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What Do The Best IT Consulting Companies Have In Common

Digital technology appears to be on the rise during this pandemic crisis, and businesses seem to shift to retail and marketing technology, or MarTech. However, one of the drawbacks of this drastic digital shift is maintaining a secure system in-house. While companies have employees, they may not be tech-savvy enough to set up and maintain information technology (IT) infrastructure and operations. Therefore, businesses may need to look for the best IT consulting companies to do the job right.

In this article, you’d learn the qualities that the best IT companies have in common for your reference.

1. They Offer Top-Notch IT Solutions

Top-Notch IT Solutions

The best IT consulting companies offer top-notch IT solutions geared toward fully assisting clients in their IT needs. These include the following:

  • IT planning and strategy: The best IT consulting companies assist clients in creating a blueprint to successful IT operations aligned with company goals and requirements. Top-notch IT consultants could answer complicated technical issues, teaching your in-house personnel to address them better using the latest and most effective tools and techniques.
  • IT risk assessment: An expert IT consultant could detect gaps and vulnerabilities in IT business systems. IT consultants from the best companies could conduct risk assessments and execute IT data protection on demand to avoid downtimes. Excellent IT consulting companies could help you restore your normal business operations as soon as possible.
  • IT leadership services: You can realize your targets with the help of a top-caliber IT consulting company through intelligent analyses and comprehensive recommendations for seamless business operations. The best IT consulting companies have exemplary leadership skills to give you the best fit for your performance criteria, current IT infrastructure, and budget.
  • IT program and project management: Outstanding IT consulting teams use the best technologies and resources to assist their clients to attain stellar outcomes. Whether or not a business needs a waterfall approach, requires pure agile, or wants a combination of both worlds, the best IT support teams could curate a tailor-fit approach without compromising efficiency.
  • Processes and cost management: The best IT consulting agencies have a team of researchers who could identify business IT challenges and streamline opportunities through automation and by improving workflow and business processes with the help of digital innovative solutions.

You may check out and similar IT consulting firms to learn more about the top-notch IT solutions best IT consulting companies provide. 

2. They Have Proven Track Record

They Have Proven Track Record

Does your prospective IT consulting company have experience relevant to your business’s specific needs? You surely wouldn’t want to start a new IT venture with a project manager who has no experience in your particular type of project. An inexperienced project manager would find it difficult to lead a project to success even if they have good qualities and educational background.

The most in-demand IT consulting companies have years of experience in the industry. The best ones are known to have an unbeatable record of accomplishment with many generations of tenure in IT consulting, helping companies stay abreast with the evolving technological landscapes. They continuously reinvent IT consultancy services and provide emerging IT products.

Try to choose IT consulting agencies that provide complete personality and rigorous technical assessments to their job applicants. In this way, you’d be more confident welcoming the best talent with the necessary soft and hard skills. The top IT consulting firms generally hire project managers with a decade of experience, so you can rest assured to choose the right consultant for your next business project.

If you want to check an IT consulting company’s track record, here’s how:

  • Check the company’s website to know their business tenure and track record. 
  • Check out client reviews and testimonials from reputable review websites. 
  • Interview a representative from the IT consulting company.  
  • Get referrals and recommendations from partner businesses and respected organizations.

3. They Can Show Excellent Credentials And Portfolio 


IT consultants have a degree in information systems, computer science, or any tech-related field. The best IT consulting companies usually employ MBA degree holders from reputable schools. They’re normally excellent in verbal and written communication. In addition, they’re known to be proficient with database languages. The best IT consultants are believed to have good interpersonal skills, an analytical mindset, good organizational and management skills, and creative problem-solving skills.  

A good IT consulting firm would be willing to show their outstanding portfolio. While they keep their clients’ privacy a priority, they could provide concrete results of their work in the form of a report or creative presentation with relevant data.  

4. They Provide Excellent Services

Excellent Services

IT consulting companies work with clients to solve IT problems, from basic network analytics to managed IT solutions. IT consultants would normally review your business needs and current operations. After that, they’d offer recommendations, such as using a new software program or equipment.

The general responsibilities of an IT consultant include analyzing a company’s IT infrastructure and business system. They also diagnose IT system weaknesses, inefficiencies, and problems. IT consultants plan a timeline for project completion and implement technological solutions to meet their clients’ business needs.

