16 Best Pubfilm Alternatives To Watch Free Movies

16 Best Pubfilm Alternatives

Streaming platforms are indeed the hype these days because, with just a little bit of subscription charges, these sites open a library of multiple series and movies from around the world. But at the same time, you might not find all the films here; websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime have geographical boundaries, which means the content isn’t always the same in different parts of the world. 

To help users catch up on the latest movies and shows, sites like Pubfilms have come forward, offering a decent library of videos to watch, from drama to comedy, action to sci-fi, and animated to adventure. There is something for all users to view!

But if the website doesn’t work for you, do not worry because we have curated a list of the best Pubfilm alternatives on the internet. These will give you access to your favourite movies and shows, so you do not have to worry about missing out. Let’s dive in and find out what’s new!

The 16 Best Pubfilm Alternatives 

If you’re worried about Pubfilsm not working in your region, we recommend you go through the list of 16 alternatives that will provide you with the same services pubfilms did. 

1. Putlocker


The best Pubfilm alternative is Putlocker, offering users a vast range of content, from their favourite horror films to animation films. The best part is that the website has a title library for each movie genre.

Putlocker used to be among the quickest free streaming sites on the internet, but as a result of its large user base, it has gradually slowed down. Yet it continues to rank as among the most reliable sites for downloading free movies.

You don’t need to register an account to start streaming for free. The platform is funded by displaying ads on the website, which might be a downside for many users. 

2. FMovies


The FMovies website only needs a few graphics to make it look appealing, and it is clear why the experienced programmers created the platform. The website loads quickly and is also simple to navigate.

FMovies does not require registration to begin streaming, and there aren’t many ads which make it stand out even more. The titles are arranged logically. In order to ensure that you always have enough movies to view, the site’s founder also makes it a point to update movie titles frequently. So you get the latest movies and even the oldest ones quite quickly!

3. Extramovies


Extra Movies offers one of the most reliable and reputable alternatives to PubFIlm. They have a basic but appealing website and huge collections as well. Each film is categorised into different categories, such as Hollywood, Anime, Bollywood, Animated, Dual audio movies, and more. 

Simply click the Search button if you already know the title you want. Each of the films on the list has two languages or audio tracks, either English or Hindi. Feel free to switch them quickly. Thankfully, the resolution option is also given, allowing you to select between 720p and 1080p.

4. JustWatch


The website offers more than just movies and TV series; you may also find information on sporting events, blogs, and books. You can access a variety of movie collections that are all free. The website has a nice layout and design that makes finding your way around easier. Discovering your favourite movies or TV shows is simple and easy. The final result is impressive, especially when you combine it with a friendly user interface and easy operation.

Since movie libraries are organised into functional categories, searching is convenient and enjoyable!  If this is your first time, go to the new movie categories, and feel free to go through the different shows and movies. 

5. Vumoo


Vumoo has a smaller selection of movies than Putlocker, but if you’re seeking a film that few people have watched, you’ve come to the right place. The fact that there are hardly any ads on this platform is its main strength.

Between streams, there are little buffers. But remember that the titles aren’t as structured as on other free streaming services, and you don’t need to establish an account to begin your streaming sessions. Although there aren’t many HD titles on the website, the video quality isn’t terrible. 

6. SolarMovie


When you visit the website, you might think it’s a high-end streaming platform like Netflix, even though all of the video content is accessible for free, despite the stunning website design. The website does have some advertising, but all of it is bearable.

To start streaming, you don’t need to register, but you still get access to films in HD. This site is similarly well-maintained in terms of movie content like FMovies, and the streams are nearly buffer-free and quite slick.

This is the only free streaming service that has never been accused of violating copyright laws, which is remarkable, especially considering the website’s popularity. So whenever you use the website, you are likely in safe hands!

7. Hotstar


Hotstar is a freemium streaming service and another excellent alternative for Pubfilms. You don’t need to register an account to use the service for free. Thanks to the site’s pre-existing revenue model, there are no ads.

The wonderful thing about this website is that it also has Disney movies available. You can only consider playing classic and a few less well-known films in the free version.

You can choose to switch to the paid version, where you will now need to register an account if you want more and better content. Thanks to the categories created especially for kids, it is a fantastic family platform. With no buffering, the streaming quality is excellent. Also, the videos are all HD, so the quality isn’t compromised. 

The sole disadvantage of the website is that it only works in some countries. But the best part is you can use different VPNs to access premium content!

