Samsung Plans To Bring Satellite Connectivity to Smartphones

Samsung Plans To Bring Satellite Connectivity to Smartphones Using New Modem Technology

No company wanted to be left behind after Apple announced satellite connectivity in the iPhone 14 series. Qualcomm, Samsung, and others rushed to bring similar technology to their phones, and it seems like Samsung has managed to nail it. The company announced that it would be introducing its own solution that will help connect Samsung phones to satellites. 

The South Korean tech company reveals that all future Exynos modems will be able to handle two-way text messaging and sharing of high-definition images and videos using satellites. The company also demonstrated this through its Exynos Modem 5300, used by the Google Pixel 7 series. The company aims to build up its satellite-based smartphone communication to surpass Apple’s Emergency SOS by using satellites and other non-terrestrial vehicles.

Samsung plans to use satellites to beam connectivity so that users can use satellite connectivity in remote locations like deserts, oceans, and mountains where traditional phone signals do not operate. Currently, Apple’s satellite connectivity on their latest iPhone 14 series is limited to just sending text messages.

Samsung states that the company has managed to acquire standardized non-terrestrial networks, also called NTN, modem technology. This allows direct communication between the smartphone and the satellite orbiting over far-flung areas. Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S23 series, does not support satellite connectivity. However, they have the hardware that supports Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Satellite solution.

Qualcomm has reportedly partnered with Iridium, a satellite network provider, to introduce satellite connectivity to future phones powered by its chips. However, the technology is only in its early stages, and it will be a while before it is powerful enough to send pictures and videos. Currently, all it can do is support two-way messaging.

Samsung has big plans for satellite connectivity. In addition to smartphone communication, the company plans for its satellite connectivity solution to aid in disaster relief operations and power unmanned flying cars and aircraft provided it can develop it. 

The company has not yet revealed when the solution will be available to the public or when their phones will be equipped with it. However, Samsung embracing this new technology shows that satellite connectivity may be the next big thing in the world of smartphones. 

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