can manage and deploy advanced routing and IP addressing. Also, by obtaining the passing score in 300-101 exam, candidates can easily connect a Cisco router to IPv6, WANs, or LANs. However, the Cisco 300-101 assessment has a prerequisite. Candidates can be accepted to take this test only if they have a valid CCNA R&S or any CCIE badge. Thus, if you are a fresh IT professional, and you want to leverage your skills in working with complex network concepts and solutions, you should learn a lot before the preparation for the Cisco 300-101 test more on this website.

As for the details of this assessment, it lasts 120 minutes and contains from 45 to 65 tasks available in the English and Japanese languages. What is more, this test is one in a series of three necessary to win the Certbolt CCNP R&S credential. The other two assessments include the Cisco 300-115 and 300-135. However, the vendor is going to replace this badge as well as most other credentials. Thus, this CCNP R&S is going to be replaced by the CCNP Enterprise certification, and the exams will be replaced accordingly. Instead of these three assessments, you’ll need to sit for one core 350-401 test and one concentration exam to pass. Once you achieve the CCNP R&S, you can apply for numerous job roles as a system or network engineer, network technician or support engineer. But let’s stop on the network engineer position and learn more about it.

What Are the Responsibilities that Network Engineers Have?

Network Engineers

A network engineer is a go-to person that always has an answer when the company’s network breaks down. Also, his/her responsibility is to ensure that the systems the organization is using are secure, and they won’t fail in front of any hacking attack. The firewall software is also in the area of responsibility. Thus, network engineers pay close attention to it, making sure that it is updated and protects the company’s crucial data. What is more, these professionals also have an important mission of being aware of any new launch in terms of routing and switching apps. They are invited to different events and conferences to learn about the latest updates on the products they are using. It is also their duty to come with solutions when a network system is outdated and present cost-effective options to the management to prevent network failure.

Now that you know what a network engineer does, you should keep reading if you want to discover how much you can earn in one year for doing this job.

Average Salary Per Year for a Network Engineer

Average Salary Per Year for a Network Engineer

The is a website that does regular benchmarks for different positions in IT. According to their survey, the average salary per year for a network engineer is around $73k. However, a Cisco certified professional can reach the maximum salary level. Thus, he/she can earn up to $106kper year. Booz Allen Hamilton offers the highest salary at the moment for a network engineer which equals a little bit more than $83k.

Training Resources for Cisco 300-101 Test

The Cisco official website is the first option that many candidates choose when they start preparing for 300-101 exam. The vendor’s training resources vary from virtual labs that teach students more on IP routing implementation to different study materials that they can download directly from their website. Each of these training options offers applicants hands-on experience on different concepts.

Also, apart from the training materials available on the Cisco platform, test-takers can also enter on community forums or search for dedicated books on Amazon. Getting in touch with other potential candidates can be useful as they can share opinions or ask questions regarding the exam topics. Videos are also very effective when you want to gain more practical experience. You can find different video materials online that will teach you different switching and routing tips and tricks.

Why Prepaway?

While the above-mentioned training resources might seem enough, students shouldn’t underestimate the level of difficulty that the Cisco 300-101 exam has. Still, there are many exam-takers who don’t succeed in obtaining the passing score from the first attempt. This is why our recommendation is to use the exam dumps available on the Prepaway website. There you will get access to free and paid exam dumps to help you prepare for 300-101. These vce files come from successful past test-takers who share their insights on the test concepts and help candidates obtain the passing score with less stress. It is also important to know that the exam dumps downloaded from the Prepaway are available in the vce format. Thus, you will need the VCE Exam Simulator to open them. This application is great not only because it allows you to open the braindumps, but also because it helps you get used to the real exam environment.

So, with Prepaway, you’ll master your skills to the tiniest details and will be able to face 300-101 assessment with confidence.


Many IT fresh professionals can get closer to their dream of becoming network engineers if they manage to pass the Cisco 300-101 exam with two other tests and obtain the CCNP R&S. As the exam difficulty level is high, you will need to study hard to obtain the passing score. While the training resources available on the Cisco website can be useful, you will get an advantage over your competitors if you download the free and reliable exam dumps available on the Prepaway. We believe in you!

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