Leaked Renders: Could Motorola’s Affordable Razr Lites Be Their Best Foldables Yet?

Leaked Renders – Could Motorola’s Affordable Razr Lites Be Their Best Foldables Yet?

Rumors about Motorola developing a new foldable phone have existed for some time. This phone has been dubbed the Razr Plus 2023, and it is only a matter of time before Motorola announces it officially. However, it seems like a second Razr phone may also be in the works, and it may be lighter on the pocket. The renders for this new phone were leaked by Steve Hemmerstoffer (Onleaks) through MySmartPrice. These renders showed a device that looked different than what had been previously revealed for the Razr Plus 2023. 

This new phone sports a much smaller external display, which is starkly different from the massive cover screen the new Razr phone is expected to have. The leaks showed that the display might be smaller than the one on the Galaxy Z Flip 4. On the renders, it appears as a long black bar that also houses the LED flash unit and the dual camera system. Given its size, it may not be as functional as the cover screen on its predecessor and is more similar to the Galaxy Z Flip. 

Additionally, the phone also seems to have more rounded corners with a hole-punch display and relatively small bezels. There is also a small divet for the Motorola logo. The leaked images aren’t based on CAD, instead were created using low-quality real-life photos of a testing stage prototype. Therefore, it is likely that the design is not final, and changes could be made before the product launches. It is also unclear whether or not Motorola will launch this model since there have been no announcements or hints.

Assuming Motorola goes ahead with this phone, it will likely be called Razr Lite 2023 or just Razr 2023 to help differentiate it from the regular Razr 2023, which will then be considered a higher-end model. Other than the design, no specs about the phone have been revealed. Suppose Motorola decides to release this as an affordable option. In that case, it will likely be powered by a less powerful chip like the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 or the new Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2. It may even use a MediaTek chipset. 

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