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What Is Co-Managed IT Service? Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services

There are two most popular options when it comes to IT management within any business set-up. One of them is the employment of internal staff where you use the skills available within your IT department. This can be the cheapest option if your company doesn’t require a large number of such employees. However, the more workers you need, the more expensive it becomes, not to mention the fact that you’ll be working with limited skills. 

Another option is to hire an external contractor who will only be available when you need them. The good thing about this strategy is that you’ll be working with people who are well-experienced in that field. Also, in case there is an introduction of new technologies in that particular department, you can be sure that your contract will incorporate those updates as soon as possible. There is, however, a third option that not many people are aware of – co-managed IT service. This article aims to define this strategy while discussing some of the benefits that you’re likely to enjoy as a business. 

Defining Co-Managed IT Services 

Defining Co-Managed IT Services

Simply put, co-managed IT services combine the skills of your internal IT staff and an external contractor. Typically, the internal IT staff would provide application security, support, and database management, while the external contractor would be responsible for website development, backup, data recovery, e-mail security, and application testing. Often times, these contracts would be mutually beneficial and allow each party to gain a specific percentage of each project. As an organization grows, so do the needs of its contracted professionals, making it necessary for them to collaborate and work as a team. 

Co-managed IT services are generally used by companies that are either rapidly expanding their technology infrastructure or trying to find ways in which to improve their current operations. Of course, these services give your business a new dimension in solving various issues. For instance, some companies that have realized that their IT department is slowly becoming obsolete would hire what is known as an on-demand-tech to implement obsolescence technology into their current set-up.

Read on to find out more benefits of using con-managed IT services. 

1. Same High-Tech Equipment At A Lower Cost 

Perhaps the most significant advantage of using this strategy has everything to do with the costs incurred. For one, it helps you minimize the number of employees required to run your IT department. Whether you have a start-up or an already established business, there is always a time when your employees are overwhelmed by the number of visiting customers. In such a case, you might need to hire more workers to balance your companies output, and that will require more investment in terms of wages and workplace expansion. However, if you decide to strain your current workforce, the company might end up with losses due to incompetence. 

Co-managed IT services, however, gives you various options in case your business finds itself in a similar position. Take Ntiva Co-Managed IT Case Study, for example; this company allows your employees to work on easier tasks such as getting rid of malicious content or installing certain apps. Other activities, like the retrieval of lost files, can be taken up by an external contractor. By collaborating with a highly proficient managed services provider, you can easily reduce costs in your overall IT budget while making the most of your technical expertise and your ability to work as a team. Also, leveraging the skills and knowledge of an experienced group gives you a chance to focus on core business processes, which can help lift your revenue.  

Another advantage in terms of cost is the fact that you don’t have to hire full-time employees. If, for instance, there is a need for more workforce, you can easily balance it out by welcoming more experts from your selected external contractor. As a matter of fact, this option ensures that you get the needed personnel as quickly as possible. In the long run, you’ll still be able to employ high-tech equipment at a very affordable price. 

2. Comprehensive IT Maintenance Services 

External IT contractors serve as a support system to an organization by carrying out the complete range of IT-related maintenance services. They help in repairing and servicing all computer hardware, software, and any related equipment while catering to the varied requirements of that particular organization. The fact that these companies have been in business for several years means that you will be served by experienced technicians. As such, you can be sure that whatever problem you’re facing will be comprehensively solved. 

As you’ll notice, many co-managed service providers have IT equipment branded with their name. Since they’re the designers or have close ties with the manufacturers of the gadgets, technicians in such companies have all the necessary knowledge to carry out any troubleshooting process. Therefore, they can work out specific system faults very quickly. Sometimes they can complete similar tasks without interrupting the normal operations in various departments. This helps maintain a smooth working environment and quicker completion of projects. 

In the same breath, working with branded IT companies that have their own equipment makes it easier for your employees to learn and improve their operation skills. For one, a technician sent by these organizations is highly knowledgeable about those particular gadgets. As such, they’ll be able to teach your internal technicians and improve their skills, which is an advantage to your company. 

Also, such professionals use the latest tools as they carry out their quality maintenance services. In a world where technology rules almost everything, there is always a need to make constant changes to your system and update it to fit the current demands. Therefore, using up-to-date equipment ensures that your company can easily solve current faults and meet customer demands with utmost efficiency. 

