Battlefield 2024 is Regaining Popularity

Battlefield 2024 is Regaining Popularity

Since its November 2021 launch, Battlefield 2042 has seen a revival, hitting its biggest player peak on Steam. This increase has been caused by a number of variables, including the recent debut of Season 6: Dark Creations.

Despite an initially problematic debut, EA and DICE have continually released post-launch content over the course of several seasons and upgrades, including quality-of-life improvements, gameplay tweaks, and new game types. Battlefield 2042 Season 6: Dark Creations stands out as one of the most promising seasons to date thanks to its exciting “claustrophobic” Redacted terrain, a wide variety of goodies spread throughout 100 Battle Pass tiers, and more. Interestingly, this player revival began with the start of Season 6, coming just one month before the game’s second anniversary.

According to the most recent Steam charts, Battlefield 2042 has seen a tremendous increase in player numbers since the start of Season 6 on October 10. This increase was noted by the community, most notably Reddit user NAABgamer02, with a 24-hour peak of approximately 59,500 Steam users on October 14. The 24-hour peak on Steam over the weekend surpassed a sizable 81,842 players, ranking as the second-highest peak player total in the game’s nearly two-year existence. Several causes, including an 84% sale on the game, Battlefield 2042’s free access period, and the start of Season 6, are responsible for the increase in gamers.

Some fans have expressed satisfaction with the recent Battlefield 2042 Steam sale and free access weekend, and the game is now among Steam’s best-selling products. However, some continue to criticize the game’s optimization and the lack of specific features, such as an official queue for the adored 64-player Conquest mode. Instead, in Season 6, Battlefield 2042 included a queue for the brand-new Redacted Conquest mode.

However, the significant increase in players over the past several days is encouraging, as both new and returning players are actively looking for matches in the Redacted Conquest mode and other game modes already in place. In 2023, the player base of Battlefield 2042 is beginning to rebound, and EA and DICE’s collaborative efforts to launch Season 6 and provide free access to the game appear to be paying off.

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