8. PrimeWire


The probability that you will locate your chosen movie or TV show on PrimeWire is high, especially if you can’t find it on any of the other sites mentioned in this alternative list. Thanks to its enormous movie library, you may find your preferred video on the platform. To access Primewire, you need to make use of a reliable VPN service.

9. Kanopy


Members of libraries are the target audience of this website. If so, you can create an account on Kanopy and request to rent movies from your library’s resource files. The website is ad-free, making the watching experience even better. 

You cannot keep content you have borrowed for a long time. The loaned movies typically have a deadline of two to three days, and this implies that the copy will be deleted after the deadline, even if you save it to your device.

Although the site supports not all libraries worldwide, it is still regarded as helpful software, particularly for students who must watch movies to fulfil academic requirements.

10. losMovies 


One of our favourites on the list is this website. The fact that this site is difficult to find on Google is the main reason why few people know of it. However, this is simply the owner’s plan to prevent copyright problems for the website.

IosMovies is relatively unpopular; instead, its traffic is lower than that of Putlocker and SolarMovie, two other sites that offer free streaming. The website loads quickly and has no advertisements.

To start streaming, you don’t need to register. The place is definitely a haven for movie enthusiasts, and users enjoy a seamless streaming experience because there is little traffic. Also, the website’s owner makes it a point to consistently update the site with new content so you can experience the latest movies and shows.

11. ZMovies 


ZMovies is evidence that a web design can be visually appealing without using a tonne of images. The website’s colour scheme gives off a millennial impression, and it loads quickly and contains little to no advertisements.

To start, you don’t need to create an account. There is a tonne of movie titles on the website. This website covers everything, whether you’re seeking classics or just a few of the more recent ones. The website’s owner continues to update it with fresh movie content.

The list of film titles is arranged effectively. Both the video and streaming quality are excellent. The majority of the films are in HD, which is a plus sign, especially if you don’t like to compromise on quality. 

12. GoMovies


The website mostly has the latest content, which helps us conclude that it’s most likely for teenagers who do not want to watch classic and old movies. 

There are several pop-up advertisements whenever you select a movie to view on the homepage. Yet once you have clicked through every advertisement, the film plays without any interruptions. The site loads quickly despite the numerous advertisements. You may start watching your favourite shows for free streaming right away without creating an account. You will be pleased with the video quality as the videos are in HD. 

13. AZ Movies


AZ Movies is another popular choice that multiple people use to get a fill of their favourite content. Since there is no annoying advertising on the UI, it’s an excellent substitute for Pubfilm. Even the advertisements that appear when you tap on a title are sparse.

Users are not required to register, and everyone can take advantage of the website freely. The movies have fantastic video quality, and most importantly, it has an extensive movie collection that is expanding. You get access to a fantastic website with a decent and high-quality movie collection. 

14. YesMovies


YesMovies is a different online movie streaming service than Pubfilm. This website features popular and must-watch Hollywood films and TV shows. In addition, it contains a section just for the best movies ever reviewed on IMDb from around the world. 

Also, YesMovies feature various independently made movies from several nations, including China, Korea, and more. Users can view the latest additions to their content on a panel that it has. Also, people who have registered can get alerts for new TV shows or movies. Last but not least, each movie listed on this site also has a synopsis, ratings, and other information. So you know what the movie is about and whether it’s worth the watch!

15. PopcornTime


Popcorn Time is similar to Pubfilm, which you can use to stream high-quality motion pictures and television shows. This involves downloading and installing the software from the Popcorn Time website, in contrast to the other web-based video streaming service.

This is among the best sites you can utilise because all it requires is a reliable internet connection for smooth sailing. The application will carry out its task of finding the top movies and TV series on the internet for you to view. Also, you can watch movies and TV shows with subtitles. Grab some popcorn, unwind, and start using this platform to watch your favourite movies. 

16. WatchEpisodes


WatchEpisodes is a website designed especially for TV shows and web series, as the site’s name implies. The website just features TV shows; there are no movies on it. It does not host any content, but it compiles a list of the top TV shows and online series from various websites. Also, it shares any video’s direct streaming links. The website is a haven for people who want to access numerous series simultaneously. 

Bottom Line

So what’s stopping you from having the best movie night? Grab your favourite snacks and call some friends over to binge-watch on the series you have been waiting to watch or your favourite movies. All the Pubfilms alternatives have a massive library and simple-to-use websites; the content is HD, so you do not have to worry about compromising quality.

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