3. Enhances Your Team’s Productivity 

Team's Productivity

Another benefit of using co-managed IT services is the fact that it can improve your team’s efficiency. Of course, as a company, you’re always on the lookout for ways of generating more profits as you grow. Employing internal technicians may seem like a more convenient option basically because your company can access their services without having to make a call outside the business premises. However, one thing that makes it quite a disadvantage is the fact that your employees might be overwhelmed by various operations.  

On the other hand, opting for external contractors alone means you might have to spend more on some tasks that would have been done at a cheaper cost if you had permanent employees. For instance, troubleshooting internet connections and installing updates are some of the things that anyone with a strong background in the world of IT can easily do. However, an external IT contractor may charge more for such activities because of factors like transport and time. 

So, how do co-managed IT services help improve employee productivity? By co-managing or aligning resources with service providers, you will be able to reduce costs and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your company. The more your employees focus on their specialized areas, the higher the chances for enhanced productivity within your company. For instance, if you have a technician who is well-versed with all common faults related to network connections, you can let them concentrate on that area while an external contractor works on the other issues. This employee is likely to enjoy their job, and that’s very crucial for the success of the business.  

Doing so will also ensure that your employees feel more connected and part of the solution for the company. As such, they’ll become more responsible for their actions and work towards improving their output. In the long run, you’ll have all workers focusing on the same goal, which quite significant for your development as a company. 

4. Keep Up With The Current Trends 

Technology has become part and parcel of every business in this day and age. Therefore, for any company to succeed against its competitors, it has to be up-to-date with all the current trends. The best way of ensuring that your business meets this requirement is by using the skills of both internal and external IT experts. This is what has come to be popularly known as co-managed IT service. With such a strategy, you have all the professional help you need at your disposal. 

Of course, you can keep up with the current innovations by only employing a few permanent workers. However, one fact that not many people are that these workers might be overwhelmed at some point. As such, they’ll be forced to work on solving the problems currently being faced by other departments rather than looking for recent updates to various hardware and software systems. Before you know it, your business will be lagging behind other companies in terms of innovation. 

However, with a co-managed model, external IT contractors will come in with new ideas that can be implemented within your business. Apart from being operational for long, keep in mind that these service providers also have access to information from a wide range of manufacturers. Therefore, whenever new features are introduced to the market, they’re among the first people to use them. If you’re one of their clients, then you’ll likely receive those updates as soon as they happen. 

Another advantage is the fact that your employees will not be overwhelmed in case you want to make any changes to your IT systems. In fact, co-managed services give your business much-needed flexibility. Whenever a new high-tech device is introduced to the market, your internal technicians can continue repairing common faults as the external IT experts work on installing these new gadgets. This will ensure that the normal flow of operations is not interrupted during such scenarios. 

5. Saves Time 

Saves Time

Today’s business world is constantly evolving, which means there is a constant need for fast and reliable access to an array of experts in a wide variety of fields, such as web development, software engineering, database management, and information technology. As earlier stated, when you employ co-managed IT services, you give your employees a chance to work on simpler faults such solving internet disconnection. Other tasks like retrieving lost files or strengthening your network’s firewall can be quite complex for an ordinary IT employee. 

However, co-managed IT service providers give you access to skilled professionals with the potential to add value to your business and your operations. Utilizing this strategy is beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses that may be on the verge of growth or companies looking to save money and time. When you hire a professional third party to manage your IT infrastructure, you don’t have to wait for a long time to get access to a full range of specialists. You can hire one person in the morning and have them available the next day to fix problems that may come up within minutes of their being created.  

On the contrary, if you decide to employ new workers, you’ll first need to find the right people for the job. This means posting various advertisements then interviewing the candidates before choosing the best out of all those interviewed. Apart from being time-consuming, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll choose the right person for the job even after all those processes. However, with a co-managed model, you’re sure that the person hired to take up the job is experienced enough to deliver the desired results. 


Co-managed IT services have become quite popular over the past few years, majorly due to their benefits. For one, this strategy saves on costs because your business will not need to hire more employees working on a permanent basis. All you’ll need is to send an alert to your selected external contractor, and they’ll work on increasing the number of technicians available to work for you. While doing this, the company will still enjoy the services offered by high-tech equipment. 

Another benefit is the fact that it ensures the comprehensive maintenance of your IT system. Keep in mind that all technicians sent by an external contractor are highly-experienced in given areas. They might also be willing to share their skills with your internal employees, which – in return – has a positive impact on your company’s overall productivity. You’ll also enjoy a lot of flexibility, especially when it comes to the introduction of new innovations to your business.

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