Halo Infinite – Major Forge Mode Update

With the release of Halo 3, in 2007, Forge mode—which allows users to create custom maps using an advanced editor—became a mainstay of the series. The difficulty of the mode has grown with each update from Bungie and 343 Industries, making it more difficult for the community to demonstrate its potential. The developer’s faith in the creative potential is demonstrated by the fact that some of these user-generated maps are included in the matchmaking rotation. Recently, a player demonstrated the present capabilities of the tools by successfully recreating a famous level from Halo: Combat Evolved within Infinite’s Forge. 

Halo Waypoint has officially released full details regarding the upcoming Forge mode improvements. These enhancements, which are scheduled to be released as Content Update 29 (CU29) on January 30, bring with them an abundance of new features intended to improve the functionality of the Forge tools. Up until now, designers working in Halo Infinite’s Forge mode were unable to make use of the characteristic purple colors linked to the Covenant, the game’s primary enemies. But by including these iconic colors as the first big improvement, CU29 will signal a huge change. In addition, a brand-new function called the Forge Mode Creator will be unveiled, simplifying the procedure by which developers can combine unique maps and modes. This will be done by introducing new resources known as Mode Brains and Mode Prefabs, which will facilitate and expedite the creative process.

Furthermore, developers will be able to significantly alter the look of numerous Forge mode’s more ornamental components thanks to the addition of material swapping between decals and foliage for players. This might drastically alter the visual options in Forge, even for already-made maps. Finally, CU29 is adding more improvements to the Forge AI toolbox, which enables mappers to include NPCs in their unique maps. It’s wonderful to see the AI toolkit become even better because it was an important advancement and a first for every Halo game, altering what could be done with Forge.

The commitment shown by 343 Industries to Halo Infinite post-launch support has been impressive. At debut, Halo Infinite was beset by issues as it lacked a number of features that had become customary in earlier games. A year after the game’s original release, Forge mode was added, which disappointed users who had been using the mode for more than ten years. But as of right now, the game has made great progress, setting it up for success in the future.

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