The Secret Reason Camilo Turned Into Dolores In Encanto - Theory Explained

The Secret Reason Camilo Turned Into Dolores In Encanto – Theory Explained

Encanto portrays the life of the cutest family, everyone with their own set of abilities. Now if you have seen the movie, you might be as excited as every other Encanto fan to know the theory behind Camilo leaving his identity and shape-shifting into Dolores. There can be multiple reasons for this, or probably just one. We have some thoughts on this and have happily shared them with you. But before we begin, here’s what you need to know about the Encanto family and their gifts. If you haven’t seen the movie, prepare yourself because many spoilers are ahead!

The town’s children implore Mirabel to tell them about the Madrigal family’s unique gifts; in Encanto’s opening scene, Mirabel sings a catchy song about her family, which she is proud of.  Mirabel’s mother uses food to treat wounds. Uncle Bruno can predict the future, and her aunt Pepa can change the weather. Isabella has a green thumb, and her sister Louisa is incredibly powerful. She has a shape-shifting relative named Camilo, and Dolores has superhearing.

Insight into Camilo Encanto’s Character 

The second child of his parents, Pepa and Felix, Camilo, is a Colombian kid with a great sense of humor. He enjoys playing soccer and telling tales, and his magic allows him to change his shape. With this talent, Camilo Encanto likes to deceive others.

Despite having various abilities, Camilo frequently battles pressures and insecurities. He might unintentionally shape-shift as a result of it, which would lower his mood. He does not, however, let this prevent him from being a fantastic leader and family man. He is one of Disney’s most inspiring characters because of his sharp humor and affection for his family.

The Theory Behind Camila Turning into Dolores 

The Theory Behind Camila Turning into Dolores

As a shape-shifter, Camilo frequently adopts the identities of the other Madrigals, although there might be a reason why he frequently becomes Dolores. The mystical Madrigals have a variety of unique abilities that go along with their personalities. For example, Camilo often uses his power to shapeshift to help himself with games and practical jokes.

 Moreover, Dolores, his sister, has enhanced hearing. This enables Dolores to be informed of the most recent local rumors and be aware of everyone’s secrets. Unfortunately, Stephanie Beatriz’s character, Mirabel Madrigal, lacks magical abilities. Her lack of magical powers makes her more determined to save her family and the enchanted house in their time of need. 

 Dolores has the highest chance of finding Bruno in the walls out of all the Madrigals in the film. Therefore Dolores would probably be the one to buy Bruno lunch. Even if she knew she was getting food, particularly for Bruno, she wouldn’t have to admit it. The rats in the walls are concerned about the family’s magic, and Dolores once informed Mirabel about this too. 

Dolores may be giving them food under the false notion that she is merely aiding the talking rats because the “rats” she hears are actually her Uncle Bruno. Camilo would take advantage of this trend out of mischief and to satisfy his appetite.

The ten years Bruno spent inside the walls of the magical home may not have been as secret as it first seemed. Dolores seems to know of Bruno’s presence in the home throughout Encanto. During “We Don’t Speak About Bruno,” Dolores reveals that she can hear Bruno “mumbling” inside the house thanks to her enhanced hearing. Other characters, including Julieta (Angie Cepeda), might also get the chance to learn more about Bruno. Bruno relies on free food from the kitchen to survive, as Julieta serves as the family’s chef.

Camilo transforms into Dolores during Encanto, and there might be a hidden motive. In the movie, the Madrigals eat together, and Camilo is discovered impersonating Dolores to earn seconds. A theory put up by viewers suggests that this particular shapeshift a purpose. Dolores may have been feeding Bruno while she was aware of him, as she frequently gave her uncle second helpings. If so, it makes sense that Camilo impersonated his sister to obtain more food. It’s feasible that no one would notice if she consistently got seconds.

Yet, the idea does contain some significant breakthroughs. Dolores claims to hear Bruno in Encanto, but her remarks about talking rats indicate she is still not persuaded it’s him. She might not be making a special effort to leave him food.  As a prankster, Camilo would impersonate anyone to earn more food. He might have chosen his sister because he saw she hadn’t eaten yet and wanted to be less suspicious. So, the explanation for why Camilo transforms into Dolores has several problems. Nevertheless, if Dolores is feeding her uncle, then perhaps all of Bruno’s “muttering” is him expressing gratitude.

Camilo’s Shapeshifting Capabilities 

Camilo’s Shapeshifting Capabilities

Camilo has the ability to shape-shift and mimic the physical traits of other characters, but he can only duplicate specific gifts given by their bearers. For instance, he can imitate Bruno’s honest eyes’ but not his capacity for prediction. He is also unable to imitate someone else’s voice.

Camilo’s capacity for shape-shifting is one of his many talents, which he developed early on. He may instantly change into a different human using the command. He has the ability to switch between other bodies quickly and even alter the look of the person he is transforming into. The two individuals witness Camilo Encanto changing into a baby and a grown man in a scene.

In Short

So if you were expecting something different or magical, this theory wasn’t very big. We believe he just did it to get more food, and since Dolores used to save more, changing into her wouldn’t catch anyone’s attention. 

The movie is fun to watch, and everyone’s involvement makes it perfect! 

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