IT consultants are likewise involved in the analysis and detection of any security threats. They collaborate with the technical in-house team to boost familiarity with the new technology. In addition, IT consultants could train your staff on how to use your new IT system.

IT consultants monitor the progress and success of IT solutions. They create detailed reports on the efficacy of new technology based on their clients’ needs. Consulting firms mainly specialize in the following fields:

  • Cloud services 
  • Cybersecurity and compliance 
  • Disaster management 
  • Management of IT solutions 
  • Network operations 
  • Management of latest tools, such as chatbot apps, artificial intelligence, and agile software programs

5. They Implement The Best IT Consulting Practices  

IT Consulting Practices

When speaking of best practices, they’re the standards of excellence of an industry. In the IT consulting industry, specifically, the following are some of the best practices: 

  • Basing commitments on strategic planning 
  • Creating a solid work authorization and control system 
  • Defining the project’s milestones and life cycle 
  • Documenting the project scope and requirements  
  • Effectively managing issues and escalation 
  • Maintaining project tracking  
  • Maintaining variance analysis 
  • Making corrective decisions timely 
  • Identifying defined roles, systems, and organization 
  • Providing quality assurance 

A good IT consulting agency has to integrate these best practices into their project management methodology. When selecting a prospective firm for your IT needs, make sure they follow the above best practices.  

6. They Present Fine-Tuned Strategies 

They Present Fine-Tuned Strategies

Businesses nowadays usually embrace new technologies and digital solutions to stay competitive. However, many businesses that lack highly skilled IT personnel might find this endeavor very challenging.  

You could benefit from a team of real IT professionals who understand how to fine-tune IT strategies. Planning, streamlining, and installing robust IT strategies are crucial to attaining your goals. In this way, you’re sure technological elements are working seamlessly to provide your expected return on investment.  

7. They Offer Training And Support 

They Offer Training And Support

Training and support are some of the important keys to success. Project managers and consultants who have access to the latest project management tools, best practices, and training generally make better project managers and consultants. 

Does your prospective IT consulting company offer training and support? If yes, know the relevance and extensiveness of the training and support they offer before making a final decision. 

Choose an IT project manager who uses a broad range of project management tools with tutorials and how-to videos. In this way, all projects would be timely delivered based on your requirements and budget. 

8. They’ve Worked With Various Clients 

Various Clients

As external analysts, IT consultants evaluate the IT system of a company to help meet business objectives. The primary duties of an IT consultant include IT infrastructure analysis and diagnosis. IT consultants understand their client’s business needs and design and implement a suitable technology solution for them.

You can measure the reputation of an IT consulting company based on their list of clients. Try to find out if they’ve worked with national and global clients. If they have, you’d most likely be assured they could handle complex and challenging projects.  

You may also ask the IT project manager if they have experience working with clients like your company or organization. It’s best to choose a consulting firm that works with various industries, from manufacturing, healthcare, and retail to oil and gas, food, and education. 

9. They Offer Top IT Expert Managers 

IT Expert Managers

There are many known benefits of working with an IT consulting company. IT consultants are specialized in resolving a problem, and getting them would allow cost saving in terms of getting additional employees. They normally have a deep but steep knowledge base.

The best IT consultants usually have experience in working with various software programs and dealing with situations similar to those of your company. Because IT consultants have real-world experience, they have first-hand knowledge of IT issues, which they could apply in all their projects.  

10. Their Clients Get The Most Out Of Their Money 

Their Clients Get The Most Out Of Their Money

You only pay IT consultants when you need their services or on-demand payment scheme. It means you don’t have to worry about providing them employee benefits, like full or double compensation during non-working days or holidays. 

You’d find IT consulting firms that provide all-inclusive managed service provider agreements tailored to your business needs. They offer a one-price-fix-all contract without costs. You may check the different pricing structures they offer so you could find the best plan and contract for your next new project. 


The best IT consulting companies provide top-notch services with proven good track record. They can provide proof of work or an excellent portfolio. Because IT consultants are generally outsourced, businesses could save money from paying full-time employees. Of course, you could fully maximize their services whenever you need them to help prioritize and resolve your IT needs. 

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