The Motorola Razr Plus 2023 - A Larger Battery With a Larger Screen

The Motorola Razr Plus 2023 – A Larger Battery With a Larger Screen

The Motorola Razr Plus 2023 is a highly anticipated phone, which is why everyone is trying to find some information about it to prepare themselves for the eventual launch. Previous rumours did not make the phone look too appealing as the battery size appeared too small for a phone of that power. Additionally, the phone was expected to have even larger screens, which made the small battery even more concerning. However, the new FCC certifications have eased customers and raised their hopes for his new foldable phone. 

The FCC certifications were spotted by MySmartPrice, revealing additional information about the Razr Plus 2023. According to the documents, consumers can expect the phone to have support for multiple 5G networks, which is now common for flagship phones. However, the most exciting information extracted from these files is the apparent battery capacity of the phone. 

A previous leak indicated that the phone would have a 2850mAh battery, which is extremely small for a phone of that calibre. According to the FCC documents, this was only half the picture because Motorola reportedly plans to divide the battery into two units. Thus, one unit will be 2850mAh, and the other will be 790mAh. This will bring up the phone’s total battery capacity up to 3640mAh. Although the battery is larger than first anticipated, it is still smaller than the 3700mAh battery that powers the Galaxy Z Flip and way smaller than the OPPO Find N2’s battery which is around 4300mAh. 

The extra battery is very welcomed because it will help power the larger external display for longer. This panel is the focal point of this new phone as it is reportedly more extensive than that of any of its competitors and is expected to cover much of the phone’s cover panel. To charge the battery, the phone is expected to come with 33W charging. 

Other than the battery, the phone also revealed multiple model numbers for the phone. These were XT2321-1, XT2321-3, and XT2321-5. The document stated they were the same product but had different model names for different market segments. This may mean that there may be a global version of the phone that will arrive in the US a few months after the launch. 

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