ASUS ROG Phone 7 - Launch Date Confirmed

ASUS ROG Phone 7 – Launch Date Confirmed

ASUS’s flagships are known to be extremely powerful gaming phones that bring gaming features typically found on consoles and PCs to mobile devices. This trend has become common among OEMs, and ASUS is well-known for fully embracing the idea of a gaming phone and bringing it to life. The Taiwanese tech company is keeping with tradition and has now confirmed its next flagship phone along with the release date. 

According to the company, ASUS’s next flagship phone, the ASUS ROG 7, is set to launch on April 13th. This announcement shocked many customers because the timing is remarkably earlier than last year’s launch of the ROG Phone 6, which made its way to the markets in July. ASUS has released very little information about the ROG Phone 7, but previous leaks indicate that the phone could be powered by the best chip available on the market, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. 

Earlier in the month, the phone was also spotted on Geekbench, the benchmarking platform alongside the ASUS ROG 7D, the other phone in the series. Previous models from the company have been among the best gaming phones on the market, and customers expect the same from the ROF Phone 7. The Geekbench listings revealed a few key specs about the phone, which has given customers a vague idea about what to expect from the phone.

Reportedly, the phone will have an AMOLED screen with refresh rates up to 165Hz like its predecessors. Additionally, the ROG Phone 7 series will have three models, including the regular ROG 7, the 7D, and the Ultimate model. The 7D and Ultimate models have not yet been confirmed, but they are thought to be in the works. 

Despite the powerful hardware, one of the biggest weaknesses of the ASUS ROG phones is the limited software updates. The company only offers two major OS upgrades for its ROG phone line, so after a few years, the phones start to feel outdated. Customers hope that the company will follow in the footsteps of Google, Oppo, and Samsung and provide more extended software support.

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